Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 15

After I came back from the bath house, on the next day I started feeling sick.

In the morning I did my usual routine wake up, brush teeth, dress up and go eat breakfast, but I felt my head spinning a bit. My husbands noticed that I looked paler, they asked me if I felt okay. I unintentionally lied to them that I felt okay

Since I already had set up pharmacy, I also got myself pills that I would need. I drank one pill from a head ache.

Then during the lunch I lost my appetite and my temperature was rising, so I took pill to lower my temperature. Then I started coughing and I took coughing syrup. I still felt sick so my maid offered that I should stay in bed.

I stayed in bed, then I felt sleepy and decided to take a nap.

When I woke up I felt a wet towel on my forehead and four voices talking and one of them I do not recognize. I felt that my temperature had risen and I was feeling more sick.

“When she started feeling sick?” Doctor asked my husbands.

“We think that she was feeling sick in the morning.” Alexander answered. I heard doctor writing something in his notebook.

“Did she vomited or had diarrhea?” He asked. It’s weird question to ask, but on the other hand what if I did have.

“No, she didn’t vomit nor had diarrhea.” Elaine answered.

“Weird, the other ladies who was with her in the bath house either of the had vomited or suffering worst case of diarrhea, but your wife only got away with a fever.” This means bath house got infections and the bath house needed to be closed.

“Here is prescription for the fever and for her cough. If her condition continues to worsen, please contact me.” Then doctor continued telling my husbands the instructions.

I continued to pretend that I was asleep in hopes that they will leave me alone. For me it’s felt a bit weird that they are taking care of like a real husband would do. When I was sick I always depended on my parents to care of me, but when I ran away, I was so depressed when I was sick. Luckily, my friends would be there for me. Now I feel like I have some kind of family to depend on.

Soon my husbands asked Elaine to bring medicine in the room, apparently they have some of the medicine that I need. Furthermore, I’m skeptical about Ravendalian medicine. Since I’m used to Etrian and trust Etrian medicine.

Then Alexander left the room with a doctor. A little later Elaine returned with the medicine and Nathaniel dismissed her, leaving me and him alone in the room.

He sat on bed and took cloth off my forehead and before squeezing the cloth, he submerged towel in a bucket of water and put it on my forehead. The feeling of wet towel made me feel better.

“Pretending to sleep?” Nathaniel asked me, but I still continued to pretend that I was sleeping.

“I know your not asleep by your breathing pattern.“Nathaniel gently smiled at me. Then I sighed and opened my eyes.

“How do you feel?” Nathaniel asked me.

“Fine.” Nathaniel chuckled at my answer.

“You told us that you are fine in the morning, but you ended up lying here with the fever. You should drink medicine.” Nathaniel reached for the bottle.

“No, I don’t believe that this medicine will work without any side effects.” I told him. He looked at me for a moment then he unscrewed the bottle and drank it. When I realized what is he going to do, it’s was too late.

He quickly reached for my chin and the for my hand in case I wanted to push him off. He kissed me so he could transfer medicinal liquid in to my mouth. I felt surprised by his gentle kiss, so I couldn’t close my mouth entirely. Then he held my chin upwards, so he would know if I swallowed this medicine.

He is definitely expert at kissing, even though it’s was only peck. I don’t know why I’m thinking about how good he is at kissing.

I had no choice but to swallow the bitter-tasting medicine.

“You realized that by kissing me, you could get sick?” I asked him. Nathaniel only chuckled he thought that I would be angry at him.

“Shifters have stronger immune system, than human or magic users. Furthermore, it’s our duty to make sure our wife is healthy.” He said and I sighed and lied on the opposite side from Nathaniel.

For whole evening Nathaniel kept me a company. I can’t say that I mind them of taking care of me, but will I get use to it?

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