The Scarlet Tower

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The Scarlet Tower

Arlie POV

Day of move

I had to think of how to get rid of Candice. I got out of my room looking for her but found she was gone with all of her stuff. Good that was for the best, at least she now had a chance to be free of our fate. I knew I would never be able to do this again; this was the last time I would ever collect any soldiers to fight this stupid war.

Everything was packed up now and in the car. I didn’t cry or say anything just nodded for everyone to get into the large SUV. I only allowed them to have a single suitcase of things. Just for this reason, so when we needed to leave, we could at a moment’s notice.

Once all in the car I started it and drove to the end of the driveway. Then all did a spell together and the house burst in the flames. It burned quickly and then the fire ended leaving no trace of us. It was a good magical flame; we didn’t want to be the cause of a large fire or anything like that. We did still in our core care about nature, besides we are the ones who live here.

We took shifts on the drive, well those of us who are old enough to drive. It took a while, I insisted on having music playing in the background constantly.

We drove up to a large house the gate was shockingly scarlet red, not black like most would expect there was a broken house behind the gate. I knew it was an illusion. I had everyone get out of the car with our stuff.

“Ego effundet sanguinem de manibus inimicorum vestrorum ut defendat omnes” (I will pour out all the blood out of the hands of your enemies, to defend) I say the weight of the words settle over me. There was no turning back now. The gates opened silently; I heard the girls gasp behind me the scene behind the gates had shifted to a large imposing tower. It shimmered in the light, all scarlet. Looking at it now it made me think of blood. It lived up to its name well, something felt off with it always. I moved forward and we all started walking towards what was my home for over 300 years, I think. I honestly am not sure anymore. The scarlet tower. Eight crows flew off of the tower and over our head. The shiver ran down my spine as we walked inside. Crows tended to bring predictions with them, they were never good I felt. Eight crows meaning grief. The tower was just as breathtaking as it had always been, but the fake beauty had long ago worn off of me. The girls were all whispering softly talking about how beautiful it was. I had one headphone in as always since the airs way to clutter your mine was with music. She had taught me that, constant music helped keep the monster back in my mind.

I saw Joan walk out smiling at us as we walked closer. She gave me a stiff hug, her smile never reaching her eyes.

“I am so glad you made it here safe. Its so dangerous outside.” She said and I saw all of the others nodding with what she said.

“Now let’s get you inside and I will see what you have learned.” We were led inside. The overabundant beauty of the place could be overwhelming. The inside made you think of the older Russian buildings. It was amazing, I found myself unable to focus on the tile flooring. I nodded to Joan and left them with her. Part of me feeling like I was leaving them with a snake. My room was on the top floor. It had nothing in its gray walls with no hangings, white carpet and white ceilings. The bed was dark oak with prison blue sheets. They were uncomfortable but nothing about the tower was comfortable. I laid down on the bed and let memories flow over me.

“Again. You must get this right.” Joan demanded, I tried to fight her in hand to hand combat again. I failed again. She was angry and grabbed me she threw me in one of the cells.

“You must learn to be better. If you won’t use your powers, then this is what you get.” She yelled and left me there. I spent days in the cells. So many days.

I blinked coming back to myself. I stared up at the ceiling above me. It was white with a fan in the center spinning at a high speed. The heaviness in my chest was killing me slowly. Filling my veins with the poison of guilt. The door opened I looked over at Joan she sat on the bed next to me. Her white hair stood out against the gray walls of my room.

“Don’t look so down now sweetie you have brought us good soldiers. Once again you have done the scarlet tower a service that won’t soon be forgotten. Will you stay this time or are you going to go back out recruiting?” She asked. For a moment looking in her eyes I saw us how the wolves must see us, we were the real monsters. We found outcast children and took them made them soldiers made them fight and kill for us. Then the moment passed, it wasn’t our fault that we had to fight to stay alive. It is just the way it is and the way it will always be. Doubting our reasons made us weak, we had to be strong so that the monsters didn’t kill us.

“I will stay till the snow passes.” I say softly she smiled and patted my knee then left me in the silence of my room.

“There is no reason to feel guilty. You are just ensuring that your kind stays alive.” I say before getting up. Like always I wasn’t able to convince myself that that was true. I wanted to see how my people were fitting in to the tower. But no matter my doubts somehow every time Joan talked to be it seemed like she knew best, like I had to listen to what she said. Her words always wormed their way in to my mind and made me do whatever she wanted. Listen to her always, she must know best. Even though I was older than her by a long time, I think. I never asked you don’t question you do as she says and feel blessed about what she tells you.

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