Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 22

We left mother’s study confused.

We always thought when the day Annabelle moved in our home, it’s the first time we’ve met her, but apparently that wasn’t the case.

Apparently, we’ve met her before on a play date and apparently we did got along with her, better than other candidates. We can’t remember any girl from our memories that we got along with her on a play dates, since we would always cause trouble.

But then again maybe we did get along with her, since she didn’t have a trait and still doesn’t , that would provoke us when we were young.

Alexander went to read story for Elizabeth before bed, and I went to our room we are staying at.

I found Annabelle asleep with a book in her hand. I took her book and put it on a nightstand.

I looked at her features on her face. Her features are kinda similar of a deer. She had few freckles decorated on her beautiful milky skin. Her eyelashes are medium length. She has a small cute nose. Her lips are what admire the most her lips isn’t considered big or small, but they were very kissable.

I didn’t mind kissing her lips again.

Her modest personality completes her overall beauty, creating an aura that can make a lot of men curious about her. If we told anyone that most of her day she spends in her room and she isn’t needy like everyone suspects her to be, the she would find herself having an harem that could rival the Queen’s harem.

Personally, we would both rather have her for ourselves only rather that share her with other men.

“I feel a weird feeling comes from your thoughts. What are you thinking about?” My brother Alexander mindlinked me.

“Nothing much, I was thinking how it’s would be troublesome to share our wife with other men.” I told him in our mind link.

“Falling into her trap already? In anyway she wouldn’t bring another husband, because beside the beautiful wife they would have to serve, they would also would think about the status they would have by marrying her, which her status as a Duchess completely depends on us. If she brings another husband, she would face a humiliation, when we will divorce her, which it’s wouldn’t benefit her.” He told me.

He was right, she is only a trap that has unknown consequences, I wouldn’t want to fall for it thrice.

Curiosity can kill the cat.

The sunlight reached for my eyes, which made me wake up. I sat up and opened my eyes. I looked at my husband who were sleeping with their cat ears and tails out.

I felt weird-looking at them almost stupefied, I didn’t know that shifters can also shift halfly. I admit that I wanted to inspect their tails and ears, but I refrained from doing that. I’m sure Alexander and Nathaniel would find it a bit creepy if I get caught secretly touching their tails or ears.

“Why are you up so early? You should sleep a bit more.” Alexander asked with his sleepy voice.

In one of the ridiculous article that I’ve read. That husbands must wake up early than their wife, so they would be ready to serve when she wakes up or else it’s will be considered as disrespecting their wife.

Which is ridiculous since men in Ravendale often has more responsibility than their wife, they would be more tired, so they need more sleep.

“I woke up early because I need to be in a train in four hours.” I answered and I left my bed so I could get ready.

“Okay, we will go with you to the train station to see you off.” He told me as he was getting up from his bed.

“It’s not necessary to come with me. Wouldn’t you be more tired if you go with me to see me off and then go back to Ivyvale?” I asked him. I didn’t mind them coming with me, but I don’t want them to feel that they are obliged to do that.

“We will stay for one more day before going back to Ivyvale.” Alexander explained.

“Well alright then.”

After I got up and got ready Alexander woke Nathaniel ready so they would also get ready. We ate breakfast and we left the house.

“What you will be doing in Etria?” Nathaniel asked me.

I just listed the plans I hope to achieve so I can open my clinic successfully. They just listened and nodded didn’t add their opinion to my plans. Either they were being polite or since they never owner a clinic they didn’t really know the process owning a clinic.

I guess I was right about that I will never get to use to Ravendalian men. They are treating me well, but sometimes I wish to have more connected relationship like Etrian couples.

Soon we arrived at the train station. Alexander helped me to get out from the carriage.

“Can you do us one favor?” Alexander asked me. It’s the first time they asked to do them a favor I was wondering what kind of favor they want me to do for them. I just look up to them waiting what kind of favor they want me to do.

“In few weeks it’s will be Elizabeth’s birthday, could you... ” I interrupted him.

“You want me to get a present for Elizabeth?” I asked my husbands and they both nodded.

“Sure, I will try get something for her.” I smiled at them. They looked relieved at my reaction.

Soon it’s was time for me to board my train. I just hugged each of my husbands as a good-bye before boarding the train.

Dear diary,

I received a very unexpected letter.

It’s was invitation to a six month ball in Royal Palace, which goal for twin princes to find a Queen.

The attendance was mandatory.

I don’t know how I did received the letter or why I’m partaking in this event.

I have no choice but attend to this event, I guess I’m going to have an interesting experience.


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