Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 24

“I don’t get it, usually arranged marriages are illegal in some countries. Yet, in Ravendale you had to get married.” Ashley emphasised the word ‘had’.

“Ravendale is weird like that, I can’t explain why. I’m just not allowed to talk about it.” I told Ashley and she just sighed.

“You know I almost broke James’s heart by telling him that you got married for six months.” Ashley said.

I sighed, I understood his pain. I promised that I would give him a chance, but I didn’t know that my parents arranged me a marriage and I had to live pretty far from the border of Etria.

“Did he gave up on me?” I look up to her and asked. I would be sad if he gave up on me, because when he confessed about his feeling I was surprised and excited by the thought of having romance like all Etrians have and I don’t have to dread about marrying a Ravendalian.

Sure, Ravendalians do courtship with the person that they want to marry, but they never do temporary relationship without guarantee that you will marry that person.

They are some cases, but it’s really rare.

I dreamed of having a boyfriend who can be my best friend and a lover, perhaps of 3 years of the relationship we would marry or we would break up. At least we would know if we meant for each other. Ravendalian courtship doesn’t even last that long. If women are unsatisfied with their husband, they take second husband, if they are unsatisfied with the second, they the third husband and so on.

And I want to marry a soul mate.

“No he didn’t, he still has hope.” Ashley answered.

He still has hope. Those words made me smile.

Later that day, we talked a little more and then Ashley left the apartment.

I was tired and hungry, but the only thing is left is left over pizza. I didn’t had time to go to the grocery story, tomorrow I should go to the grocery and then go to the toy store and search for Elizabeth’s birthday gift.

I microwaved the left over pizza and ate. Then I went to my bedroom and looked at the beautiful scenery.

I remember the day when I had barely had money to eat food because most of my money would go to the rent, then I started watching motorcycle race, when I felt confident, I placed a bet and won enough, so I don’t have to pay for rent for three months. I kept a babysitting job and then did some volunteering and eventually I got internship.

“Turn off the lights” As I said lights turned off automatically and I went to sleep.

In the morning after I checked my phone I saw few messages from James.

I guess he found out that I’m currently here in Etria and wants to meet me. I decided to call James and talk with him.

I haven’t spoken with him for like a month. I smile at the thought on what are we going to talk and how we will be spending time together.

He will definitely going to ask about my marriage. I sighed.

James picks up the call.

“Anna, you are here in Etria? Could we meet up today?” James usual calm tone.

“I’m sorry but today I do have some errands to run.” I said in apologetic tone.

“Can I join you?” James asked. I agreed and gave him my new address, so he can pick me up and then he ended the call.

After I talked with James on the phone I smiled like a high school girl. Then I went to my bag to search what to wear.

To my luck all clothes in the bag need to be ironed. I hope this house has an iron or steamer at least.

I decided to look in the empty wardrobe, hoping there would be an iron or a steamer at least.

I thought the wardrobe is empty until, I opened the door and there was a closet room with full of designer clothes, shoes, bags. I looked at the clothes and the clothes seemed to be my size.

I wanted to double check the note to make sure that this was my room and then noticed another note on the shelve.

We asked your maid about your size, but we didn’t know your style. I hope you are satisfied with our present.

-Alexander and Nathaniel.

There were some clothes that I would wear, but I felt guilty wearing the that my husbands bought me to impress James.

On the other hand, in Ravendale women would often take advantage of their first husband to gain a second husband. That didn’t lessened my guilt.

I chose clothes that isn’t to obvious that those clothes came from the high-end brand, but would still impress James slightly.

As a women in love it took a lot of time to choose, until I received a message from James that he is already waiting for me near the entrance of the apartment complex.

I chose a good pair of jeans that fits me, cute top, white shoes and beige coat, and left the apartment without applying the make up.

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