Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 14

Dear diary,

When I arrived in Ravendale, I was shocked to hear what kind the country Ravendale is. I heard it from guide who is in charge of informing foreigners about their laws and traditions.

Magical creatures.

The country that is still in Victorian era.

Lastly, it’s a world where women are above men.

I didn’t know how I should behave in the society, but I decided to be polite to both genders, so I wouldn’t get into the conflict.

I decided to get a job in Ivyvale and I found a job as a journalist for a magazine that writes for Ravendalian emigrants. They pay me more than I got paid in Etria, especially Ravendalian dollars worth more than Etrian’s. Basically, I live decent live in Ravendale.

I hope I will find new friends in this country, even though it’s hard to make friends in adulthood.


I wish I could stay at home and read a book, but this is not going to happen, because those two devils convinced me to go with to the bath house.

Maybe going to the bath house isn’t a bad idea. I can relax and enjoy in a hot spring, then get a massage.

I don’t know why they insist on going there.

I thought I would be ignored by them, I thought they wouldn’t bother me but they are being considerate, they bought me a diary and now insist to let them take me to the bath house which is considered a spa.

We arrived at the bath house, Alexander helped me to climb out of the carriage and we entered the bath house. In the bath house there was a receptionist that greeted us and then separated us. I went to left hallway and my husbands went to the right hallway. But before we got separated Nathaniel told me that we are going to be here for three hours.

One of the staff members led me to the changing room and gave me a new bathing suit to change into I looked at the staff member and he said it’s prepaid.

The bathing suit is more conservative than what we wear in Etria. It’s one piece blue bathing suit with ruffles, short sleeves around arms and thighs.

After I put my bathing suit on, I looked myself at the mirror to see how I look in bathing suit. I guess I look cute in it.

Then I went to find a hot spring to relax in. Fortunately, it’s was easy to find since its near the changing room.

I entered I saw four women where already in the hot spring, they were having interesting for them conversation that they didn’t notice me when I entered the room. Not to catch their attention I emerged my body in hot water far from them. Unfortunately, I was noticed by the four unfamiliar women.

“Oh hello! We haven’t seen you before. Are you new in Ivyvale?” A blonde lady asked me.

“I moved in Ivyvale two weeks ago.” I said. I guess they haven’t been in the Royal auction or they just didn’t recognize me, but I don’t mind having less attention than I had in auction.

“Oh for what reason, maybe to find a husband? We have brothers that are single if you interested. ” A dark brown haired woman grinned at me. Her friends looked

“No need to, I moved in Ivyvale, so I can live with my husband.” I was used to think that there can be one husband, I forgot to use plural word.

“Really? So your husband must be in here with our husbands. Our husbands likes to take us here, so we could bond and relax, and they could relax with their friends.” She explained. The other girls decided to ignore us and talked about other things away from us.

This for some reason made me sad. Back in the Etria, I would always hangout with Ashley, then Robin and James would hang out with us.

I missed them very much.

Especially James.

“Oh I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Willow and I’m part of the Citrine household.” Willow introduced herself.

If people say that they are part of the household that’s means they are married into Citrine household. If people say that they are from Citrine house, its means they born into that household. Meaning Willow is married into Citrine household.

“Nice to meet you, My name is Annabelle and I’m part of the Amethyst household.” The last part I almost hesitated to say, because Amethyst name holds weight to my identity.

Luckily, Willow didn’t mind my identity and we continued talking about our life, interest and about our husbands.

Meanwhile while ladies relaxed in a hot spring, men are enjoying card game in a lobby room.

I thought that I will enjoy more spending time with my friend, but I was surprised when I thought that I would rather be at home.

I guess its because our wife doesn’t require a lot of our attention, she is reserved and isn’t fussy, it’s made our lives easier . With her presence I can still relax at home.

We are playing the game of poker without betting our money. It wasn’t acceptable in our society to be addicted to thrill of the games, but disciplinary school taught us to have a strong will power.

“How is your wife? You both haven’t told us about her.” Our friend asked. I and Nathaniel glanced at each other.

“There is nothing to talk about her.” Nathaniel said. There is really nothing to talk, she doesn’t bother us and we don’t bother her.

She seems okay for now.

“Really? You both talked about previous your fiances and now you don’t want to say anything about your wife? What did she do to you guys?” Other friend asked us.

She didn’t do anything to us. Most of her day she would spent it in her room, during meals she stays quiet. When we have to go to other place for business, she would be in library. We know because we can smell her scent in the rooms she has been to.

“I talked to her after the auction, she seems lovely.” Jamison said with mischievous smile. I don’t understand how is he invited?

“That is why you guys don’t talk about her.” Our friend understood us.

No one, would talk good things about their wife, because no one wants their wife a second husband.

“She is just like Venus fly trap, she will attract men with her ‘lovely’ personality and when she lures everyone in a trap she will reveal her true colours.” Alvar snorted. We didn’t deny him, in case he was right.

We continued playing until we heard light foot steps with our sensitive hearing. Meaning footsteps belong to a woman and it’s can be one of wives.

In front of entrance of our room appeared our wife.

“Hello everyone, can I have Alexander for a moment?” She politely greeted my friends and asked for me. My friends looked at her a with surprise on their face except for Jamison. I obediently followed her.

The distance she choose to talk with me isn’t enough for my friends, who are some of the are shifters, who can still hear us.

“Do you need something?” I asked her without being rude to her.

“No, I just came to tell you, that I’m going home, but don’t worry you can both stay here with your friends. I won’t forget to send the carriage back.” She told me. I know why she chose to talk to me, because Nathaniel would smooth talk to her and make sure she will stay.

I let her leave, she thanked me and not knowing what else to do she hugged me. She left her scent on me. Since almost everyone was eavesdropping and will smell her scent on, the topic about her will never end.

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