The Scarlet Tower

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I checked myself in the mirror. My long blond hair was soft looking and clean. My outfit was good with combat boots, dark ripped skinny jeans, a white band t shirt, and all finished off with my signature leather jacket. So, all in all I was looking fucking hot.

I left my room and walked purposefully towards the hospital area of the tower. I technically wasn’t supposed to do this. I was after all just a coordinator for scouting missions, but hey I took an interest in the girl. She was born in France and so was I. We had a connection, even though I had never seen her in my life. After much digging, we had found who she really was and how Joan had found her. Joan had stolen the poor girl in the middle of the night from the Violet tower. There were some awful memories about a war from the werewolf council in France attacking and people dying all around her. When in reality it was actually a celebration with fireworks, not a war. Joan was crazy strong, unfortunately she had to be removed of her powers. A nasty business but she is too dangerous and too far gone to save.

What happened with her was she had a mate and child. But a rouge broke into her house and killed her mate and child. She then like all wolves went insane. How no one noticed or knew they were dead is incredible, in like a bad way. She then formed a vendetta against all wolves, including her own wolf which she shoved in the back of her mind. Then Joan went the Violet tower and befriended a young impressionable girl. After a month of working on her she stole her.

Once again, the ineptitude of our kind is ridiculous. Since no one noticed and once they did, they assumed the poor girl just ran off. Idiots the lot of them.

The ending of that crazy fight had been a week ago. The princeps was now staying in the silver tower, the best tower though I may be a bit biased since I have lived here my entire life. She was in the mental hospital portion though because well, her mind was fucked up from Joan.

I knocked on her hospital door and didn’t hear her yelling so decided that meant I would just walk in. Her hair was a touch longer. She was in some scrubs sitting on the floor. Her room was nice but very impersonal I made a mental note to fix that. She needed some color in here.

I wasn’t worried about her killing me or anything with those crazy good powers of hers. Since one her room was warded to dispel all fatal use of powers. Secondly, because I am so amazing, and a enchanter, I enchanted my leather jacket with protection spells against practically everything. Meaning I would be perfectly safe; besides I was there to befriend her. The remaining living members of her pack were sent to other towers. Well except Cassandra, but well she had learned it was her who betrayed them, so we found it best not to have Cassandra around her at all.

“Hello I am Morpheus. What’s your name beautiful?” I asked sitting on the floor with her. She gave me a strange look; I wasn’t her doctor she knew that. I was trying something to see if she would catch it or not.

“Ariel.” She said, I knew that was wrong. Her real name was Lissette, but like I said her mind was fucked up. The crazy lady Joan had completely changed her identity, which I had read humans do when forming a cult, so it makes sense. Joan made her completely reliant on whatever she said.

“Sweet. Well this is for you.” I say handing her a new hairbrush that had hair ties wrapped around it. She looked a touch confused and took it.

“Thanks?” She said and I smiled and left. So, she didn’t realize that we were speaking in French. Interesting, I gave her the hairbrush because she didn’t have one.

I looked in the small window to her room and saw her smiling softly brushing her hair. I fist bumped then saw the head mind healer and ran so she didn’t realize who was illegally in the hospital section. I planned on visiting again tomorrow, this would be the start of a wonderful friendship!

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