Lady of the Ravendale

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After living for five years in the futuristic world of Etria, Annbelle has to return back to a home that is filled with magic in Ravendale. Her mother died from sickness; now she will have to become head of the household. Little did she know that her parents managed arrange marriage before their death. Nathaniel and Alexander are infamous twins, they are known to be cruel to women who tries to tame them. Unfortunately, Annabelle will be their wife. Polygamous marriage where one woman marries multiple men is a normal thing in Ravendale, while in Etria marriages are only monogamous. Follow Annabelle's journey as she uncover secrets of Ravendale and her true origin.

Fantasy / Romance
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"Toast to the Ravendalian girl, who followed her dreams!" James spoke with confidence and his eyes were sparkling, while he was holding a beer in his hand.

Everyone in the bar except my friends looked at me with curiosity, probably wondering about my nationality. When people hear my home country Ravendale, they come out with various rumors about my country. Of course, none of them are true, but people create rumors because they don't know anything about this country.

And they weren't supposed to know anyway, and I can't tell them either about my home country.

Since it's kinda a top-secret and I probably be killed if I tell someone.

When I first came here to Etria I suffered a huge cultural shock. Thank god, I was only six years old then, or else I people would have seen me as some kinda weird person that traveled back from the Victorian era that has wizards and dragons in it.

No matter the cultural and social differences I excelled in school. I was a voracious reader and learner during my school years. I used to learn everything I could about culture and social lives in Etria and Ravendale, as I was trying to follow my father's footsteps in Etria, I also wanted to be viewed as a very educated person in Ravendale at the same time.

I continued doing that until I faced my father's death. Then I officially started working being sixteen years tried to make my ends meet ( it's might be not weird for Etrians, but with my given status at birth Ravendalians would be weirded out by this). Since I ran away from home blaming the mother for my father's death.

And I still blame her for my father's death.

But I still managed to graduate in school early and get accepted to college with a scholarship even though I had to make a living by myself.

In college, I chose to study Medicine because in Ravendale medicine in there kinda sucks, and I bet they still fix broken arm by amputating it. Only rich people can afford to keep their broken limbs (it's not always 100% fixed without any consequences).

Although by going to college, I can become only be a physician. But it's was my choice that I chose college over the university. Because I couldn't afford to drop out of university during seven years of education, so I chose to study Medicine in college, so after four years I can become at least a physician, and if I want to gain a university degree I would only need learn additionally three more years.

And now free from college! (with no student loan).

"So Anna, I bet the Superior University in Etria is ready to snatch you up!" my friend Ashley said.

"Well, I guess they will have to wait. Because I'm not planning to enroll the University anytime soon." I stated. The college tired me off plus I had volunteered to work in E.R. It's was too much for me already.

"I think you should use the opportunity before it's will be too late!" James suggested it.

"Oh no, I want to rest from college life. I don't think I go on anymore without any proper rest."I said elegantly. My friend's noticed that I had a habit speaking elegantly or properly even if I swear but they didn't question it since they can't. Well, you can blame the Ravendalian society, where you required to speak elegantly.

"So what are you gonna do now?" My highschool friend Robin asked.

"Live." I said sarcastically and my friends chuckled.

After I and my friends celebrated in the bar, we decided to separate. And I started walking to my apartment.

Having Etrians friends are different from having Ravendalian friends.

Back in Ravendale, I've had only one friend, but since I ran away I've lost contact with him but he was a good friend. I couldn't befriend with female friends in Ravendale, we had opposite interests.

While they dreamed of marrying into a wealthy family, a handsome and good husband and lead a good social life. They also talked about dresses and gossip that made my brains fry. On the other hand, I dreamed to be a creator of some kinda theory that would help with solving the secrets of the universe, but I became a doctor, not a scientist, but my dream is still to learn everything I can and help people.

In Etria you can find people with more interesting and different personalities than in Ravendale. In high school, I was pretty shy but still managed to find friends that liked me for who I am.

I might regret throwing away my life in Ravendale, but the memories I've made in Etria are unforgettable.

Walking through the beautiful night during winter I've made it to my apartment block. My apartment is decent enough to live, compared to dorms I used to live in when my parents paid for me. But at least I don't have to share a bathroom with anyone.

I reached my keys and tried to open the door with my keys, but the door appeared to be unlocked. So I instantly turned the lights on. In the living room, the Ravendale agents are already had waited for me.

"I knew it!" I silently uttered.

"Welcome back Anna Pamerson or I should say Countess Annabelle of House the Blue Topaz." One agent greeted me.

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