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Ch 6:10

Iowa began to notice more and more about the men that surrounded her. As she was being dragged around by Marcus, she noticed how he actually did stop smiling, occasionally. However, it wasn’t at points she had expected.

Malice, the female reaper, had told the group that they needed no money to eat or rest in New Atlantis. A magic had supported the city in such a way that people were willing to work for free.” I don’t really understand what that means. But someone told me this city has no use for the lazy. Or something weird like that,” Malice said. With that information, Grim insisted that they grabbed something to eat.

Iowa’s father wished to stay with her soul. He had been hiding inside her for a while now. He only came out once he noticed his child. The now octopus man wrapped his multiple tentacles around the soul, giggling. The small soul didn’t seem to mind, and was quite happy with his touch. Malice, however, was annoyed that Aubergine wanted to tag along. He then proceeded to ask something in a language Malice couldn’t understand. The small soul seemed to agree with the question, pulling Aubergine away from the group.” You’re leaving with that guy? I guess that’s fine...” Malice mumbled as the two swam away.

Iowa felt something tug on her lips as she watched herself swim away with her parent. She wasn’t opposed to the feeling, far from it. But she wasn’t against getting something to eat with Marcus and Grim either. The men lead her into a small restaurant. The place was very comforting, with a friendly atmosphere. The various fish people seemed to get along well.

A waiter led the three to their own table that came with flat chairs for any creature to sit on. Iowa was too small, however, and sat on the transparent table.” Are you guys new? I’ve never seen you around,” the waitress asked as she handed out menus.” I guess we are, what’s good around here?” Grim asked. The waitress then gave a few suggestions. Grim ordered everything she offered. The waitress frowned.” Are you sure you can eat that much? Thats five different meals. We don’t accept wasting food.” Grim waved her off.” Trust me, it’s nothing.” The waitress shifted uncontrollably, but agreed to serve Grim his large order. Marcus wanted a salad, while Iowa didn’t order anything at all.

Grim’s gaze turned to Marcus. Marcus’s smile reappeared as he laughed quietly.” It seems coming here was a bust. I’m sorry, Father,” Marcus said. Grim hummed and reached for Iowa. He lifted the small lizard to his eye level.” I don’t really care. As long as the food here is good, everything will be fine. We’re still in hiding, anyways. Besides, I owed the kid.” He let Iowa sink back onto the table.” You owe Iowa? Why?”
“She did me a favor. She got me out of that damn courtroom. So I decided to help her out too. But I’ve done my favor now.” Grim grunted and relaxed himself.” The rest is now a treat for me.”

Marcus relaxed himself too.” I’m happy you’re enjoying yourself, Father.”
“Who said I am? I’m starving!”
“Ah, of course! I forgot about that.” Marcus let out a shaky breath. When he rested his head on the table, Iowa squirmed over. Marcus finally stopped smiling. Instead, he pet Iowa’s head.

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