Once in a millennum

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For over a thousand years the Mer-kingdom lived without an heir to the thrown, waiting for the promised child that was promised by the godds, the king and queen of the Mer-people was told that on a time would come when the tide was high aftre a thousand years a special child would be born , only they were not sure if the child would be birth through royalty its only said that said child would be blessed and would bring blessings and fertility to the land and all the mer-people. Disclaimers: this book is written by Sam which is me(😊) and all ideas formed from imagination everything said in this book is written based off my own creations of fantasy and is no way related to any other known mermaid fantasy stories so don’t expect things to be the same or in relations to other fairytale definitions..... I hope you give it a chance and hope that you like it ❤️❤️❤️

Fantasy / Romance
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Long ago in the land of the Mer-people, there was peace and harmony where mermaids, merman and all that they owned was fertile for with them the gods were pleased. King Java and queen kahor reigned together for many years and under their leadership the sea people prospered until one year, the kingdom was attacked by an unknown evil and in battle the queen, kahor, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

My king.... said a maid.....it’s a boy guppy “

“My love you gave me a son open your eyes to see what the gods have blessed us with even in the midst of war they are still with us we shall triumph over this great evil ”the king spoke to the queen who was laying down in their bed.

My dear little prince how blessed are we thanks to the gods for such miracles in a time such as this we shall name you xieyor (zay-our)... my warrior prince “ the queen smiled as she held her son her had his father’s eyes which she would always say the eyes of the victorious king, with deep blue eyes mixed with bright gold around the rim of his eyes and dark violet hair like hers she couldn’t be more pleased and content at that moment. Suddenly the belly of the sea roared causing the a skyline to become dark as dawn, the darkness stretched throughout the kingdom and dried up all liveliness of the kingdom, they knew that they had lost the war to a evil that was unknown to them something so great that only the gods could stop but the gods never showed up to help the people weeped and moan for the lives that were lost for they knew that nothing would be the same and so for many years they lived in turmoil resenting there gods for not protecting them they no longer worship nor offer their praises to the gods it was like a land in the desert dry and full of hatred.

The gods watched there people suffer for a tide but they decided after so much suffering and death that they would restore the land and so they sent word to the people through the seer that they would send them a child who would restore their hope and restore their lives.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think the book is unedited and is still in writing so excuse any grammar and punctuation errors ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I release chapter one on the 23rd of May....stay tuned

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