Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 10

After Elizabeth shifted back in her human form, we had dinner, but this time Elizabeth decided to eat with us.

I was glad that she joined us, I really wouldn't like her isolating herself, because I'm going to be here fora six months. Since she decided to eat dinner, she realized that eating dinner with me is not as bad as she imagined. I noticed that my husbands are happy that Elizabeth's wariness towards me is lessened. They try to hide their happiness, since husbands must be composed, but I still feel happiness.

The next day I decided to stay here and work on my resort and start researching how to open a private clinic. I was glad that they have a free Wi-Fi in here, so I could find information that I need on my laptop.

Unfortunately, Ravendale have small list of websites I can visit. They have their own news portal, online bank, and other miscellaneous sites. Lucky enough, Ravendale has site that contains all the laws they released. I check the section about owning a business.

Fortunately, pharmacy is easy to open, since pharmacy is considered as a shop that sells medicine, but I need permission from the mayor and opening a private clinic also requires a permission from the mayor. There is only two noble families in Mountainville, so it's should be easy.

Later that day I ate lunch and decided to rest, while my husbands decided to work.

I tried to read a book, but negative thoughts entered my mind.

What if I fail to open a clinic?

What if I do a big mistake that will cost all my fortune?

What if I fail to gain new connections?

Who would help me if I fail?

I'm the last of the Blue Topaz, my parents aren't alive to give me some advice, my friends are in Etria. Ashley, Robin and James, they all in Etria. I wish I could comeback to Etria, but I can't leave my marriage and my work in Ravendale.

I just started crying, my tears are coming from the eyes and I snuggled closer to my pillow. I barely have friends in Ravendale who can comfort me.

I'm alone in here.

I continued quietly sobbing.

After crying, my head starting hurting and decided to try to read a book. Reading a book relaxed me.

Soon it's was almost time for dinner. I looked myself at the mirror I saw mascara marks on my face, so I washed it.

Then I went to the dining room and servants served our dinner. Even though there are four people eating the dinner, there were no conversation during the dinner, we ate in silence.

After I finished eating the dinner I didn't know what should I do. Should I continue researching or should I continue reading a book? Instead of doing either of those, I decided to explore the manor, I haven't had a chance to explore this place yet, my husbands haven't offered a tour yet.

On the first floor there is rooms for servants to live in, dining room, lobby, ballroom and different kinds of parlors that offering different kind entertainment.

On the second floor there is also a lobby with piano in the middle of the room, on the west wing of the house there is Elizabeth's room and on the east wing there is my room, besides our rooms second floor also contains a lot of guestroom.

On the third and last floor I see that this floor is more personalized. There is portraits of my husband's ancestors mostly of which are women, there is also family portraits. There is also a huge library, maybe I should check it out later. Then there is room with double doors I decided not to enter it. It's could be a jewelry room or a big wardrobe room and I'm guessing there is also a master room and my husband's study.

I walked through the hallway to check another lobby I entered and I see Alexander reading a news paper. I thought he is going to be in a study room or in his bedroom, but I know that it his and brother's house and he can do whatever he wants.

"Do you need anything?" Alexander asked me. There is no frustration or annoyance in his voice, he just politely asked me.

"No, I'm just exploring the house, since I haven't had a chance to explore it." I gently explained to him.

"Oh, forgive me and my brother's ignorance, it's was ours responsibility to give you a tour of our house." He apologized.

"It's okay, it's more interesting to explore place alone" I said to him and he nodded.

"Perhaps, I can offer you a cuddle?" Alexander for some reason offered me. I was surprised by the offer, at first I didn't know how to answer him.

"Oh no, I don't want to bother you." I tried politely decline, but he shook his head.

"I don't mind." He said, I didn't know how to decline him anymore.

"Well, okay." I said. He helped me lie on the comfortable position, my head ended up lying on his shoulder and my legs ended up on his legs the sofa was wide enough for us to cuddle.

"Will you mind, if I continue reading newspaper?" He asked me.

"No." I think that will make less awkward.

While he read newspaper to himself, I felt relaxed. I don't know why, maybe because that I'm cuddling with him, or the smell of his cologne relaxing, but I fell asleep on him.

I offered to cuddle with me, because I noticed that she is stressed, moreover in school we learned to be more thoughtful concerning women.

Annabelle is different, me and my brother knew that from the first day. She is also confusing, because she acts like woman who we court, instead of our wife. Maybe she acts that way, because she wants to be our wife forever, but the thing she would be actively pursuing us, but she is not.

While I was reading newspaper, she fell asleep. I decided to wait for a bit, until she fall deeper into the sleep, so I could carry her to her room without waking up.

My inner cat whimpered, he is also confused by her. My inner cat yearns for a mate, but he was already disappointed by other two previous fiances. Yet, Annabelle doesn't demand anything from us, she doesn't demand our obedience, favors or gifts, she let us be. She wasn't mad at me, when we forgot to show around the house.

I know that women will always hide their true self, but when they are comfortable they will reveal their true colour and even show you how insane they can be.

Even Elizabeth suffered from our two previous fiances, but luckily Annabelle doesn't mind her, she doesn't show any traces of disdain towards her. The only thing I hope she doesn't traumatize her any further.

I decided to carry Annabelle to her room. I carried her in bridal style and made sure that I wouldn't wake her up. I careful opened the door with my elbow and put her on the bed.

I looked around the room and saw she have a lot of papers on her desk and a portable computer, I'm not surprised that she is using it, since she lived in Etria.

I looked at her papers, it's appears she wants to renovate a resort and open a new pharmacy and clinic with Etrian technology in Mountainville.

She is ambitious, but she will have lots of work ahead of her.

"Where are you?" Nathaniel asked me through the mind link.

"In Annabelle's bedroom." I said through mind link, I know my answer will make my brother worry.

"What are you doing in there?" He asked me in worried tone. I explained him a whole story and he said he is more confused by her.

I left her room and told her maid to change her clothes.

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