Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 18

I opened my eyes from a long sleep and noticed that my cat ears and tail is visible. This means I slept very well and my inner cat felt relaxed, then I noticed that I was spooning Annabelle. I looked to see if how close I was to center of the bed, so I can know if I moved in my sleep or she moved closer to me, but apparently I was the one who moved closer to her.

I tried to move carefully from her, since she might not appreciate being close to me. She let out a small whimper when I tried to move away from her.

I guess I have to move more slowly, if I don’t want to be scolded by her. I felt a bit frustrated, while my inner cat felt pleased.

Our inner cats are craving from female attention and that is what always led to a heart-break. Inner cats can accept any woman who our human side liked or acknowledges as their wife, while inner cats thinks that we acknowledged her a life time mate.

Therefore, Annabelle’s indifference of pursuing us causes our inner cats to be confused by her.

Whatever her goal is, the façade she puts on is really good.

Finally, I managed to move away, but she turned to Alexander’s side and brushed her hand against his back. Since Alexander is a light sleeper he felt her touch and woke up. Then he glanced at me wanted to know what happened.

“Nothing happened, she just in deep sleep and accidentally touch your back” I mind linked him so I wouldn’t disturb her sleep.

Alexander looked at Annabelle staring at her sleeping form and sighed. Even though she woke Alexander up, he still felt that he had a decent sleep. Unlike, with other women who we let to share bed with us.

After long and deep sleep I woke up since the sunlight was bothering my eyes. I looked around and saw that I’m alone in bed. Meaning that my husbands woke up earlier than me.

Despite the fact, that I don’t like sharing space with people I don’t know very well, I had a good sleep.

Few seconds later, Alexander checked up on me and informed that the breakfast will be ready in fifteen minutes. Then he offered his help to help to get ready. I of course declined.

Originally, helping their wife to dress up is one of the main duty of a husband. Not only that, they would also help their wife to bath. Hence, some of the man will be treated as a butler not as husband.

The sad part is that I don’t think that I can change the way that society grown into. Even, some men agrees that this is how should be.

Since, I didn’t bring maid with me, I dressed myself up. Not that I have any issues dressing myself. Then I went to find the dining room.

In the dining room only Charlotte was there. She looked at me and smiled used her hand gesture that I should come and sit.

“You know what I was thinking?” Charlotte said to me.

“What do you have in mind, madam?” I asked her politely.

“Well, first you shouldn’t call me madam, just Charlotte will do fine. Secondly, I was thinking that we should go to the court meeting, so you would gain some experience. There will be a day when you will have to represent our family, or people of Mountainville will choose you to represent their town in court. It’s will be very beneficial if you go with me in the court meeting.” Charlotte suggested.

Although, I agree that going to the court meeting will be useful if I indeed become member of the court. But will I need it when I decide to live in Etria and control my resort from afar.

In anyway it’s was still impolite to decline her invitation, since she is offering it for my benefit. So I accepted her invitation.

In few minutes my husbands arrived with Elizabeth and then my father in-law was the last one to arrive, but after my father-in law arrived the breakfast was prepared.

The dining room felt more lively, seeing everyone interacting with each other. Made me reminisce about the days when father was alive and I was staying in Ravendale during holidays. My father would ask me about how is school and my social life, and my mother would lecture me of importance of not failing the school.

After we finished breakfast Charlotte informed that court meeting during the lunch and she suggested that I should get ready. I nodded and I went to my room to choose more appropriate dress for the occasion.

I didn’t bring a lot of dresses with me, since we were only staying here for three days. So I didn’t have a lot of option to choose from.

Then I hear footsteps in the hallway and then I hear my husbands entering my room.

“You are going to the court meeting today?” Alexander asked me.

“Yes, it’s would be impolite if I decline your mother’s invitation.” I told him while looking at the dresses deciding which I should pick.

“I think the third dress will look better on you and it’s will be perfect for the occasion.” Nathaniel told me as if reading my mind. I looked at the third dress it’s was new dress. The dress was formal so it’s was perfect for court meeting but I was afraid it’s will look humble on me, but I haven’t tried the dress yet so it’s might suit me very well and just enhance my overall appearance.

“I guess you are right maybe I should try this dress.” I said. I took the dress and went to the wardrobe room to try the dress.

Nathaniel was right the third dress suit me very well. I looked at my self in the mirror once more before leaving the room.

“You’re definitely right, thank you for helping choosing the dress.” I smiled at him and Nathaniel smiled at my response.

“You’re welcome. I’m glad that I could help my wife with something.” Nathaniel grinned.

I don’t know how I can classify my relationship with my husbands. Definitely not loving since we still act like acquaintances, but I think we are a bit more that acquaintances.

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