The Other Side

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Aria Hunt has been able to see demons,ghosts and angles since she was seven years old. She can not only see them but feel them. When she moves her life takes an interesting turn. New house, new school, new friends, new life. She learns just how powerful she really is.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1



I opened my eyes and checked the time. Why the heck did I set my alarm for 7am? Wait, now I remember; it was moving day.

“ARIA BREAKFAST IS READY”,my Mum screamed from downstairs.

I walked downstairs in autopilot mode. I really can’t function in the mornings.

“Geez Mum no need to murder my ears.”, I said as I came into kitchen.

“We want to get on the road early so we can get there soon honey.”,my Dad said.

We’re moving to some weird mountain town because Mum got a new job. I, personally, don’t want to move but Mum was so happy when she received the news so I’m not complaining.

It’s not like I have any friends in this town. I am a bit of a loner but to be honest I don’t really mind. I have lived in this town my whole life and everyone thinks I’m weird because I used to tell everyone I could see “people” that no one else could see.

It was true though. I later realized that those “people” were ghosts, demons and angels. My parents didn’t believe me for a while but then realized I was telling the truth.

Turns out the “people” I was seeing were actually the dead.

When you die you can turn into one of three things. A ghost, a demon or an angel. Now you may be asking yourself “How does she know this?” Well believe it or not I spoke to a ghost. It was just when I started seeing them. For some reason that memory just stuck in my mind.


I was walking back from school when I felt it. The feeling I feel when I’m about to see another “person” that no one else could see. A boy appeared (literally) out of thin air. I was scared but knew better then to tell someone because it would just result in them calling me crazy.

The boy had pale skin, dark hair and violet eyes. He was also covered in blood from what looked like a wound in his head.

I stared at him and he stared back at me.

I finally gathered enough courage to speak “Who are you?” I asked.

A look of shock passed over his face. “You can see me?”

“Of course I can see you, I’m not blind. You’re literally standing right in front of me.”I said, confused as to why he asked such an obvious question.

“You shouldn’t be able to see me because I’m a ghost.” He said looking completely serious.

I stared at him for a moment then burst out laughing. “A ghost?” I said between laughs.

“Of course.” He said “Do you really think someone can survive getting injured this badly.”

I looked at the wound on his head and the blood that covered him and realized that he was right. No one could survive that bad of an injury let alone the blood loss. By now I had stopped laughing. “So you’re saying I can see ghosts?” I asked.

He nodded “And demons and angels.” He said as if that didn’t sound completely ridiculous.

I was even more ridiculous because I was starting to believe him. How else would you explain the “people” I see.

“Let’s say for arguments sake I can see ghosts, demons and angels. How would you know? You don’t even know who I am.”

“I know because I’m a ghost and if you can see me then you can see other ghosts and if you can see other ghosts you can see The Other Side and if you can see The Other Side you can see demons and angels so you can either see The Other Side or you’re dead but I doubt you’re dead because you look very much alive to me.”

I stood there for a good few seconds trying to comprehend what he just said. Surprisingly it kind of made sense. But there was no way what he said was just true. Those things just don’t exist.

“So let’s say hypothetically you were a ghost. Why are you here and how did you die?” I said still in denial about what he said.

“Believe me I’m also trying to figure out why Im still here and I died in a car accident on this road.”

“Umm doesn’t that mean you’re here because this is where you died?”

“This is where I died but I’m sipped to have become a demon or an angel by now. I don’t have any unfinished business I can think off.”

I had finally come to a conclusion; I was going crazy.

“Well I gotta go figure out how I stop being a ghost. I’ll see you again never.” And with that he disappeared.

End Flashback

I woke up to the view of the middle of nowhere. “How much further?” I asked my parents still groggy from my nap.

“Sleeping beauty’s finally awake.” My Dad said “We should be there in about five minutes.”

That’s when I saw it; a ginormous mountain stretching above the clouds. We passed a sign saying “Welcome to Mount Brazen”.

That’s when I felt it; the Feeling. There where things from The Other Side in this town. Suddenly I got another feeling, not the there’s-a-supernatural-thing-here feeling I normally get. It was a feeling in my gut, a feeling my life was about to change forever.

Authors note:
Hi! This is my first book so I’m sorry if there are any grammar mistakes or something like that. I love constructive criticism so please feel free to point out my mistakes in the comments. Pls no hate. Thanks for reading!

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