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Ch 6:9

Jasmine smiled down at Lolli in a way that would’ve hidden any bad intentions. But Lolli still felt afraid. Jasmine didn’t like Iowa and the others, right? Then what would she do if she found them.” I... I forgot,” Lolli stammered, not seeing Jasmine’s eyes. Laughing, Jasmine ruffled Lolli’s hair and stood up straight.” Is that really true? Well, maybe if we spend time together, you’ll remember. Crystal and I have a meeting to go to.” Crystal’s gaze snapped towards Jasmine.” You should sit and listen,” Jasmine continued. Lolli felt like she had no other choice, so she agreed to go.

Jasmine had walked the two younger girls into a room with many other people.” I got your daughter as you had requested, your majesty,” Jasmine said, bowing to the man who sat at the head of the table. The man’s head rested in his left palm and didn’t leave once. Lolli didn’t like how his silver eyes seemed to be glazed over. The man pat the seat on his right, across from the woman who looked like she could be Crystal’s mother. Crystal sat in her designated seat. Jasmine carefully lead Lolli by her arm to a chair near the entrance. Lolli sat on Jasmine’s lap, just as she asked.” Don’t worry about paying too much attention, okay?” Jasmine mumbled into her ear. Lolli nodded, glancing around the room again.

There weren’t many people in the room; it was about ten. But then she noticed something strange. Right next to her, there was someone that Lolli knew should’ve been dead. She saw them die right in front of her eyes. The thought of it made her chest hurt. But regardless, Maxwell was still very clearly sitting next to her and Jasmine.

Maxwell seemed to have noticed her unease. She looked over with her usual cold expression.” Hello again, child.” Lolli gasped. So she wasn’t just confused!” How are you still alive? Didn’t Jasmine eat...” Lolli couldn’t finish her sentence as another pang of pain hit her heart. She winced.” Did she really do that?” Maxwell looked up at Jasmine, who was grinning widely at her,” that sounds like something she’d do.” Maxwell narrowed her eyes at her coworker before the man in the room cleared his throat. He glared at the women once he caught their attention.” If your quite done, how about we get started with today’s meeting.”

Lolli sat silently, fidgeting with Fluffy as she tried to listen in on the adults’ conversation. She was able to follow some of it, but not all. They were talking about finding Iowa and the others again, and what would their punishment be. A lady with feathers seemed to be as uncomfortable as Lolli was.” You could’ve sat this one out, Elaine. We know how much your husband means to you.” The man huffed. Elaine, the winged woman, looked down with tears in her eyes. She looked terrified. That seemed to annoy the man even more.” It seems all your time in the underworld has warmed up your soul too much. Don’t cry over these things. You may leave, but never forget what must be done to keep order.” Elaine nodded, excusing herself before leaving the room.

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