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Ch 6:8

“Ow, what the hell?” Grim whined and proceeded to punch his sister’s arm.” Don’t be a baby, you bastard!” The female reaper yelled, punching him again. This time with full force. Marcus watched with a smile as a full on brawl started. Luckily, no weapons were involved. Then, he felt a tug on one of his tentacles. Marcus looked down to see Iowa pointing at the brown axolotl. The other axolotl hid behind the mermaid.” You should leave us alone! Don’t you know who my Daddy is?” The mermaid said.
“Why would I know who that is supposed to be? Now give me my soul back!” Iowa hissed. The mermaid grabbed the lizard behind her,” that mean girl isn’t your body, is she?” The small lizard only made bubbles as a reply. Marcus approached the children.” Now Devi, I do know who your father is, but that little soul belongs to my friend. Don’t you think she should go home?”

The little mermaid thought about it. When her daddy kept the little soul in a jar, all Devi wanted was to play with the child. If the other axolotl took it, she may never get her friend back! Devi looked down at the soul and asked,” what do you want to do?” The soul glanced at it’s awaiting body. She did want to be alive again, even though their body had a little bit of wear and tear. The soul squirmed out of Devi’s hands and towards Iowa.

"¿Tu es Iowa, no?" The soul asked. Iowa nodded, now holding the soul.” ¡Es me!” Iowa hugged the small soul as it faded into his chest. For the first time in a while, he felt the urge the smile. So he did. Iowa felt warm and at peace, only for the sensation to feel like burning.

In less than a second, Iowa felt like he was being ripped apart. The injures and wounds he got away with for decades suddenly felt as if they were recently inflicted. The areas where his stitches were, his joints to be exact, were definitely the worst. He could barely remember with his agonized brain how his limbs originally became detached. Something about pooling from movement? Yes, Maxwell once said that her body had liquified.

The two reapers stopped their fight to watch Iowa curl up into a ball, screaming. Marcus hurried over and pinned Iowa to the ground.” What has gotten in to you?” He asked, smiling out of habit. The lizard swayed his tail wildly in response.” Oh, your soul can’t handle so much... pain? I’ll have to remove it, sorry,” Marcus sighed. He then removed the small soul. Iowa’s eyes faded back to their clouded blue. At the same time, he relaxed again.” Thank you, Marcus,” Iowa said. The soul, on the other hand, seemed terrified. It dashed behind Malice, imitating crying. Iowa watched the soul,” I’m sorry for hurting you. I guess I was wishing for too much.” Marcus pat Iowa’s head, now smiling more sincerely.” I’m sorry but,” Marcus sighed,” your scarring is too much for that young soul.” Iowa leaned on Marcus.” I’m aware of that now.”

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