Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 13

A week had passed since the auction. During this week I spent my time working on my resort and clinic. I already set up a pharmacy. Now I got an offer from the Royal hospital, they want me to ship them Etrian medicine to them and they do offer a lot of money for shipping. Which is sets up new source to earn money.

Soon renovation of my resort will be over and I can open my resort again. Which again, I will have another source to earn money.

This week is definitely filled with work, but when I decided to rest from work, I would read Queen's diary and I was fascinated by her life.

The first page of the diary written about why she is creating new diary.

Dear diary,

I'm created new diary, because I'm going to mysterious country Ravendale, in here I will write my adventures.

My parents didn't want me to go to Ravendale, but I wanted to. I already got my work visa in Ravendale, which surprisingly isn't hard to get as I thought so.

No I needed to go. I couldn't stay in Etria anymore.

It's all started when my boyfriend cheated with my sister. I knew my sister wanted my boyfriend, she was jealous of me, I warned my boyfriend about her, but he still betrayed my trust.

He is mad at me because I didn't fight for him.

Well, I'm not his babysitter, I have done my job here and warned him about her, but he didn't listen to me.

I don't know why I chose Ravendale as my destination, maybe because I craved for some adventure?

One thing I know I wanted to get away from this drama.


That is how her adventure started in Ravendale. I've read her whole diary, her story fascinating that I've memorized her whole diary.

Right now it's morning meaning I had to go downstairs for breakfast. I stopped rereading the diary and got up from the bed to dress up.

I wish I could have breakfast in my room, but that would be barely possible. One time when I decided to eat dinner in my room. I had told Elaine to bring dinner in my room. Few minutes later Alexander came to my room asking If I'm sick. When I told him I'm not sick, he then asked if they did something wrong. When I told him that I decided to eat here, because it's will be convenient for me to work and eat at the same time, he told me I shouldn't overwork myself and he convinced me to go eat dinner with them downstairs.

That was the last time I decided to eat in my room.

I'm confused about why they care about me?

Is it because it's their duty as a husbands to care for me?


They must be forced to care for me?

I would understand if they are forced to care for me by my in-laws, but Amethyst family is the richest family in Ravendale. Why would they want to associate with barely known Blue Topaz family? This doesn't make any sense to me.

After I was dressed I went downstairs as always Nathaniel greeted me and helped me sit on the chair, then Alexander would greet me then he will turn his head to read a newspaper. Elizabeth would come a little later during the breakfast, perhaps she doesn't like being woken up in the morning

"Have you enjoyed reading the Queen's diary?" Nathaniel asked me. He would always start the conversation during meals, since I'm not the person to start conversation. I would always like to eat in silence, but I still prefer talking over having awkward silence moment.

"Yes, I enjoyed reading it, I already finished reading her diary." I told them truthfully. Nathaniel nodded on my answer and he smiled.

"We are glad that you enjoyed reading." Nathaniel said. His voice made my heart beat faster, but I knew I shouldn't blush. There is no point to do that in Ravendale.

Then the breakfast was served and we started eating. Soon Elizabeth came and said good morning to us and we greeted her back. Alexander would talk to Elizabeth.

Living in here made me realize more about my husband's responsibility.

Since Nathaniel is more charismatic he is always the one who talks to me, while Alexander would talk to if I ask something directly, he knows more about the topic than his brother or if Nathaniel is not in the room with us.

I bet that Alexander is more responsible with family's business and Nathaniel is have to deal with me. Since most of the time I spend in my room working or reading books, Nathaniel has more free time and he would use that time to help his brother.

"We've been invited to the bath house to attend friends gathering." Nathaniel informed me.

Bath house ?In other words bath house was a spa. I was not in the mood to go anywhere so I decided to decline.

"You both can go there, if you want to, but today I have work to do." I told them. Something tells me that I won't be able to brush the offer off with the excuses.

"You should relax from the work, the bath house offers massages, sauna, mud baths and many more." Nathaniel trying to convince me. My resort also offers those kind of procedures.

"My resort also offers those procedure, furthermore I don't have any bathing suit." I argued back.

"This bath house also sells bathing suits." Alexander told me.

Damn it, I guess I'm going to the bath house.

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