The Scarlet Tower

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Allies of the pack

Hunter’s POV

“So roman any idea what those girls are?” I ask noticing that Roman was starting to get gray hair at 17 poor boys. He sighed running his hand through his hair looking frustrated. I had asked him privately to look into the pack like group my mate ran.

“Nothing yet none of our books mention them. The human library might have something in an old myth and legend book. They have to be very old so may be the humans have something though I cannot guarantee how accurate it will be though.” He says sighing. I nod giving him the permission, well as much permission as I was allowed to give. I wasn’t alpha yet, not until my mate accepted me and my dad gave me the title. I decided to go help the poor kid, so I walked out with him.

We got to the library after about a 20-minute drive, had to take a car it would be weird if we just walked out of the woods to the library. I needed to go for a run soon though. My wolf side was itching to get out. Our wolves don’t have different personalities or anything, they are a part of us just a bit more on the wild side. Whenever we shift the wolf side is in control, it can take control sometimes, but it doesn’t have complex thoughts. Just things like get food, get water, play, protect and of course be close to our mates.

It took hours of sitting in the myths and legends section. Which let me tell you not as much fun as one would think, Roman had gone through the entire section before he called it quits, so we left. As we walked out, we noticed some young girls walk in one had bright pink hair. She glanced at us and the other girl with black hair pulled her alone looking at us suspiciously. They were a part of my mate’s pack. I wanted to say something to them, but the black-haired girl looked like she might attack us.

Weird, they were acting like we were a threat to them. Even stranger the girl with pink hair watched me closely and looked like she wanted to talk to me. They went inside the pink hair girl being pulled along with the other girl. We climbed into the car and went home.

My wolf could swear that they were wolves, but when he tried to contact them nothing responded. They couldn’t be wolves then; no werewolf didn’t have a wolf. I shook my head and focused on driving back on to pack grounds. Once there I got out of the car stretching, I wasn’t a big fan of car rides it was too cramped. I was planning on spending the rest of my day relaxing maybe going for a run to see if my mate was around.

However, the minute I started to walk towards the woods another pack member came running up to me. No idea who exactly it was, if I looked through the pack link, I could find out who it was but that was so much work and they seemed to be in a hurry.

“Sir your father wishes to see you immediately on urgent pack business.” They said I nodded and went to my father’s office, saying goodbye to a nice calming evening. So, they were in a hurry anything my father says to do means everyone will hurry to do it.

I knocked on the thick wood door that lead to the alpha’s office, and office that will soon be mine once I turn 21. I hope by that time my mate will allow herself to join me. I know she cares for me as much as I care for her. If she doesn’t then well, I cannot become alpha without my Luna. I didn’t want to have to take a chosen mate it didn’t seem as good honestly.

I hear my father’s gruff voice telling me to enter. The office is as one would expect, large windows dominate one side while bookshelves surround the rest with a large intimidating desk sat at the center of the room. Behind the desk my father sat, he looked like a mountain, and seem almost as old as one. He was reaching his 50’s with graying hair but still had a multitude of muscles. He nodded for me to sit in the chair opposite of him. After sitting he sighed, he looked tired, he had been alpha since his father gave it to him when he was 21. He seemed more and more tired after mom died two years ago. The only thing keeping him from going crazy was his love for the pack.

“One of our allies was attacked.” He said rubbing his head, my eyes widened.

“Who? What can we do to help?” I asked and he smiled slightly in pride. He always said I was as willing to help as he was as a young man. Which is the highest praise I could receive I just wanted to make him proud, that and have my mate.

“I want to send you with several of your warriors, the ones that you have been training with. You will go to their aid. We are not sure what attacked them. The only reports that we have is that someone got into their pack and kidnapped the alphas children. Whoever took them now wants a war. A war we will give them. I want you to leave tonight.” He said and I nodded my agreement. Once I was dismissed, I went to find my warriors. I loved saying that.

I explained to them the situation and then to be ready to leave tonight.

I wanted to go visit my mate tonight to tell her goodbye. Something stopped me though, I would see her again. Maybe time with me away would help her realize that we belong together.

I packed my bag and helped chose any extra weapons and medical supplies we would need. Then when the time came, we got into a car to take us to a small air strip. Where we would take a small private plane to Colorado.

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