The Scarlet Tower

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Old times


4 Days till move

The next morning, I was frantic. The nightmare freaked me out so much I couldn’t sleep not just because it was terrifying, and the monsters lived close to us. It always freaked me out so that wasn’t a factor, something about it always felt false like someone had gotten into my brain and changed things. But I didn’t know anyone who could do that. I knew that mind readers could, if they were powerful enough, change memories. I had never been around a mind reader though, so they had to be real.

After the girls went to school I thought about my next move. There is still lots to do. I had to figure out the fastest and safest way to get into the tower. Everything would be okay once we got to the tower.

I decided to make some more coffee then look at maps. I liked maps more than phones something about having it physically in her hands. I looked we had to get from Idaho to Colorado. A longer drive but with so many of us able to drive we could switch off before we got too tired.

After planning our way, I sighed I had nothing I could really do at the moment. They girls didn’t know we were leaving yet. I didn’t know how to break it to them. Since they didn’t know about it, I couldn’t just start packing.

I never napped well so instead I just sat outside just thinking as I sip my coffee. I remembered the first time I ever had coffee. I closed my eyes and concentrated inward like I had been taught to clearly remember memories and let myself sink in to the memory.

I was freezing I had been wandering around for a long time looking for anywhere to be. I was in Spain. Where I had been

The memory went fuzzy and the words harshly rang out in my brain, “Banished, banished and thrown out like trash beaten and left to die by the monsters of the werewolf council” The memory came back in to focus.

It was a freezing and raining. I looked up when I saw nice boots standing in front of me. Like very nice boots, they were alligator boots with a small heel to them. A beautiful lady stood in front of me holding her umbrella over me. Which was different, not many people would help a teenage looking homeless person in this area. Since well teenagers around here liked to steal.

“You seem cold sweet thing. Here drink this it will help.” She said offering me the cup. I took it and took a sip. It was warm and kind of bitter with a hint of sweet like milk. I looked at her hoping she would tell me what the fuck I was drinking.

“Its coffee little one. The council sent you, here didn’t they. I can help you. Come with me. There is a group of us. We have a tower called the Violet tower. I decided she is safe, something in my brain said that she would never hurt me. I rebelled against that thought for a moment before nodding and going with her. We walked for a bit; I took the time to study her. She was in a nice long trench coat; underneath was nice cloths. It looked like a pantsuit of some kind. Her boots I realized were repelling water. Even after she stepped the ground staid dry for a few seconds. She was semi tall, with brown hair in soft curls. Her face looked more sever like those movies with the sever caretaker for an orphanage.

We made it to the tower, it was a beautiful bright violet color in the middle of the countryside. It sparkled like jewels, the grounds were huge. Besides all of the people, there was beautiful plants all around. I enjoyed reading and there was so many beautiful places to sit and read. This looked like the best place ever.

I gasped looking at it all. It wasn’t raining anymore, there was people all around outside. All of them practicing magic. I was delighted and shocked. People could just do magic freely here! I knew that I couldn’t do that, I was dangerous the council said so and that was why they sent me to the towers.

They banished you and left you for dead.

The thought came into my head and I furrowed my eyebrows, what? That isn’t what happened. They brought me as far as they could, I just got lost. I looked up when one of the elders came up and took the lady away quietly scolding her about something. Weird. Another person came and showed me around. She got me a change of cloths and was very nice. She had a pretty British accent. I was told all about how the violet tower was a training place for those of our kind. To help us become useful and able to control our powers.

I sighed bringing myself out of the memory, that was a good time. I was in the violet tower for a long time, with her. Then when tragedy struck the tower we left together, and she brought me to the scarlet tower. At some point right after the tragedy something changed in her. Something made her hateful towards anything that wasn’t our kind. I couldn’t pinpoint the exact time, but it felt like once she got hate full it was hard to disagree with her at all when around her. I remember I couldn’t even think a disagreement. But that could just be my memory problems. It was hard to remember a lot of things anymore. I couldn’t remember where I was before the council threw me out and left me to die. Then after that the memories come in flashes and sometimes don’t stay. I vaguely feel like I looked it up once in the scarlet tower’s library, but I don’t remember what it was. I do remember it was in some sort of spell book. I also remember talking to her about it and something happened. Then the library was magically locked, and I couldn’t go in anymore. She said that something dangerous was in there that we couldn’t deal with our selves.

The strange thing about the scarlet tower was that no one was there when we got there. Like they were all gone, but recently there wasn’t any dust, and it wasn’t from cleaning spells since there wasn’t any on there. She told me it was because the monsters suddenly and brutally attacked and killed all of them with out warning. It must be true otherwise were, are they? But something always bugged me about that, there was no bodies wouldn’t we find bodies or blood or something? I sighed again and got up I needed to get back. I always knew I had been away for too long when I started to question things. Everything would be better once we got to the tower.

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