Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 9

I was right about She-devil she won the race and there were a lot of people who didn't put bets on her, judging by everyone's expression. Once again after she took the prize, she never removed her helmet to reveal her identity, only her long red hair is seen.

I left the arena and there was a lot of carriages outside and there also a lot of people who are waiting to get in the carriage, so they could return home. I guess I have to wait for while until I could get in the carriage.

Then I felt someone gently tapped my shoulder, I turned my head and I saw Nathaniel. For some reason I would always know which twin is who, because of personality. Nathaniel is more talkative than Alexander, so he looks friendlier, but Alexander is quiet, and he has a serious expression, so he looks more serious.

"Oh, I didn't know that you would be attending this event." I said to Nathaniel, but he smiled.

"We either, we could have gone together." He said. I didn't even know in the morning that I will be here.

"Do you want to go home with us? We brought our own carriage it's will take a long time until there is a free carriage." Nathaniel offered and he agreed. He took my hand and led me through the crowd of people.

I blushed at the fact that he is holding my hand like couples do, but in Ravendale its normal thing to do, no matter the fact if you married for love or not.

Finally, I saw a familiar carriage. Nathaniel helped me to climb the carriage and inside the carriage was Alexander. I guess he already informed about me, because he didn't say anything.

"Have you ate lunch?" The only thing Alexander asked me. I only ate breakfast and I forgot to eat lunch, so I shook my head.

"If you hungry we could take you to the restaurant, if you want to." Alexander offered. I was hungry a bit, but I didn't want bother them anymore.

"No, I'm not that hungry, I can wait to eat dinner at home. Thank you for asking me." I told him and he nodded at my response.

For me it's weird why they are thoughtful, because if Nathaniel saw me that means he could just leave me alone, but he didn't, Alexander could have ignored the fact I might not eaten lunch, but he didn't. If they were rumored to be untameable, and they can make my life hell, so by now, I should live in hell. What I'm seeing here, they can control themselves. Maybe it's only temporarily.

The journey back home took us an hour in the carriage. When I see this big manor I cannot help having deja vu, which I literally saw yesterday this manor for the first time.

This time Alexander helped me to climb out the carriage I thanked him. When we entered the manor the maid came directly to us, she was breathing frantically.

"Elizabeth is missing! We can't find her!" She said. Instantly my husbands went searching for her, but I stayed here with the maid.

"How did she went missing? Where the last time you saw her?" I asked the maid, and she was leading to the place she was the last seen.

"We were all preparing lunch and Elizabeth wanted to have a tea party at the lounge with her dolls, this is the last time we saw her." She showed me the lounge. The dolls and the tea cup was still there the only thing unusual is one teacup broken and her clothes are still here at that sounds very strange to me. I thanked the maid and I tried to search Elizabeth on my own.

I know that she isn't kidnapped because I never heard the kidnapper remove her clothes and then kidnap. Maybe the pedophiles, but she could have screamed when the kidnapper removed her clothes. Then the other thing is that at the age of six, kids would usually shift if there is good environment to shift and if they are a shifter. Since Elizabeth is adopted her birthday and genes are unknown, so anything is possible.

I entered another lounge and I saw small bump in the curtains, I gently pushed back the curtain. Behind the curtain was a snow leopard cub who squeaked at me and ran under the sofa.

I went to the sofa and saw there a snow leopard cub looking at me with wary eyes, the same eyes that looked at me Elizabeth on a first day.

"Elizabeth?" I said to her and she slowly.

"Your fathers are looking for you, let me carry you to them." I reached my arms to grab her, but she squeaked and moved backwards when she saw my hands.

"Okay, okay, I understand. Then would you like me to bring your fathers in here?" I asked her and she nodded. I looked around trying to search for a maid, that could inform my husbands that I've found her. Then luckily I saw one of my maid that I brought here.

"Hey, Can you please bring my husbands in here? Tell them that I have found Elizabeth." I told her.

"Will do, Lady Annabelle."

"Wait, what is your name?" I asked she looked at me surprised.

"Eveline, m'am." She answered.

"Okay, I will try to remember it. You can go now" I smiled at her as she went searching for my husbands.

"Well now we have to wait and meanwhile, I will keep you a company." I said to Elizabeth, she just looked at me, but she wasn't that afraid of me anymore.

"When you shifted you haven't eaten anything?" I asked her and she shook her head.

"Well, you must be hungry then, but don't worry when your fathers come they will help you to shift back, and then, we will eat dinner." Soon I heard footsteps.

"Elizabeth?" Alexander called her.

Elizabeth heard Alexander's voice, and she came out the sofa squeaking at him. Alexander picked up Elizabeth and started stroking fur.

"Oh, Elizabeth!" Alexander was relieved when he saw and understood that she shifted. Then Nathaniel ordered maids to bring clothes so Elizabeth can shift back.

"You can be like us!" Nathaniel said to Elizabeth.

Then I started remembering.

I cried behind the bushes, because my parents made me to go on a play date. I didn't like it, I was afraid to play with boys. I would rather go home and play with my daddy, but my daddy says I have to. I didn't want to disappoint him, but I was afraid to talk with those boys.

Then I heard rustling behind the bushes and I saw two kittens with round ears and purple eyes came to me. I slowly reached my hand to touch them. They were hesitant about me touching, but I gently stroked one of them the other one climbed on my lap.

Then I played with them until my parents and boy's parents found me. This was my last play date.

Now I know why they arranged marriage to them, because my husbands were those cats that played with me until my parents took me back home.

They are werecats.

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