The Scarlet Tower

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To tell the truth


3 days till move

I set down the mirror. That went about as well as I figured it would. I could hear the girls laughing downstairs. That sounded too nice, I had to get back to the scarlet tower. Once I did everything would be okay again. If it was ever okay to begin with.

I heard a knock on my window. I looked over and saw the stupid alpha. I didn’t have the energy to fight with him. The day was draining as it was, and then with the thought that all the girls laughing down there their blood is on my hand. So, I didn’t do anything when he opened the window and stepped into my room. He looked so good, but I knew deep down he would always look good to me. His green t-shirt enhanced those green eyes. He was in basketball shorts showing off tan nicely muscled legs. I should stop checking him out. I managed to pull my eyes away as he moved closer.

He sat on my bed very close to me. Our legs touching just so slightly. The contact made it hard to think clearly and made me look up at his face. The bewildered look on his face spelling out easily what he was thinking. He wanted to know what I was, as well he couldn’t understand why I wasn’t feel as he was. But I was feeling that draw to let him hold me and kiss me. To tell him everything and have his help. I needed help. Something was wrong with my head. But I couldn’t. He was the enemy, wasn’t he?

“You should go.” I say softly. I don’t remember when I ended up leaning against his shoulder his arm around me. He felt so nice and warm. He also smelled amazing. I leaned away and he sighed getting up. He was respecting my wishes… Are all of the monsters like him so polite? I felt so confused, the Scarlet tower. The tower and her were the only constants the only things I could trust. I couldn’t trust the girls or the beautiful monster in front of me, I couldn’t even trust my own mind.

“Why do you push me away?” He asked standing in front of me now so close his sent filling my nose. His moving away and his amazing smell made a stirring in the darkest depths of my mind. It was a warning I needed him to leave now, before It got involved. I knew I had to tell the truth, I had to hurt him just a little bit, so I don’t end of killing him.

“Because I will destroy you. I will break you in a way you love then leave you where no one can fix you. I will be the thing you love then I will force you to watch as you see it change into a hideous monster. You are way too good for me. If I see you again, I will kill you.” I say and push him out my window. I shut it quickly and lit candle to get rid of the sent. I had to keep It at bay, it had been so long since It had tried to come back. But I wouldn’t let It, I would feel too much pain. It would destroy me, destroy us. I had built so much; I had been alive for over 400 years and I wouldn’t let it all go to waste. It wasn’t easy keeping myself alive for so long I had to do many things that were not at all moral. I would not rest till all of them were dead. They were the enemy something I could never forget. They want us dead.

I paused; how did I know I was alive for 400 years. I hadn’t been alive for that long. Only like 50, we age slower than humans, making more like a 20-year-old. I wasn’t alive for that long. And I don’t remember most of my life how do I know that I did immoral things. My head hurt so bad like two things were fighting in my mind. Like two lives were trying to take over.

I felt something wet on my hand and looked in a normal mirror and saw I was crying. I don’t remember the last time I cried. I sighed I needed to do something. I packed a small bag and then left through the window.

I walked for a long time, until I got into the city. I looked around at the night life, all the humans milling around living their lives. I wanted to run away, to start over. I could do it; I had more skills than killing monsters. I sat in a park it was dark and I was alone. Why couldn’t I just be left alone.

I knew why, because I had a job to do. The world would never be the same if those monsters are allowed to be anywhere near us. They will kill us first then they will move on and kill all of the humans. That is what she told me. I could trust her. It was time now, I had to tell the girls.

I went back home the girls were still up watching a movie. I came in and they all smiled.

“We have to talk. Meet me in the basement.” I say and go back down the ladder. I walked to the trapdoor that lead to the basement. I could hear the girls following me. They all sat on the floor. Casandra, the mind reader sat looking confused. The rest of the girls didn’t look confused, just ready. They could all sense I was getting antsy and probably expected that I was going to tell them we are moving again.

“I have many things to tell you. First, we are leaving in three days. This move however is not like the others. We are going to the scarlet tower. I haven’t told you about it until now because you were not ready, you are now. We are at war.” I say I see shocked faces all around. I take a deep breath before continuing, the girls are good trained soldiers. They will not interrupt me.

“There are monsters that are trying to kill us. They hunt us for sport and kill us. They are part wolf and can change into wolves. The scarlet tower is the safest place for us, but the monsters know about it. We had to keep moving as I trained you, so we wouldn’t be found. There is a lady she is the head of the scarlet tower. She knows how to get rid of the monsters. The scarlet tower is the last remaining tower of our kind. A long time ago there used to be more, but the monsters have been destroying them.” I say pausing for a second I see Casandra looked even more shocked and also very worried. She should be, if we didn’t kill the monsters first, we would all die.

“They are truly monsters. They kill innocents. I have seen them slaughter small children for just being there.” I say and Casandra looks confused, that’s strange. I ignore it for now.

“Now that you know our situation and know why I have trained you so hard. We have to pack. The next few days continue like you have been before. When you return from school, I want you all to pack and then we will train. Once we reach the scarlet tower we may be under attack at any moment. I want you all to be prepared.” I say and leave them to discuss among themselves. I tapped on Casandra’s shoulder and nodded for her to follow me.

“I know we just found you, so I think you should go. If you go south, you should be able to find another group of people. Like us who can train you better before you have to deal with this nightmare.” I say. I had my mind shielded, as strong as she was, she hadn’t been taught how to read through shields. It was important that I kept it shielded because south wasn’t more of us. South was where the monster pack was. She would die there, I tried to not to think about how I was sending her to death. Just like all the other girls I was taking to the scarlet tower. I sighed softly and she looked at me.

“You know you are sending them to their deaths. She really did a number on you. You really believe they are monsters, even with a mate. How did she get so many false memories in your mind?” Cassandra said softly. I looked at her.

“Excuse me?” I say panicking, who is this girl? She can’t have known all of this, what does she mean false memories? Then she touched my head, and everything went dark.

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