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Ch 1:8

There was a heavy pounding on Lolli’s door that night. She couldn’t sleep since she was pretty worried. From what she knew, the reapers were dangerous! She had back to the library that day to get more information. They were soulless creatures that collect souls themselves. At least Iowa had came back! She opened the door to greet him. Except it wasn’t Iowa. It was the reaper man.
“How the hell do you live in a tree?” Was the first thing he said, crouching to look inside. Lolli was about to cry. He was holding Iowa’s limp body with one hand. Blue liquid dripped from the inside of his coat and nose. “What did you do to him?!” Lolli screamed at the man. He seemed taken aback. Then, slowly, he put Iowa on the floor.” I just wanted to teach her a lesson. She’ll wake up later.” He mumbled.” Now I’m leaving.” He disappeared again.

Lolli watched the corpse of Iowa that laid on her floor. The reaper said he’d get back up, but he looked too hurt for that. Should she go to Maxwell’s lab for help? At that moment, Iowa shifted and rolled onto his stomach. “This is fine, little girl,” Iowa mumbled. He slowly rose and stumbled to the kitchen counter.” It’s late, go to sleep.” And so she did.

In the morning, Lolli followed her routine once more. Iowa had made French toast for her to eat this time. However, they were oddly cold. In fact, the whole house was. Lolli shivered.” Is it winter time?” Iowa, who was in his chair, shook his head.” I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to clean up fast enough.”
“Clean up what?”
“Oh, never mind.”
Lolli nodded, then stared at Iowa for a bit as she ate. “Mister Iowa?”
“Why did you attack that reaper?”
Iowa stiffened.” You wouldn’t like the answer to that.”
“Why not?”
“It’s just best I don’t say.”
Iowa gave Lolli a hug.” Reapers are horrible people. They serve the devil.”

Lolli searched again for the history book she had before. She asked the librarian if she could rent it out, and she did. Then she walked back home again. Iowa wasn’t sure why Lolli left in such a hurry, but now he knew.“I’m going to found out why by myself!” Lolli told him. Flipping to the page she was on previously, Lolli began to read from where she left off.

The oldest reaper has been known to be around since the beginning of the beginning of life. He was also the cause of death being a concept. He was promptly named this. Death had worked with the devil to create horrible creatures known as demons. He was banished with his partner to the underworld to serve out his punishment. He and his family are to gather and locate the souls of the dead. Their deaths are to be marked in a hall of files somewhere in heaven. This hall of files has the deaths of every person to ever die.

Should a reaper fail to complete either task that is given to them, their bodies will undergo an extreme decaying process. Meaning, If a reaper cannot complete their tasks, they are as good as dead. Once the task is complete, however, they may return to normal. It depends on how long they procrastinated on their task.

Death stays in an office in the underworld, where he files the death papers. His two children work on collecting souls from the world. Where the two work exactly is unknown. There are no reports differentiating the two.

“It just sounds like they follow their daddy, Mister Iowa,” Lolli said. He shrugged.” And they collect soul thingies.”
“Yes, that’s what I’m missing.”
“Then... Shouldn’t you be dead or something?”
“I can’t say it’s completely missing. I still feel things. But it’s all going away.”
“What is?”
“Um.” Iowa pet Lolli’s head.” You also wouldn’t like that answer.”

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