Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 26

During my stay in Etria I managed to hire a few more specialist for my clinic and settle some matters. James had internship during that and I couldn’t see him, but I know it’s really important for him. Now it’s was time for me to go back to the Ravendale.

In Etria I could enjoy watching TV and eating snacks, while in Ravendale there is no TV nor snacks like in Etria. At least, my sleeping pattern improved in Ravendale and in the manor I’m always given a balanced meals, but sometimes craving for Etrian snacks.

I hope James will be denied of entering Ravendale, because he doesn’t know the rules in here. Also, I don’t want to know how my husbands would react if they know I have a lover. Of course it’s acceptable to have lovers as long as I don’t plan to divorce my husbands,if they don’t want to divorce with me. If they doesn’t want to divorce with me and find out that I want to divorce with them, because of James, I will be in deep trouble.

In the articles I’ve read that men in Ravendale are thaught of methods of how to keep a wife from divorcing. The method is effective and does not need to physically hurt a wife to achieve it, it’s more like convincing a woman that what the men would say or brainwashing that what the women would say.

There is no exact way to describe exact method, because every men using different methods. The one thing I know that it’s easier to use the method if woman lives in the house that belongs to her husband.

I don’t know if they would want for me to stay with them or they would want to divorce with me, but I know I don’t want to find out which method my husbands prefer to use.

As always I was lazy to change into Ravendalian clothes when I arrived in Bridleshore. So I instantly headed to the train station.

I was lucky that my cabin was empty, so I enjoyed looking at the scenery behind the window. Somehow, I felt more at ease returning to the Ravendale, than before. Maybe, because of the sunny weather or because I know what I’m going to do in Ravendale.

Even though the thought of my husbands finding out that I want to be with James scares me and what they are going to do with me, but if they do find out, I guess I’ll just face them bravely. The contract says that our marriage is six months long and it’s doesn’t say that I’m not allowed to cheat.

But who knows maybe they don’t care if I have a lover or not.

I have only four and half months left until I can divorce them and then I can be with James.

At first when I moved in to Ivyvale, I thought I would have to spend everyday to confronting or arguing with them , since there are rumors that they were cruel when they dealt with their previous fiances. But for some reason I didn’t have to argue with them.

I guess they are reasonable, I’m curious about what happened between my husbands and their previous fiances that lead to that scary rumors. In order to know their secrets, I would need to sacrifice my secrets. I guess I would never know.

Train stopped in Mountainville and I got out from the train and headed to my small manor. Marie and Alice greeted me I handed them documents and changed in to Lavender colored dress.

“You sure you don’t want to stay here for one night? Wouldn’t you be tired?” Marie asked me.

“No, After I eat lunch I’ll go back Ivyvale.” I answered to Marie.

“You want to return to Ivyvale that badly?” Marie teased and I just rolled my eyes.

“No, I just want to return to Ivyvale, so I would have more time to relax.” I said.

“How typical.” Marie said and she left me to eat alone.

After I ate my lunch I decided to go to the train station so I could go back to Ivyvale.

It’s was a peaceful ride and no one waited for me in the train station in Ivyvale. Well, I never said exactly when I will arrive in Ivyvale and I did come back early, so my husbands do not expect comeback until tomorrow.

When I arrived to the Amethyst manor, I paid a coachman for taking to the manor and grabbed baggage and Elizabeth’s birthday gift.

I was greeted by the black jaguar. I got scared when I saw him and I couldn’t move body out of fear. The jaguar was just circling around me, he didn’t hiss nor growl at me just circled around out of curiosity.

“Don’t be afraid. It’s Nathaniel in his shifter form. He wouldn’t hurt you.” Alexander said to me . Alexander came up to me and took my baggage.

“We just didn’t expect you to come back early.” Alexander gave me a small smile and led me back to the manor and Nathaniel walked next to me.

“Well, I didn’t know which day is Elizabeth’s birthday, so I decided to come back early. By the way do you think she will like this gift?” I gave Alexander the bag which contains a medium size bunny plushie and chocolate. Alexander took the box and took out of the bag the bunny.

“I think she would like it.” Alexander said and smiled.

We went back to the manor.

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