Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 17

The house isn’t big as a manor that I currently live in, but the house have enough rooms for servants and guests . As any normal noble house family the interior and exterior will have their house decorated with family’s gem color. Overall, the house looked gorgeous on a beautiful mountain scenery.

There were servants who greeted us and took our baggage. Alexander looped my arm, while Nathaniel took Elizabeth’s hand led us to the house.

In the foyer a couple stood there awaiting for our arrival. Despite their age they still looked beautiful An elegant aura surrounded them making them look charming. There was no tension between them, this what I seek in relationship.

They both smiled when they saw us. I gave them a small shy smile. Despite I told myself that I didn’t have to worry about their opinion about me. I still felt need to make sure I have a good first impression.

“Welcome to our house we are glad to finally meet you. My name is Charlotte, but I don’t mind you calling me mother.” My mother in-law introduced herself. She has black hair like my husband’s but green eyes. Their father also has black hair, and he also has purple eyes like my husband’s.

“This is my husband, also your father in-law, Edward.” My mother in-law introduced her husband and he politely nodded. In our tradition it’s no need for wife to know their father in-law’s name, unless mother in-law formally introduces him to her. Some people belive that if a wife knows their father’s in-law name, its means that they have relationship behind doors.

“It’s nice to meet you. My name is Annabelle, but I guess you already know that.” I awkwardly introduced myself, since I didn’t know what to say. They understood that I was nervous and they politely smiled at me.

Then my husbands greeted their parents, as I noticed they have good relationship with their mother. Sometimes mothers would ignore their sons in Ravendale or they would abuse them. Elizabeth also greeted her adoptive grandparents and they treated her as their own kin.

“Oh I almost forgot that you must be hungry from the long road. Don’t worry I have already ordered my cooks to prepare something.” Charlotte assured us.

We went to the dining room, they had smaller dining room, but it’s looked cozy it’s reminded me of my home. When we sat down and waited for the dinner, my parents in-law wanted to get to know me more so they started asking questions.

“We hear that you’ve studied in Etria. What did you study?” Charlotte asked me.

“Medicine.” I gave her a short answer.

" You’re a doctor? It’s very impressive.” Edward commented.

“No, I’m just a physician.” I spoke truthfully wanted them to be not impressed by me.

“It’s still very impressive, I’ve read an article that with your knowledge you managed to stop plague from spreading. Even your only a physician it’s still proves that you are capable doing more. Being credited for being able to stop plague, will bring positive light to you and our household. ” Charlotte praised me.

Then Charlotte starting having conversation with her sons, about their health and business. Later the dinner was served, and we started eating our dinner. Everyone wanted to enjoy food, so no one had conversation while everyone ate food.

After our dinner Charlotte wanted to drink tea with me and Elizabeth. I couldn’t decline since its was too early to go to bed. So we went to parlor to do our ‘lady talk’. I don’t know where my husbands went, but I presume that they are catching up with their father.

“Elizabeth, do you like your new mother?” Charlotte asked Elizabeth out of suddenly. I guess I know what we are going to talk about.

“She is okay.” Elizabeth answered. Charlotte seems to be a little unsatisfied as although I considered her answer is reasonable, since I just let her be.

“Annabelle, I know she is not your real daughter, but Elizabeth is in need of a mother figure. You need to spend some quality with her.” She told me with lecturing tone.

" I understand that she is a need of a mother figure, but I do think she needs a permanent mother figure not a temporary.” I answered. I didn’t spend my time with her because I was afraid that she would get used to me and it’s would be harder to leave.

" Any kind would suffice even if you be here temporarily you could still influence in positive way.” Charlotte said.

“Besides, we don’t mind if you stay with my sons more than six months. I promised your father that you will be taken care of here.” Charlotte said.

I realized why my husbands are being nice to me, because Charlotte asked them to treat me nicely. If she hadn’t asked them to do that I would probably be facing a war zone, or maybe at the beginning I would be facing war zone until they realize that I don’t want to do anything with them.

We continued talking but we chose a different topic to talk about, like we talked about my husbands. Charlotte asked me if I like that or are they treating me well. After that I found out that she was studied in Etria too, so we talked about Etria. Elizabeth would quietly munch on her snacks and listen to our conversation with curiosity.

It’s was late and we three were tired, so Madam Charlotte asked maid to show us when we are going our rooms were. I wished Charlotte a good night and followed the maid.

I entered the room that maid showed me. The bedroom was beautiful and pretty big. It’s had fireplace and next to fireplace there were two couches and double bed. The room had bathroom and wardrobe.

I thought that the room is to big for a single person, but I guess I underestimated the size of this house. I changed into my nightgown and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

Suddenly, I hear the door opening. Usually no one would enter other people’s bedroom without knocking their door first. Unless, there a thief, but a thief would also knock the door to check is someone in the room.

I left the bathroom to see who entered the room. I was met with confused look of my husbands.

“Do you need something?” I asked them. They were even more confused when I asked them.

“It’s seems our mother thought that we already share bed so she gave us one room.” Alexander told me.

This is why this room was to big for one person, because I supposed to share it with my husbands. Then I realized there were also my husband’s baggage in the room that I haven’t noticed. I just sighed.

" We can sleep on the couch if you want to.” Nathaniel asked me. The thing is couch wasn’t wide to fit my either of my husband’s height. It’s will be uncomfortable for them to sleep in a couch, might as well they sleep on the floor, but then again it’s too cold for them to sleep on the floor. We will spend two nights in here only, I don’t mind sharing bed with them for two nights. There are also might be not enough rooms in this to sleep in, because Elizabeth and her nanny have different rooms to sleep in. It’s was already late to disturb Charlotte about changing the rooms.

" It’s only for two nights, I don’t mind sharing bed for two nights. Beside the couch doesn’t look comfortable to sleep in.” I said.

“Are you sure?” Alexander asked and I nodded.

Nathaniel and Alexander went to change clothes I decided to start sleeping I scooted over to center of the bed, since it’s a tradition that wife would always have to sleep in center of the bed.

Soon I felt my husbands joined me. We were in the same bed, but they gave me some space, so I could feel comfortable sharing bed with them.

Then I fell asleep.

Dear diary,

Today I’ve met two unusual men in a cafe. It’s was weird to be talking with Ravendalian men, but I had an interesting conversation with them.

I didn’t ask about their life, since I was afraid of their answer. Maybe they would always get abused by their wife or women would always look down on them.

But somehow I ended up asking about their opinion of their social status and rights. They told me that there are positive sides. That Ravendale has the place in statics about addiction. They lowest percent on drugs users, smoking and gambling addiction. They also mentioned that they have low percentage of men involved in domestic violence, but they don’t deny that getting abused by women is more common than by men, but this in world’s statistic doesn’t have Ravendale in it.

They also told that there is a legend that associated men with the beast that needs to be tamed by women.

There is a lot of information to sink in, but I’m glad that I’m at least socializing.

- Just Agatha

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