Unleashing Maverick

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"Oh babe, the more you start to dig up about me, the more you'll discover I'm not who you may think I am," he whispered in my ear, sending both a jolt of warmth and shiver to crawl down my spine. "What are you afraid of me discovering?" I asked, breathing heavily from the close contact. His breath fanned over my mouth, getting so close to the point where if I moved an inch forward, our lips would be touching. "I'm afraid of you unleashing me. Unleashing the real Maverick." His ember eyes clouded to a dark yellow brown as he gazed into my light blue ones. I held my breath as he stroked my cheek ever so lightly, making my toes curl in delight and fear. Never have I experienced the feeling of being both frightened for my life yet so protected and loved by one man. ------------------------------------------- Elora Waters, an 18-year old shewolf, discovers she is mated to the alpha of a neighboring pack when meeting him by chance. As she becomes closer to Alpha Maverick, she starts to uncover more and more dark secrets. With these dark secrets of Maverick's, Elora begins to unleash the real monster within him in hopes to free him. But will she be able to before it's too late? Cover by : @SpratleyMac

Fantasy / Other
Madelyn Joy
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