Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 16

In three days my health had improved, but other ladies who were with me in a bathing house weren’t that lucky. Their health didn’t improve after a week. Doctor almost wanted me to go to research lab, so they could find out what immune system I posses, but instantly declined. I knew the cause and the cure of their diseases, I didn’t want to be a lab rat.

The doctor was desperate, it’s could be due the pressure he is facing. I decided to help him, I ordered the doctor make sure that the bath house is closed. Because after I went to the bath house other people who used hot spring in there started to feel sick. By closing the bath house doctors can focus on treating their patients, and they don’t have to search ways to prevent the disease.

When it’s came treating the patients doctors were skeptical about my knowledge, but I managed to convince them. After that doctors were successfully managed to cure the disease.

My husbands almost wanted me to send me to research lab, they wanted me at least give the doctors my blood sample. I understood them, because they wanted to help their friends. Because some of their’s friends wives managed to pass on the disease to their husbands. Luckily, the doctors stopped the plague, before it’s could get worse.

After I helped my husband’s friends, my husbands apologized. They told me they shouldn’t undermined my abilities and from now they will trust my capability. I felt a little bit strange hearing them apologize to me, but I accepted their apology. Even though I didn’t care what they thought of me.

I mean I respect their opinion, but it’s won’t make me stay with them or make me more comfortable comfortable to reveal my true colors. Whatever their reason was.

Two weeks had passed and someone already wrote article about the possible plague. The journalist didn’t forget to credit me, even though I didn’t expect credit. I just didn’t want to be a lab rat, when I can use my knowledge to prevent the plague.

Of course Alexander and Nathaniel didn’t forget to praise me. When again I’m just using my degree.

On the other hand, the credit I have been given can help to gain influence and then my clinic will definitely gain attention.

I felt weird when my husbands are being nice to me, even weirder being kissed by one of them. When Nathaniel kissed I didn’t felt disgust nor butterflies in my stomach. I felt some tingles, but it’s made me confused.

I wish those five months would pass quickly.

Today is the day, when I will meet my in-laws. I know that Alexander and Nathaniel don’t have any other siblings only each other. I know their mother is taking part in the court and their father is training the best wizard’s clan in Ravendale and he is a judge in Wizard Tournament. They also share a burden with my husbands taking charge of the businesses.

As far as I know Madam of the Amethyst household doesn’t have any other husbands, she only has one husband and that is enough for her.

They live in town near Ivyvale on the mountain as I’ve been told. Kelna town is located on the mountains, while Mountainville is located near the mountains. If you look at the map of Ravendale, you will see that the mountains in there is forming a circle, in the circle there is a town that has community of priestesses.

They try to spread positivity and faith in hope, they help schools orphanages and families who lives near them. They are not against the males, since without them we wouldn’t be able to reproduce. Some of the nuns or priestesses prefer keeping their respectable distance from a man, some of them have relationship with them and then they marry.

Since we are going to visit my in-laws, Elizabeth is joining us too. Together we look like a normal Ravendalian family. We have two fathers who me and Elizabeth could depend on, a cute little daughter and of course a mother, who completes the family portrait.

I dreamed of having my own family, but now we are a family, but we won’t be a family forever. I’m married to my husbands only for six months and one month had already passed. Elizabeth is only my step-daughter and I’m married in to loveless marriage.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Alexander asked me. He probably noticed that I was thinking about something while looking at the window in the carriage. I chose to sit next to Elizabeth opposite from my husbands but next to the window.

I didn’t want to share my true thoughts. Simply, because I didn’t feel comfortable sharing. I looked at my husbands and Elizabeth who were looking at me.

“Oh, nothing much. I was just wondering how the meeting will go.” I answered him and gave him a small smile. By the look of Alexander’s and Nathaniel’s faces I could tell that they didn’t buy my answer, but they didn’t pry it.

" I don’t think you should worry that a lot, I’m sure they will like you.” Nathaniel comforted me and I nodded.

The truth is I didn’t care about my in-laws opinion about me. If they will hate me, it’s will guarantee me that I won’t stay more than six months in marriage. If they like me either way, they wouldn’t want me to divorce their sons. I guess either way I should care about their opinion.

We will be staying over in there for three days. When I will arrive I will need to spend alone time in my room with my emotions and thoughts. But right now I should try not to think about it, since my husbands apparently could notice shift in my emotions. I don’t know how, but I know they can detect my emotions. I can assume they had take psychology classes in disciplinary school.

I focused on surroundings and listened to my husband’s and Elizabeth’s conversation, until we arrived to a beautiful big house on the mountain.

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