Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 19

The court meeting is held in Ivyvale that is close to Kelna town, meaning its didn’t took a lot of time to travel there.

The court meeting building looked similar to Westminster palace that was destroyed a very long time ago in Third World War. After Third World War the earth looked like dessert. The survivors of the war wanted to create something new and start everything from scratch. Soon they managed to rebuild the earth. Of course the earth looked weaker but the condition of the earth is improving with each day.

Inside the building there were other ladies interacting with each other, drinking some wine and share gossip. It’s didn’t look like a meeting more like a party.

“Is this the court meeting?” I asked Charlotte, she laughed at my question.

“Of course not my dear, before the official court meeting we interact. If we the court meeting would be only for business not all women would attend.” Charlotte explained.

“Shouldn’t we separate work from social life? Our decisions can affect the citizens of the Ravendale. Should we be more responsible on how we should treat our work.” I asked Charlotte.

“You are right, but during Leonard’s ruling, we didn’t have this thing, until after his death his wife Cordellia did everything to sway the court into her side.” Charlotte whispered to me.

“Oh, Charlotte, I didn’t know you had secret daughter.” The lady in a green dress teased her. She probably is from Emerald household.

“You were close Emillia, she is my daughter in-law.” Charlotte said. Then Emillia glanced at me and greeted her politely.

“So the rumors were true? That you choose more younger candidate. Well, I can’t blame you since she does have great potential, as I have heard through rumors and news paper about her.” Emillia grinned.

“By the way my dear Charlotte, do you plan to compete this years Lady of the Ravendale contest?” Emillia asked her, but Charlotte groaned when she knew that Emillia is going to mention about the contest.

“Will its matter if I compete or not? Last time when I made sure that everyone knew that I don’t plan to compete. I still won the title Lady of the Ravendale. Winning five times in a row is enough for me. I do not plan to make come back.” Charlotte answered.

“What is Lady of the Ravendale contest about?” I asked them. Emillia looked at me with surprised expression.

“You don’t know about Lady of the Ravendale contests?” Emillia asked me suprisingly.

“She lived most of the time in Etria, Emillia.” Charlotte explained to Emillia.

“Oh, I was scared for a second there.” Emillia let a small laugh. Then Charlotte turned to me and started explaining about the contest.

“Lady of the Ravendale is the contest, where the unknown judges choose the most fascinating to them woman, that has an interesting public image. If you manage to win the contest you will receive the title Lady of the Ravendale and receive a lot of attention from men.” Charlotte explained.

“I heard that men are the ones who choose the winner of the contest.” Emillia corrected Charlotte.

“It’s does makes sense then.” Charlotte agreed.

“Perhaps, Annabelle would want to compete?” Emillia asked me.

“As Charlotte said, it’s won’t matter if I agree to compete or not, it’s judges decision to determine the winner.” I answered. It’s sounds good to have a lot of publicity, but receiving a lot of attention from men to the point that some of them will want to become my second rank husbands it’s too much for me.

“She will be the youngest Lady of the Ravendale or youngest candidate if judges decides to nominate her.” Charlotte said.

“True, if she does win, wouldn’t be afraid for your sons, Charlotte?” Emillia teased Charlotte again.

Charlotte didn’t have time to answer her friend’s question, because people started entering the court room. Meaning the Queen was here and she is ready to start the court meeting.

The court room is big there was a throne where Queen could sit and listen to the court member’s suggestions. There was a balcony where the royalties or high standing members are seated. This is where me, Charlotte and Emillie sat. There was a place on the bottom floor where ordinary court members sat. In the center of the room there a pedestal where court members can bring their suggestions forward.

Queen Cordellia sat on her throne. She had a ginger coloured hair that perfectly matches the white dress. Furthermore, her golden eyes only enhanced more on her appearance. She had serious expression on her face she looked at the balcony where all highest members are standing. She looked at Charlotte, then she glanced at me and continued looking who is present on today’s meeting. When she was looking around everyone was silent.

“I have heard that Terra bears have been attacking villages, lately. To my knowledge, Terra bears are important to the eco system they have magical powers to revive forests forest fire. Does anyone have any suggestions to how we should deal the situation?” Queen Cordellia asked.

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