Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 21

On our way back to the cottage Charlotte praised me and offered her help with building politician career. I felt fluttered by her praises and offers, but I still denied her offer. Since politicians often get schemed against, blackmailed and assassinated, and I prefer more peaceful life.

“Why? I can see that you’re natural at this. I think you should grasp on opportunity while you can.” Charlotte insisted and I just shook my head.

“I don’t think I have the characteristics to become a politician. I would rather stick with the simple life.” I sheepishly answered. Charlotte only sighed.

“What a shame.”

Finally we arrived at the cottage. When I entered the cottage I saw Alexander and Nathaniel teaching Elizabeth how to read in the living room. It’s was a cute scene didn’t want to disturb them so I went to the room that we’ve been given.

I decided to read a book while waiting for the dinner. Soon Nathaniel came and asked how was it at the court.

“It’s was fine and how was your day?” I asked Nathaniel. I didn’t want to make a one-sided conversation.

“Mine was good. Would you like to return home tomorrow in the morning or afternoon.” He asked and then I remembered that I had a trip to Mountainville planed the day after tomorrow, but since I’m visiting my in-laws I decided it’s would be more convenient to return to the Mountainville tomorrow and I forgot to tell them that I will be going to Mountainville.

" I forgot to tell you that I planned to return to the Mountainville tomorrow.” I replied sheepishly. Nathaniel furrowed his brows and asked.

“For how long?”

“I will be there for a week, after that I plan to go to Etria. So I wouldn’t be back in Ivyvale for two weeks.” I told him.

It’s been a month since I’ve seen my friends. I couldn’t delay my trip since I promised them that I will be coming back in March for a week.

Nathaniel didn’t say anything or he couldn’t say anything because maid knocked on a door and informed us that it’s was time for dinner.

The dinner was more quiet than yesterday, but there wasn’t any tension surrounding us, just awkwardness.

Dinner had ended and I went to my bedroom.

Meanwhile Charlotte decided to go to her study and think over everything.

She was frustrated by Annabelle, since she promised her father that she would help him to take care of her. It’s seems she inheritated more of her mother’s traits than her father’s.

She heard someone knocking the door.

“Come in.” She yelled while sitting on her coach and looking at the window with a deep thought.

She saw her two precious sons coming to her study. By looking at them she didn’t regret marrying her current husband and giving up her hope to marry Annabelle’s father. Charlotte had a crush on him since her they became friends at academy. He only saw her as his sister not as a lover and he married someone who she despised.

When the news of his disappearance and possible death had reached to her, she was devastated. Her husband comforted her, since he understood that she still felt for him. She decided to move on since she was already pregnant and needed to focus on herself, husband and her sons who she haven’t given birth to them.

After a few years she found Annabelle’s father in Mountainville resort, seeing he already remarried and has a daughter she felt relieved that he is alive. Furthermore, his second wife was far better than his first wife.

“Do you want to ask something?” She asked her sons and they nodded.

“Yes, we want to know why her?” Alexander asked her and she chuckled.

“Why not?” She answered. The truth is marriage was arranged long time ago between two families, but since there was condition that allowed two parties to marry if they are in love. No one any of our ancestors married since their love ended up being one-sided. Then we finally decided to change the contract that wouldn’t oppose our ancestor’s contract.

“You would always oppose us marrying our previous fiances, but you still insisted marrying Annabelle. We just wanted to know why?” Nathaniel explained. I just smiled at them remembering their first play date with Annabelle.

After we decided to change the contract, we wanted to know how our children behave around each other, so we organized the play date. We were doubtful that the playdate will go well, since my sons were troublemakers. When they learned how to shift they would scare or bite girls who would come for a playdate. While on the other hand Annabelle was very anxious during play dates since she would cry or hide during her playdate. But in our surprise it’s ended up better than we expected.

“Because you both got along very well with Annabelle, when we were setting up playdates for you. Therefore, we and her parents decided to arrange marriage between you two and her.” I decided to tell them only one part of the truth.

They both looked at me with confused look, since they knew that back then they loved to scare girls away during playdate. After they got their answer they left my study and my husband then came to my study.

“Is there something wrong, my dearest?” my husband Edward asked and I sighed.

“I just don’t understand, how I suppose to continue with helping her, if she is not confident as her father.” I told him.

“Blue Topaz were always known to have girls with timid nature, so it’s obviously that she would inherit her mothers traits.” Edward told me.

There are only few gem household where their kids would always inherit unique traits and Blue Topaz is one of them.

“I know but I promised Leo, that I will make sure his daughter gets what deserves to have.” I told him with desperate tone in my voice.

“I know, I know. But you shouldn’t worry about that since only one month had passed. It’s late already you should go to sleep.” I nodded and my husband led to our bedroom.

He was right only one month has passed anything can happen during six months of marriage.

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