The Scarlet Tower

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Cassandra POV

Two days till move

This was by far the worst assignment I had ever been on. I knew that it was bad when I was given the assignment. The file was very bare which was never a good sign. The file just said that there was suspicion of one of our kind going rouge and bringing people in to fulfill a personal vendetta. I now knew it wasn’t Arlie. It was whoever ran the tower, a tower that didn’t exist. At least according to the council.

I know I looked very young, that was with the help of one of the illusionists from the Gray tower. I was about the same age as Arlie. The file mentioned that it was only young of our kind who were collected. The way the fought was scary. I knew she felt guilty about it, I could easily read that in her mind. Her shields were strong but in a strange way they had back doors for people who were mind readers to enter her inner most mind.

Even worse she had tried to get rid of me and I had to knock her out and take out that memory. Which is how I saw how bad her mind was, someone had fucked up some shit in there. It was a mess and I couldn’t see anything about her passed except for some weird messed up memories. Someone had been tampering with her mind for years.

I had managed to get away for a few hours. This was bad so bad. I went deep into the woods. Going north, since I didn’t trust going south. Especially after Arlie suggested I go South and had the thought in her mind that I would die if I went that way.

I sat up in a tree to hid and calmed myself. I was a damn good mind reader but reaching across the country was difficult and would require all of my concentration. I ignored everything, as my training taught me, and contacted my supervisor.

I heard her voice a touch static like for a moment before it cleared.

“Cassandra, I am glad to hear from you. Have you made contact?” He asked, Morpheus was the strongest mind reader we had, and was my contact for this mission. Due to its importance he was already with the council ready to give any updates that we necessary. I sighed, thinking of how to say this.

“I have, Morpheus it is so much worse than we first imagined. Whoever is leading this whole operation has all the control. They have connived the princeps that werewolves are the ultimate enemy. The princeps’ name is Arlie. I don’t know much about her. What I have so far is that she is around 50 years old, she was in Spain for a while. She has had tower training but the memories around that and her ending up in Spain are fractured.” I say giving Arlie’s info first. Morpheus was silent for a bit. I knew he was giving orders to search records for her, as well as telling the council her name in case they already knew something about her.

“Alright we are looking now to see if we can find her. Is it as bad as what happened in Arizona?” He asked.

In Arizona there a renegade group who wanted to expose our existence to humans and then be paid for the humans to be allowed to live. Which was bad and almost caused a second Salem witch trials.

“It is even worse than Arizona. The leader of the tower has Arlie believing that she has seen wolves commit atrocious acts, and that the scarlet tower is the only remaining tower left. She believes the wolves are driving us extinct.” I say rubbing my head.

“Well shit. Any ideas about their plans?” He asked I could tell he was biting his fingernails. Nasty habit if you ask me.

“They are planning on leaving for a tower in two days. Some tower called the scarlet tower, but I know all the towers there is no scarlet tower. Problem is I am not supposed to go with them. She has already tried to send me away. Mo she is planning to kill me. The leader of the tower told her I have to die because of my powers. This is some next level shit man, she has so many false memories in her, that leader is one hell of a mind reader, and has been working on her for years. When she starts to doubt what she is doing she goes back to the tower. Form what I can tell when she is there that evil person wipes her memory and makes sure she doesn’t question.” I say trying hard not to chew my nails. The connection we had right now was giving me the same urges of habits that he had, which could get annoying. Or very awkward if someone attractive walked by and you wanted to sleep with them, then the other person also felt that.

“Okay we will be at the tower in two days if we can but Cassy we don’t know where it is. You have to follow them somehow. So, do you know what Arlie’s powers are?” Mo sounded worried which was terrifying he was normally so calm.

“No, she doesn’t train with anyone and her memories are blocked on it, but this is a different block. She put up that block herself. Obviously, she isn’t a fan of her powers. You will have to do research on your end if she was ever with us before. I worried Mo. She feels powerful without her using any powers.” I say. Mo doesn’t respond for a little while.

“Alright do what you can and contact us when it safe to do so. We will see what we can find on her.” He said and the connection was broken. I swayed a bit in the trees. That was exhausting. I took a small nap then got down. Time to see what was north of here that would kill me.

The walk was forever and honestly awful, I am not a big fan of any type of cardio.

When I was finally north enough, I sensed a pack. That makes sense she thinks they want to kill us. I was hiding out in a tree watching the pack when I saw the alpha’s son. He looked exactly like the boy in her mind. So, he is her mate. How is she blocking the mate bond so well that she isn’t in constant agony?

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