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Ch 1:6

Lolli woke up again, but this time it was morning. As it should be. But what shouldn’t be was a homeless-looking boy sleeping in her chair. Then she remembered what had happened last night. Lolli yawned and got up. After, she did her normal routine of taking a long bath and changing clothes. Surprisingly, Iowa had made Lolli something to eat again. When Lolli came back from the bathroom, there was a stack of pancakes waiting for her.
“I thought you would like them, little girl,” Iowa said from the chair. Lolli sampled the food, and they were delicious! “For a person who lived in a cell, you sure can cook!” Lolli said.
“I used to practice before.” Lolli could’ve guessed that. But now she wondered how old he was. He looked pretty young, almost as old as she was. But Lolli was only ten!

Iowa got up.” Did you know what you wanted to do today, little girl?” Lolli shook her head. Maybe she could go to the library again! “Can you take me to the library, Mister Iowa?” Lolli asked, and he agreed.

Lolli watched as Iowa attempted to cover every bit of his body with his huge jacket. “What are you doing?”
“Oh... why?”
“Do I really look presentable to you?”
“Oh... good point.”
He ended up putting the hoodie on and holding the part on his chest closed.

Back at the library, Lolli gave in and got a history book. She took a seat next to an empty wall and started to read.

Every creature in our world can be separated into four factions. These factions are decided by their souls. They could be saint, sinners, still-molding, or their soul is too insignificant to matter. Technically, one could also be soulless but-

“Oh, I didn’t think you’d read something like this,” Iowa said, taking a seat next to Lolli. She giggled. “I wouldn’t normally, but Maxwell said I should!” Iowa nodded in understanding. He scooted a bit closer to read the book. He was only a bit taller than Lolli. Iowa scanned the page and frowned. But Lolli didn’t pay much attention to him.

-But they would quickly perish. Though, one would most likely be already dead at that point. The reaper family should only take one’s soul if one is already dead. Only a person from the reaper family can interact with a soul. Scientists over the years have made various attempts of changing this, however. A soul is the past, present, and future of a person, after all.

Iowa stood up and left.

A soul seems to hold a person’s ability to hold magic and wield it. One’s personality is also determined by a soul. People have made various attempts to contact the reapers, but they refuse to cooperate. Reapers are a subspecies of demons, so their aggression is to be expected.

Though reapers aren’t known to allow themselves in plain sight, they are known to have white hair and pale skin. Reapers are also tall, but not like a giant. There are three reapers recorded in history.

Lolli closed the book. How boring! She didn’t want to hear about weird tall guys. She wanted to read stories, not boring lessons. Apparently, neither did Iowa. He was waiting near the exit for Lolli. She skipped over and poked his arm.” That wasn’t fun at all!” She told him, grinning. “Hmm? So you didn’t learn anything?” He asked with a small smile.
“Not a thing!”
“But we walked all this way...”
“I know, but let’s do something else!”
Iowa paused to think. Then, he pointed to a desk at the opposite end of the library.” Go get a raft. I’ll show you something.”

As Iowa watched Lolli ask awkwardly for a raft, he realized he was fond of the little girl. Her cheerfulness was contagious and gave him a warm feeling. To Iowa, she was slowly becoming a bubbly family figure. It didn’t take Lolli long to come back, dragging the raft behind her.

Iowa placed the raft on the river on the right of the building. Carefully, he helped Lolli get on it.” Aw, it’s not big enough for the both of us!” Lolli whined.
“That’s for the best, little girl.”
Lolli pouted, but kept the raft steady. Iowa gave the raft a push and the current did the rest. It wasn’t a speedboat by any means, but it was faster and more fun than just walking. Iowa jogged by the rivers edge to keep up.

It took about ten minutes for them to reach the village. Iowa helped Lolli out the raft and placed it in the other river. It should go back on it’s own. “Would you like to go to the park, little girl?” Iowa asked and Lolli nodded.

Lolli was dropped off at the playground while Iowa left to get bread. The park looked pretty normal. Except some of the equipment was floating! Lolli saw little kids jumping from one bubble to another. Others were playing on swing sets. Of course, Lolli joined in a game of tag.

Iowa watched fondly as Lolli screamed and laughed. He didn’t really wanted to stop her from playing, so he just watched her for a bit. When Lolli finally noticed, she ran over to him. Iowa walked her over to a pond and bench. “Wow, duckies!” Lolli said as she crumbled up bread in her hands. She didn’t think actual animals would be in the magic world! But for some reason, the ducks weren’t hungry. At least, not for her bread. Then, Lolli noticed Iowa and herself weren’t the only ones at the pond. A little ways from her, a tall hooded man was holding a duck. He was sitting on the water’s edge, stroking the duck’s head with a very pale hand.

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