The Scarlet Tower

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Candice POV

I moved all my things out in the middle of the night before everyone woke up. I didn’t have much of course, I wasn’t there for that long. They were leaving today, and I needed to follow. It was obvious that Arlie wouldn’t let me come with, who ever was in charge obviously forbid it. But the real question was why? It couldn’t be my age, there was that girl who was younger than me. Maybe it was my powers, I could see through the lies that she kept feeding to her.

I wondered how many others that were telepathic that had been sent to die. How long had this been going on? I couldn’t tell I didn’t want to dive do deep into Arlie’s mind in case I mess something up. It would be very bad if I did that since panic seems to make her powers go haywire.

So, I left and went into town, I had lots of money. There was a car rental that I had seen when I went into the town with Arlie. I let the illusion of my young age disappear and then found the backpack I had stashed in a bush along the road, I did that before they ‘found’ me. In it was money and my ID showing I was over 21. Which I was I was 50 but looked about 21 so the ID was believable.

I got a very common boring car. I didn’t pay attention to what exactly except that it was a black smaller car. A sports car would be too flashy, unfortunate they were so much more fun to drive. Once I got the car I went and parked on a deserted part by the house. They had to take this road to leave at all. Then I closed my eyes reaching out for Morpheus.

We connected very quickly.

“Hello Cassy, what have you got?” He asked

“I am set to follow them once they leave. Arlie was in the violet tower, but she thinks it got attacked and that all other towers have been destroyed.” I say then pausing for him to rely the information to everyone else.

“Alright that’s great information, should help the violet tower doesn’t take many people in at all. Besides its in Spain, anything else?” He asked. He still sounded worried but more hopeful today.

“Yes, she has death powers Mo. Like serious death powers, I found her a bit ago panicking the grass around her was dying. If I wasn’t shielded, she would have killed me. She is so powerful Mo. If she starts to fight it will be a massacre.” I say. He was silent for a long time.

“fuck. I have to go once you find the place let us know and we will be there as soon as possible.” He said and then cut the connection this was bad. Very bad.

I took deep slow breaths and sipped my coffee. Then worked on putting spells on the car so one I couldn’t crash it. Second ones that would follow at a certain distance a car. This was going to be a long ride and with it following for me I could still sleep and plan what to do.

It was around 10 am when I saw the SUV come out of the driveway. I followed the car and set the spell to keep me following them.

The car stopped in front of a gate. I got out and snuck close everyone was watching the gates as they opened. Fuck fuck, that was one terrifying tower, it was literally bleeding. I followed inside then hid in the bushes. I have never been happier that I was very short, and that these bushes didn’t have any thorns. I watched as some older lady came out of the tower. I did not recognize her at all, so she wasn’t one of the councils most wanted. She smiled at the group but seemed so fake. I could sense she was a super powerful telepath. She was the one who had been controlling Arlie.

I couldn’t read anything on her. Her shields were powerful and ancient, like 500 years old ancient. Which was crazy but would make sense. She was as powerful as a master, but all of them are accounted for. How did the council overlook someone like her? Unless, did they think she was dead?

After everyone went inside, I knew I needed to contact them, but it was so dangerous with how powerful that lady was. I could maybe sneak it, hopefully or I may be dead before I reach them.

I reached out and managed to connect.

“We are in Colorado; I can’t say more all the signs have been messed with. There is a pack nearby. Mo I can feel she stole the Alpha’s kids you have to get here fast. The leader is a master of telepathy, its so not safe you have to get here” I said panicking I could practically feel the danger coming towards me. I felt very exposed even in the bushes. This was bad so bad.

“Alright we will-“ His voice was cut off. The blinding pain of a broken connection made me unable to think for a second. I felt I was being dragged and tried to move but the lady held me mentally so I couldn’t move.

She dragged me inside and down the stairs then into a cell in a dungeon. I was floating above the floor by her magic as she dragged me. Her face was scary with her glaring nastily. This was so bad for me.

It was dark and damp in here and smelled really bad. Eww why did she have a dungeon?

I tried to reach anyone to say something. Shit shit shit shit. I couldn’t use my powers. I really hoped Mo will get here soon before she kills me.

I noticed writing on the wall. It was a name “ Arlie Grather.” That means that Joan also threw her in here too, the poor girl.

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