Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 23

After being few days in Mountainville, I arrived in Atros City in Etria.

I found out that my resort finished renovation. Which I found it surprising because during winter renovations would go slower, but I guess everything with magic is possible.

My clinic is finally ready though clinic is not full, because there are only there only workplace for physician, surgeon, obstetrician and of course nurses.

This will be perfect opportunity to hire some workers in Etria. Although I already hired nurses from Royal hospital but I still need to hire doctors.

I left the bus station and I see a guy coming towards me. He is wearing the suit.

“Mrs. Amethyst?” The guy asked me.

“Yes?” I answered in confusion. Who was that guy ?

“Your husbands hired me to be your driver for one week and I suppose to take you to your apartment.” then he handed me the card which used to unlock the door and keys. The apartment is definitely in the very safe neighbourhood.

I was confused they never told me that they prepared a place for me to stay in. But I believed the guy, because I don’t think a kidnapper would take time to make fake keys to appear believable in front of victim. Nonetheless I went with him.

He led me to the car. The car is high-end because this car can fly.

Driving through numerous of skyscrapers reminded me of how I used to live in Etria alone depending only on myself. It’s was hard, very hard. I was lucky that I have my friends who supported in any way they could.

I should probably text Ashley to tell her that I’m already here. She knows that this month I planned to come, I’m excited to see her and Robin.

And of course I’m excited to see James.

My heart fluttered and my cheeks reddened, what our meeting would be after not seeing him for one and half months.

“We are here.” I instantly snapped for my day-dream.

" Here is my number. If you need me to drive somewhere contact me.” The driver handed me the card with his number on it. I thanked me and got out from the car grabbing my bags.

There was address on key card to which house it’s belongs. I looked around and the house belongs to the highest skyscraper in the neighbourhood.

There was a receptionist in the building who helped me find the the number of the apartment.

Right now I’m going up by elevator the higher I go up the more I recognize the neighbourhood. In this neighbourhood only the rich people could afford apartment.

I walked out from the elevator and opened the door of the apartment. It’s appears that it’s wasn’t an apartment more like a penthouse.

Well, it’s nothing strange for a rich family to have propriety outside of the country, but I guess I never knew the true extend of Amethyst family wealth.

I put my bags on the white leather coach and walked to the window. It’s was refreshing looking at the scenery of the Atros city.

I didn’t have to work hard to pay for my bills, worry about exams and about assignments that is going to be due. But having lots of money comes with more worries. Right now I’m responsible for the people who are working for me. If my business went bankrupt, people would lose jobs.

I hope the clinic will be a great success.

I hear my phone is ringing. I pick up the phone and I see Ashley is calling me, so I decided to answer the call.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe you are here! Are you at the bus station or in a hotel?” Ashley asked me.

“No, I’m at the apartment.” I answered while chuckling.

“You still renting your previous apartment or you decided to rent a new one?” Ashley asked. Since I didn’t know when I will be back I called landlord that I will be moving out.

“No, I’m staying at the apartment that belongs to my husband.” I had almost said husbands instead of husband. I’m not suppose to reveal anything about Ravendale to her or I would be visited by those agents who visited me informing my mother’s death.

“Can I come to your place, then?” Ashley asked hesitantly, she didn’t know if I came back with a husband or not.

“Sure.” I answered. Then after we talked for a bit and I sent her an address and ordered some food, since I was lazy to do grocery shopping or going to the restaurant.

I looked around the apartment and I noticed note on a table. It’s was a note from my husbands apologising for not informing me about arranging my stay in here. There was also number of housekeeper written, so I need an apartment to be cleaned I can call the housekeeper.

I went to my room that my husbands explained is mine in the note and left my bags there and I sent back to the living room to watch a tv.

I watched a TV until Ashley came to my apartment. We hugged and started to chat with each other. Her face expression looked shocked when she saw the apartment.

“Your husband must be loaded.” She told me. I just shrugged. I didn’t know what to say to her.

Then we continued chatting to each other and eating pizza.

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