A Love Worthy

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"Killian..." She started, her voice no louder than a gentle breeze. His hand caressed her cheek, begging her not to say what he knew she was about to. Easily, she leaned against his hand, pressed into it desperately. But she had to pull away. "I can't." A small kiss to the hand that was against her cheek was the only consolation Killian got before she turned and walked away. Her eyes focused forwards as his vision blurred. She knew if she looked back she would stay. And she knew if she stayed, she would destroy him.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

The cold concrete felt splendid as Rynn slipped off the heels she had been in all night. She wanted to cry in relief as her feet melted onto the cool grey. Her body felt like giving up and collapsing onto the concrete too, but she refused to let it. Pushing on, one step at a time. Her eyelids felt heavy. Perhaps the result of too much alcohol and not enough sleep. A single part of her realized that she shouldn't want to keep living like this, but the fleeting thought was soon gone as she turned the corner to her apartment building.

"Hey, pretty lady." A man called out to her as she rounded the corner. "Got any spare change?" She was between him and the wall, without any hope of getting away without answering him. Shoving her shoulder into the wall uncomfortably, she responded:

"No, sorry." The man stumbled off, and she let out a breath. She didn't have to be sober to know she had just avoided something bad. The aching in her shoulder dulled as she pulled away from the wall, and her tipsy body stumbled home.

Somehow she managed up the three flights of stairs she lived up, turned her key in the lock and flung her tired body on her bed. Rynn didn't even bother changing out of her clothes before falling asleep.


Killian hesitantly knocked on the door. It was already partially open, and the keys were still stuck in the door. Great, someone had a fun night. He'd always hated this part of his job as a landlord. When he took over the building, he was specifically warned that 305 was always late with their rent. He couldn't help but notice 304's open door and wanted to check in. A sparkle from their starfish key chain caught his eye as he pulled their keys out of the door and knocked once more. A girl stumbled up to the door dressed in a t-shirt and underwear.

"Can I help you? And is there any reason you're being so goddamn loud at..." She stopped to look at the clock. "Fuck, it's 10?" A slight nod of his head was all he could muster as he was taken aback by her appearance and the way she smelled. He'd expected her to reek of alcohol, weed, cigarettes maybe. But instead she smelled like a sea breeze. Of course, he had only caught her scent when she'd fallen against the door.

"I'm Killian Cross. The landlord. I'm new." Apparently two word sentences were all he could muster. God I sound like a fucking idiot. Taking a moment to collect himself, he looked into her eyes. Something he hadn't done before. She had this ethereal beauty to her, especially when he took in her eyes. The greenish-blue hues reminded him of the ocean, but they were too far from one for him to have actually seen it. He wanted to think that she was the embodiment of the beauty of the ocean before it was polluted.

"Rynn Silver," she stuck out her hand, bright red, chipped nail polish adorned her fingernails. "Why are you here?" Out of complete respect for her privacy, he kept himself from glancing down at her legs, even though he desperately wanted to escape her gaze. Clasping her hand in his own, he jerked back almost immediately. "Something wrong, Killian?" A small smile played on her pink lips as she questioned him once more.

"No it's...it's just that you shocked me." Something in her gaze made him feel like she knew exactly what she'd done. Well, why wouldn't she? It was a shock; however, this one was different. Killian wasn't one to make assumptions, but he was one hundred percent positive Rynn was anything but fully human. Perhaps she didn't know it, he rationalized. Though, it was obvious she did.

A simple shrug was the response she gave before stating confidently: "Guess I'm just electrifying. Sorry, love."

"You probably want your keys back." He handed the keys off carefully, making sure their hands didn't touch. Something inside of him was drawn to the shock she gave off, and the last thing he needed was to make himself more addicted.

"It was nice meeting you, Rynn." The words felt more like a formality than anything else. A vocal response never came from her; rather, she shut the door. Killian took the few steps to 305 and tried to shake her out of his mind.


"You're late again." Maggie commented as soon as Rynn walked in. "Customers have been lined up waiting for you." Rynn gave a small smile of apology before unlocking the door to her shop. Magdeline had greatly exaggerated the line. Three customers was hardly worth anything. "What kept you?"

"New landlord." A half truth. While Killian had certainly made her later, he was not the reason she would have been late. "He wanted to check in on his new residents, I guess." Rynn pulled the key to the cash register out of her purse and handed it to Maggie.

"I'm so jealous of how you never get hungover." Maggie had gone out with Rynn the previous night and had obviously seen through the landlord excuse.

"Maybe, I'm just better at hiding them." Rynn laughed off. But that wasn't true. Regardless of how much she drank, she never got hungover or sick. "Need some aspirin?" Rynn dug in her purse and handed her employee one of the white pills and a Gatorade.

"Thanks," Maggie smiled, taking the offering of help for her headache.

"How can I help you?" Rynn asked the first person in the line.

"I'm looking for Rynn Silver." The man was holding a file that he set down on the desk. "I was told she works here."

"I'm Rynn." Hesitantly, she answered. "Why?" He pushed the file towards her. Taking it as a cue to look at it, she opened it. "This is a will? What's this got to do with me?"

"You took a genetics test a while back and were searching for family, correct?" Rynn nodded, a single eyebrow raised.

"Yes, but nothing ever came of that."

"Well, a trust has been set up for the illegitimate daughter of Robert Cartwright. His DNA matches that of someone who would be your father. He recently disappeared (presumed dead), but we have strong reason to believe you are his illegitimate daughter."

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