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Ch 1:4

Lolli glanced back at the boy walking behind her, cringing. He was so very smelly.” What’s with that look?” Iowa asked. Maybe those weird bandages are making that smell, Lolli thought. “I feel naked.”

They were walking back to Lolli’s little tree house. She decided it was going to be her house until she could figure out how to get back home. Not that she really wanted to. This place was a lot better. Once she found her home, she knocked on the wood. Lolli was hoping Fluffy could open it from the inside. Fortunately, it was able to!
“Welcome home, Master!” The plush said, in human form. After all, it couldn’t reach the knob as a toy. Lolli gave her friend a hug, giggling.“I missed you! And I brought someone to make us food!”

Iowa watched Lolli and Fluffy walk inside. He hesitated to go in himself. After all, he hadn’t been outside of Maxwell’s... He shook away the thought and entered.

“So Iowa,” Lolli trailed off and rubbed her stomach,” You said you can make crepes, right?” Iowa nodded as he walked towards the stove.” They are simple enough, yes.” Lolli had earlier found out that her home came with a fully stocked fridge, stove, and oven. Even though she didn’t know how to cook, Iowa could now do it for her! Iowa took a bowl and a few ingredients, then got to work.

Once again, Lolli could hear how Iowa spoke pretty oddly. It wasn’t like Maxwell’s direct way of speaking. He was only mumbling, but Lolli recognized a few of his words from her TV. When she’d flip through channels, some people would talk they way Iowa did. But she didn’t want to listen to him long. Lolli couldn’t actually understand what he was saying.

Lolli sat in her chair and played with Fluffy until Iowa called her back over. It was a great thing that the food smelled so good! Lolli could barely smell Iowa now! Iowa placed his creation on a plate with a fork and knife. Lolli hurried over as her mouth started to drool. “This looks great, Iowa!” Lolli said, then took a bite,” It tastes even better!” Iowa turned away and rubbed his fingers together.” I’m just glad I didn’t forget how to cook.”
“Oh Master! I forgot to say!” Fluffy called out from the chair.” Me founds the ‘bath’ but-on!” Lolli nearly dropped her plate. That’s just what she needed!“Wait, what do you mean by ‘button?’” Fluffy hopped past Iowa and slammed a button on the wall. Suddenly, the whole place started to shake. A few feet in front of Lolli, some stairs fazed into reality.” Ta-Da! The bathroom!” Fluffy cheered. Lolli stormed down the stairs, laughing. Iowa followed behind her.

Down the stairs, the floor became white tiles. There was also everything you need in a bathroom! A toilet, sink, shower. Everything you need. “This is perfect! Iowa, take a bath!”
“Keh- What?”
“You smell, so bathe!”
“I can’t actually do that.”
Iowa started walking back up the stairs.” You should do that first, little girl.” Lolli frowned, but she did want to bathe first. She walked up to the bathtub. It mostly looked normal. The tub was against the wall in a corner and had a shower head. A cabinet was right next to it, with the toilet being below it. Inside the cabinet, Lolli noticed there was a copy of her current outfit!

After half an hour, Lolli came back up the stairs, feeling refreshed. Iowa was sitting next to the stove, for some reason. “Did you enjoy yourself, little girl?” Iowa asked. Lolli nodded.” Yeah, it’s your turn!”
“I already told you, I can’t.”
“Yeah, why not?!”
Iowa took a deep breath. Slowly, he got up and turned on the sink. He unwrapped his arm and ran it under the sink. The water froze.” I just can’t.”

Though, Lolli was more interested in his hand. Along Iowa’s wrist, there was staples holding his hand and arm together. But Lolli was able to see that they were directly puncturing his skin. They glittered under the light.

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