The Scarlet Tower

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Death comes to all

Arlie POV

I ran through the forest leading the foolish wolves to their deaths. I stopped in a clearing and waited. The wolves busted through the clearing and froze, I watched their bloody muzzles look round the field littered with the bodies of their species. Like a tilde wave understanding washed over them but before any of them even tried to turn to run to warn everyone else what they were attacking. They dropped dead with a snap of my fingers and a touch of my powers flowing out of me. It was so easy, should taking lives be so easy? I felt no remorse, Joan had trained that out of me along time ago. The entire field was filled with nothing living but myself. There was around a dozen dead wolves now in this field. It served them right for trying to whip us out. They were evil.

I smiled triumphantly and wiped the blood coming from the corner of my eyes. That was the draw back of my powers. I started crying blood. It used to terrify the religious people when it happened back when my powers were more unpredictable.

I was in Spain. The Violet tower was about four blocks north, France had just declared war on us. Well more specifically the werewolf council who ran France had just declare war on us, the largest magical training tower in the world. I was about 100 years old; I could shift but had powers dark strange powers which made the council banish me to the towers. After a long assessment of my abilities I was sent to the Violet tower. It was amazing I felt accepted. But now the werewolves were going to destroy that, they were evil. I felt my wolf whine at that thought but did not disagree since they did force her out of her pack. I was walking feeling the death that was laid out below me. I was in an old church cemetery trying to practice not having the dead walk around me. It was very difficult to keep them at bay. I heard a scream and my eyes snapped up to the nun standing there screaming in terror at me. I didn’t understand till I wiped my eyes and saw blood. I panicked and ran.

I shook my head to clear the memory, but it felt wrong. The werewolf council never attacked the Violet tower, they created the violet tower. I wasn’t 100 years old; I was at most 50. I looked around and saw that all the wolves didn’t have blood on their muzzles, why did I think they did? I realized I was very close to a wolf territory, that doesn’t make sense she said that only temporary war camps were around the tower. This was a permanent, I felt so confused. I felt a sharp pain in my mind. The monster in my mind, my wolf, forcing a true memory on me.

I was training at the Violet tower; my powers had just fully developed, and I was being tested. The flower in front of me slowly wilted and died. I gasped I felt something wet on my hand and whipped it away it was blood. I looked up and saw the tester was also dead. I gasped getting up. The door opened, I leapt to my feet backing myself into the corner. I couldn’t breathe, I had killed someone.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened.” I say panicking, another girl came and helped me calm down. She was nice and her power was to cancel all other powers.

“It’s okay you didn’t know what would happen, and neither did we. Come let’s go get you cleaned up.” The girl said and I followed her.

I was so confused, that wasn’t what I remembered but it felt right the other memory felt like it was forced on to my brain. My head hurt so bad I wanted to sit down. But I didn’t let myself. Instead I went back to the scarlet tower. My mind was filled with questions. If the werewolf council made the towers, then why are they attacking us? Are they attacking us? When did I leave the violet tower? And Why?

I heard a whine and knew it was my alpha boy. I felt the monster in my mind take over I was suddenly out of control as she ran, we didn’t shift. Wait shift? I couldn’t shift. She ran through the forest to where he was laying. He wasn’t breathing. I felt pain intense pain like my world had ended. I let out a sound. I couldn’t tell the monster apart from myself.

I leaned down petting his hair out of his face. He was so handsome. I kissed his lips softly, making my powers reverse his death. I felt him return the kiss his hands going into my hair to hold me close. I pulled away to breath and looking him dead in the eyes. He needed to get out of here. I couldn’t have him hurt again.

“I Arlie Grather reject you Alpha Hunter.” I say he let out a cry and I ran off. I waited in the woods forcing the monster back behind the walls I built, as I ignored the crying, I could hear of him. Then I went back to the tower. I was done, part of me hoped that I would die on the way back. I couldn’t do this anymore no matter what Joan said.

I should feel different, maybe I am in shell shock. I heard people in battles get that. This was actually the first time I was ever in the fight. I still felt drawn to the alpha boy, that probably meant that rejection took a longer time to set in.

I don’t know why I knew what to say for the rejection, it felt more like the monster than me. The monster who was snarling in the back of my mind, her jaws wanting to tear apart who ever had harmed him.

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