Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 12

Before the auction started the Princes consorts came to give a speech. Only few people aren't happy with them, but to me its made sense. The Queen have second rank husband and they are twins, but also they are cousins to the first Queen's husband King Leonard, which means they have a right to be here, since they are selling items of their ancestors.

"Welcome, everyone to the Royal auction." One of them started saying.

After they finished their speech the auction had started. The items were auctioned off in random order, it's will take a long time until I can bid for Queen Agatha's diary.

As I predicted most people are bidding for jewelry. Those jewelry made by a talented masters, but since I'm not a fan of jewelry and I didn't like any of them, I didn't bid of them. Why buy a jewelry if I don't plan to wear it?

I noticed people surrounding me were confused, why I didn't bid on anything. I think it's better to make people believe that I'm uninterested rather than I don't have enough funds to buy anything.

Next items that will auctioned off were art pieces. I bidden on some beautiful painting, but I fought hard on Queen Marceline's painting where she was painted next to the lake. This lake is called Rose Water lake and you can find this lake in Mountainville next to my resort. Its will add more history value for my resort if I get it.

I didn't get the painting unfortunately, because someone got it for 50 000 ravendalian dollars. With those money I can buy myself a small studio apartment in Etria, in addition to that Ravendalian dollars worth more than Etrian's . My husbands offered to get that painting,but I told them it's wasn't worth it.

Finally it's came turn for the diary, the item that only three people were interested. I waited until auctioneer say the lowest starting bid, but I was too slow so I bid 600 dollars. In the end I got the diary for 2000 dollars. I was glad that I've been able to get it.

After the auction there is a party so people can socialize. I don't know any of the noble family that is in here. I only know the Ruby family, but they don't have high enough influence to be here.

"Dearest wife, can we go and talk to our friends? We haven't spoken them for a long time." Nathaniel asked me.

"Sure." I said. Alexander and Nathaniel went to greet their friends and I was standing alone.

I sighed.

I thought I would be standing alone in party for a long time, but it's appears that I was wrong. I recognized the twins from Sapphire household that coming towards me.

"Its seems we've met again, the last time we didn't have time to ask you a question." The one who standing in the right said.

"Isn't it already too late to ask the question?And how is your son?" I asked them.

"He is doing better, thanks to you we know the real problem. We still wondering how you managed to get right diagnose for our son, where other doctors thought that our son has mental issues." The one standing on the left asked.

I explained them about what signs showed me that their son have problems with hearing and not mental disability. They were impressed by my observation.

"We never knew that you are Duchess Amethyst, if we knew we would be more respectful back then" They said. To be honest, I didn't know either that I will be marrying into Amethyst household.

"I didn't know it either." I said jokingly and then continued.

"I was originally from Blue Topaz household, I only recently became an Amethyst." I told them and they nodded.

Soon we finished talking, because they said they need to leave early, but they gave me their business card, incase if I want to make business with them. On the business card I found out that their name is Mason and Jason.

After few minutes another fellow wanted to talk to me. He had a blonde hair and blue eyes he wore blue suit. Is he from Aquamarine household?

"Why would such a beautiful lady, would want a Queen's diary?" This fellow asked me.

"Wouldn't all want to uncover secrets of the most mysterious Queen?" I asked and this men grinned.

"My lady, but this diary is hard to read, not all people can understand this diary." He said.

"I can understand it." I told him truthfully.

"Then you must have been in Etria." This guy told me.

I found out that he is also from Etria and he studied psychology in there. I also found out that his name is Jamison.

We bonded quickly because we have some things in common, we talked about Etria and how Etria is different from Ravendale. I really enjoyed talking with him, I thought I would be alone in this party and have no one to talk to. This thought gives an anxiety, but when I talk to him I don't feel anxious.

"I guess your wife is already conquered lots of men's hearts today." My friend Alvar remarked. I looked at her and I see she is already enjoying conversation with Jamison. I noticed that she is now in better mood, she is smilling and her eyes are shinning.

She looked beautiful in her dress, but the quality of the dress does not intimidate men, they think they can offer something better. If we knew she wouldn't use our money to buy things she wants, then we would bought her more expensive dress and jewelry, so the men around her would know that they cannot afford her.

Now she ignited men's curiosity and women's envy. Men want to become her second or third rank husbands and women want to have attention that she is having.

I don't know about Alexander, but seeing the she caught attention of a lot of men bothers a little bit me.

"Should we go home?" I mindlinked to Alexander, he looked at me confused at first, but he understood my intention.

"I'm sorry Alvar, it's appears the sky is getting darker and we wouldn't want to be late for the dinner." Alexander told Alvar.

Then we went to tell her that it's time to go home.

We were discussing theory about of how fast Ravendale, can become more like Etria. Our conversation were interrupted by my husbands.

"Its time to go home." Nathaniel informed me and gently took my hand.

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