Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 11

This is the last time I will cuddle with Alexander or Nathaniel, I decided. I didn't want to be their wife forever, why do I need to cuddle them? This week I tried to avoid it as much as I could to avoid them. I spent whole week working in my room. I only saw them during the breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I knew they are in their office or they are not in the house, I went to the library to read a book.

Nathaniel informed me that today we will be going to the auction that will be selling royal family's treasure. Since its a high-class event, it's means I would need to attend this event, since I'm now part of Amethyst family.

Since Nathaniel informed about the event before hand, I went to the city and bought the new dress and shoes.

I decided to buy a lavender coloured dress with long sleeves. The dress skirt is I usually buy, but this dress is surely made for the Duchess. Furthermore, this dress have simple designs and not too extravagant, but it's still looked elegant.

For the shoes I decided to for the lavender medium heel length shoes. It's goes perfectly with the dress. I don't know where does my love for simple design clothes comes from. Maybe simple design clothes do not attract attention and that is why I feel comfortable in them? I guess this is my only reason.

Elaine helped me to curl my hair and then I did make up by myself, since I'm familiar with Etrian make up products. When I did my make up I asked Elaine for her opinion, she says that it's makes me more natural and beautiful, I agreed with her.

Then my other maid, whose name I forgot to ask, brought a jewellery box that is made for the ring, which I don't own. I looked up with confused expression on my face.

"Your husbands wanted to give you this earlier to you, but they forgot." my maid said.

I opened the box, it's was traditional Ravendalian's wedding ring. It's considered Ravendalian traditional ring because it's looks like any normal wedding ring, but this ring it's not a diamond ring, but an amethyst to symbolise my marital and social status.

I personally like this ring, the band made from white gold and amethyst surrounded by diamonds. I put my the wedding ring on my ring finger and left my bedroom.

I found my husbands already waiting in the main lobby room. They wore an expensive tail coat tuxedo, which made them look more attractive. I didn't look for their reaction about my outfit, I didn't need to impress them anyway.

"You look magnificent." Nathaniel complimented. Although, I don't want to impress, I still appreciate a compliment.

"Thank you." I genuinely thanked him. I may be confident in my abilities, but I'm not confident in my appearance.

Alexander and Nathaniel each of them took one of my hands and we left our manor to visit a palace.

We arrived at the palace and since people know rumors about my husbands, they looked at me and then they looked at my ring and started whispering.

"She is young!" One of the women whispered to her friend. I am twenty-two years old.

"She is too young for them." Well, some women prefer younger husbands or at least their age. As for me, I didn't have any choice and I don't mind having a husband who is four years older than me.

"How is her skin is glowing like that?" I guess you've never heard of highlighter.

We entered the ballroom where all items are exhibited for auction. Me and my husbands decided to take a look at the items first, before interacting with others, because soon the room will be overcrowded with the people.

The first item we started looking at is diary of the Queen Agatha, she was a very mysterious person and she was the first one who let men to be part of the court and created their own council.

The council called Children's fate council, they are in charge of the children's rights, of course there is twenty-five percent of women in this council.

Thanks to Queen Agatha, children's right became more protected and men can also take part of the court, of course there are only few of them in the court.

I read the first sentence of her diary and I realised she used the word that Etrian people can understand and I became intrigued by the diary. Unfortunately, I couldn't read more of it, because there is a trick if you act that you are uninterested in this item, less people will try to buy it.

On the other hand people are more interested into buying jewelery. Which in my opinion it's looked like Queen made this auction because she is lacking money and selling items that is useless to her and that is why to me the jewelery looked unimpressive.

I would definitely understand if that was a charity auction, but that was not the case.

I looked at the paintings a little longer, because it's was pleasing to watch and some of the demonstrated an event that is important to our history.

"Do you like anything you want to buy?" Alexander asked. Well I'm interested in a diary, but I don't know how much it's will cost.

"There are some interesting items, but I don't how much people will bid on it." I answered.

"If you really want something, we could buy it for you no matter what the cost." Nathaniel said.

"You don't have to." I said. I don't want to spend their money, I would feel guilty spending their money, so I would rather spend my own money.

"You're our wife, our money is your money too." Alexander said and I sighed.

I don't want to be a wife that like to spend their husband's money. As far I know, if a husband richer than a wife and has control of the family's finance, then husband will have set up a budget for his wife to spend. In other words, they gave me a signal that I can spend their money to buy whatever I want.

Few minutes left until the auction starts, so we went and took our seats.

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