The Scarlet Tower

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A Tree House in the Woods


I was sitting on the porch enjoying the outdoors. The trees swayed softly in the light breeze. I truly believe we live in the most beautiful place, but I couldn’t be taken too seriously I had never left the pack grounds except to go to the close human town. I sipped my coffee watching I had about an hour before training. I trained with a group of guys that were my age in the pack, we trained several times a day. It was for protection since we had heard rumors of magical beings attacking smaller packs. We were a smaller pack. We had several goofy names we called our group none of which are ever spoken out of our group. Just because I am the alpha’s son, and the future alpha doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be relentlessly teased by everyone. We were all like family here because we were so small.

I sighed looking at the sky making me think of my mate’s blue eyes. She was the most amazing girl I had ever had the pleasure of looking at. I couldn’t help but feel a touch sad though. She ran from me. I had always dreamed of a mate. Someone who would understand me best, someone to love me. We didn’t date outside of mates. Which while the argument could be made that it harmed our social development, we were small and traditional. So, we didn’t date anyone but our mate.

What confused me and my wolf the most was she smelled almost like a human, but there was something strange with that smell. It made me think of the widows who lost their husband and their wolf leaves to keep the human side from going insane. I needed to know more about who and what she was. I got up sighing and stretching. I took my coffee with me inside to find one of my pack members, and a good friend.

I went to his room and knocked before opening the door. I was met with piles up to the ceiling of books. They went all around the room his bed was a mattress on top of books. He was sitting in a corner his nose in, you guessed it, a book.

“Dude, come on this is getting out of hand you know we have a huge pack library you can keep these in.” I say laughing a bit. Roman just shrugged at me.

“I need them close for research.” He said he was our main lore/ anything in a book, person. You needed to know anything you asked Roman. He was a huge asset for our pack. I shook my head at him and joined him on the ground.

“I need to know something.” I say which he just nodded giving me the look that this was obvious since I came to his room and sat. Instead of just dragging him out in the sun like I normally did.

“There is a pack of girls near us. And I mean just girls. They smell human but only to a point.” I say and he looked at me.

“I am good yes. But I am not a miracle worker! For shits sake. I need way more information.” He said shaking his head at me.

“Come with me then. We are going to go spy.” I suggested. He hesitated then nodded. I mind linked my father that Roman and I were going to go out for a run. I couldn’t tell him what we were really doing. I had a sinking feeling that he wouldn’t approve.

We left the territory and I started kind of wandering around.

“You don’t know where their pack is do you?” Roman asked and I gave him a sheepish smile.

It took about half an hour to find their place. By that time, it was like 7 am, all of the girls had back packs on and were walking to a car. So, they go to school, a few of the pack members go to school. Maybe I could ask them to keep an eye on them to try and find something out and of course make sure they are safe.

I had a suspicion, or maybe it was a hope, that they were just running and hiding from someone. If they were then it could be like those romantic movies that the girls in the pack were always watching, where the guy saves the girl.

Roman was watching the other girls while I was looking for my little mate. Where was she I could feel she was somewhere close. Once the girls left, we snuck closer to the tree house they lived in. Not going to lie it was epic. I climbed up to through a window Roman behind me.

We ended up in a room that was blue with water and fish things everywhere. It looked cool but very restrictive, almost like which ever girl lived here could only think of water. I noticed everything about it was easy clean up. Like if they needed to leave suddenly then they could. Weird. We explored the house eventually splitting up.

I was by a window watching my mate. I had found her; she was just as beautiful as the first time I saw her. I knew that I was so far gone for her, but she was my mate, so it was okay. She was sitting with her back to me looking out at the porch. But something felt like she wasn’t really there, like she was deep inside of her mind.

I watched her till Roman came to me he glanced between me and the girl. Before dragging me away. Once we were far enough away, he stopped me.

“That girl in there is your mate, isn’t she?” He asked a smile on his face. I couldn’t help but smile back and nod.

“Yeah she is my mate. So, know anything more about them?” I asked hopefully. Roman’s smile dissolved.

“Not yet, I need more time. Why haven’t you told your dad?”

I just shook my head.

“I know it’s stupid, but I would like to win her over first, before I tell my dad and he brings her in to the pack.” Roman just nodded his understanding. We walked back and I went to train while he went to try and find out about my mate.

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