The Scarlet Tower

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The End

I had pushed the monster down deep in my mind. Part of me felt it wasn’t a monster. I walked through the forest feeling like the forest was calling me. Telling me to stay, telling me nothing but pain would come if I kept walking. Maybe it wasn’t too late to go back to the boy. I could be happy; I could feel how I could easily fall in love with him. If I only just let myself.

I could see our future in my mind. I would go back he would take me to his pack. He would introduce me. They would never know my past; it would be forgotten for a beautiful future together. We would get married. He would mark me; I would have his kids. We would have two. A boy who looks just like him someone to take over the pack. Then a little girl, who was nothing like me. She didn’t have dangerous powers. I would forget about all the kids that had died because of me. I would forget their faces; pretend I don’t see them in my children. Like I wasn’t a mass murderer.

I shake my head. No, I can’t do that. If walking back through the woods will only bring me pain and suffering, then that’s good. I deserve it. I killed so many of them. Going through the woods to the gate. It was wide open; I wonder if they were all already dead. Besides it was too late, I rejected him. That was final.

Just like what happened to my parents. I knew what happened now, I was angry. I threw a temper tantrum, my powers came suddenly and killed them. Then I stood there screaming for them to wake up when my very religious nanny came in and fainted from the blood falling out of my eyes.

I was taken to the council who sent me to the violet tower. After that who knows and who cares?

The house was in chaos when I got back. I saw more of our kind everywhere. But they were not our soldiers. They were here to help surely, how were there so many?

The turned when they saw me. I saw horror on their faces, there was a group in long cloaks. They were the council; they were the ones who sent me away abandoned me. Wait no they didn’t do that they sent me to the violet tower they were just trying to help. I winced my head hurt so bad.

“Get on the ground!” one said. I stared but got down on my knees slowly what was happening. I felt one come up behind me and handcuff me. I gasped I couldn’t use my powers with these on I started to panic. What is happening?! I saw Joan, everything had to be okay Joan would explain everything. She would fix this. Everything that she did was right, correct?

“Joan, what’s going on?” I asked fear in my voice everything was so uncertain I couldn’t help it. She didn’t respond, they forced her to the ground. That wasn’t right, she was supposed to fix this.

“Joan Ofak, you are under arrest for treason and the use of your power to manipulate others for your own personal vendetta.” One said I was so confused. I saw bodies on the ground, it was my girls. They were all dead surrounded by dead wolves. At least they went down with a fight, even if it was a fight that wasn’t theirs.

I struggled so hard trying to get close to her, but I couldn’t get away from them. They were holding both of my arms. I saw Candice walk out from the house. How did she get here?

“You have used your mind reading abilities to change others minds and make them fight against wolves. Wolves who had nothing to do with your mate and your pup dying.” They said seriously. I struggled to get to her ignoring what they said it can’t be true.

Candice ran in to the council I heard what she was saying.

“That is Arlie she didn’t know what she was doing. I saw her mind Joan got her all kinds of fucked up. She should go to the silver tower to help fix her mind. She is super powerful but throwing her in prison will just reinforce the idea that you are against her.” She said. Was she pleading my case? Why would she do that? What was she talking about I knew what I was doing? Didn’t I?

I saw an Alpha and Luna come running. Two of the council members were holding little kids. They set down the children who went running to the Alpha and Luna. They were their kids.

“Joan has been lying to you. The wolves only attacked because she took the Alphas kids. And the wolves are not starting wars with us. They are not trying to end our species. Arlie we are wolves.” Candice said. When did she get so close? I stared at her. We are wolves?!

I was dragged away and put into a solid car like those that the human swat teams use, and we drove away. I was alone in the back seat. Still chained it was needed, I was a danger. Candice had gotten in the front seat. She kept glancing back at me, she looked older. When did she grow up?

“I’m sorry. I work with the council. We heard things were happening strangely down here and came to investigate. I knew if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me at all. This was the only way. The others… they are gone. They died I’m sorry. We didn’t make it in time.” She said softly. I felt the words go through my brain; I couldn’t trust anything anymore.

I looked out the back window I don’t want to talk anymore or listen. The scarlet tower was disappearing behind us, my life disappearing behind us.

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