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Ch 1:5

“What’s wrong with your...” Lolli turned away. Iowa hid his hand again.” Oh, it’s nothing, really. Ice magic is very acidic.” Iowa then walked to the door.” If I smell, I will leave.” Lolli didn’t try to stop him.

Iowa closed the door behind him, and sighed. He followed the dirt path back out to the village. Oddly, the first building walking in the village was “Aquarius’s Library.” Though, it didn’t look much like one. It looked more like a large fountain. It’s circular building had water flowing from its top and all over the sides. The only dry piece of wall was the entrance. But that wasn’t where Iowa wanted to go. The water would lead to the back of the building in the form of rivers on both sides. Iowa followed the river on the left.

Usually, one would borrow a boat and ride down. But Iowa knew better than to talk to a resident. Instead, he simply walked. After half an hour, the rest of the village began to appear in sight. It mostly consisted of small homes and stores made of wood and stone. Iowa changed his path to stay on the outskirts.

Lolli was pretty happy that Iowa’s smell didn’t linger. But she also felt horrible. The guy cooked for her, but she kicked him out for being smelly! The more Lolli thought about it, the more she wondered how long he put without taking a bath. He didn’t exactly smell dirty.

She decided to forget about him for now. Maybe he’d come back later. Lolli pressed the bathroom button and the stairs vanished from the floor.” Did you find anything else, Fluffy?” Lolli asked. Fluffy waddled over from the chair and nodded.” The couch can turn into a bed! Good for Master, yeah?” Lolli agreed and hugged her plush tight. For the rest of the day, Lolli lazed around and watched tv until she fell asleep.

Then she head knocking at her door. Lolli was sure she knew who it was, but she still didn’t want to open the door. Who would want to get up? Still, she offered her home to Iowa. So, Lolli opened it.

She wasn’t expecting him to smell better, but he did. Iowa even changed his clothes.” I hope a didn’t wake you up,” he said, messing with the fur on his oversized coat. He really looked like he was ready to ski. Though, for some reason, his chest was greatly exposed.

Iowa’s neck was questionably thin, yet his ribs weren’t visible in the slightest. His head seemed to be stapled on. In the middle of his chest, there was a circular piece of metal that seemed to be glowing blue.
“Please stop staring at me.”
“Oh, sorry!”
Lolli frowned.” You’re a lot scarier than I thought.”
“I could leave again.”
“Um, you don’t have to! Just...”
Lolli didn’t really have another bed. Maybe the chair would be comfy enough? Iowa sat down in it and got comfortable. Yeah, that was good enough.

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