Supernatural Beings

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Chapter 3. The Bites of Those Who Kill

My mother and father are dead. My brother is sick and dying. There is no known cure for the bite of a werewolf. Werewolf bites are fatal to vampires, and this is bad for my entire family.

We just figured out we are living next to a pack of those beasts. Last night was a full moon. They came running through the woods, and somehow found my mother, father, and one of my brothers. Those mongrels ripped my mother and father to shreds. My brother was fast enough to get away, but not unscathed. He was bitten on the neck, and I am stuck here caring for him, whilst the rest of our siblings are hnting those beasts.

They said I was to fragile to go out in a forest full of wolves. They think that me, being the youngest an the weakest, cannot defend myself against wolves if our parents couldn't.



"Ella, I'm s-sorry I couldn't p-protect mom and dad. I'm sorry I c-couldn't save them."

I heard Josh exhale, and his hand dropped out of mine. I knew that he was gone, I knew that I had just lost the brother who has been by my side since I was born, that always protected me. I knew that I would not get him back. My siblings ranin right before I collapsed. The last thing I remember seeing, is a strange boy. I could smell him, and I imediately knew he was a wolf.

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