Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 27

Elizabeth ended up liking the bunny that I gave her, but she didn’t know that it’s was me the one who gave it. I wanted for her genuinely enjoy playing with her new toy.

Elizabeth birthday had a small birthday party, but she enjoyed it. She didn’t have a lot of friends, only a few.

My husbands were hesitant to throw her a big birthday party for her, since she is only adopted daughter and they might ended up embarrassed if the noble families would decide to decline the invitation.

I don’t know if it’s was right thing to do or not, but since Elizabeth enjoyed her birthday, so I guess it’s alright.

During Elizabeth’s birthday party I was a host since it’s only natural since wife represents the household. While my husbands made sure that party was going smoothly.

The next few days, my husbands asked me to start bonding with Elizabeth. They were persistent that I should spend at least spend time one time a week with Elizabeth. They didn’t want to listen my excuses, so I spend time reading books with her.

She is still hesitant about me, but when we read stories together she warmed up.

I enjoyed spending time with her too. Elizabeth is a sweet child, which is rarely to come across since I worked part-time babysitter.

My husbands were happy that we can get along nicely, but still they still made sure that I’m not abusive towards her or hiding some ill intentions. I didn’t care about that, but I understood that they want to protect Elizabeth.

In the end I would have to leave and I don’t know how my leave will impact Elizabeth, so I try to be her friend, rather her mother. I let her call her by my name, and told her it’s her choice if she wants to call me her mother.

“Why did Lily lie to the prince that she is a princess? When he would love her anyway?” Elizabeth asked about character in the story.

“Because she doesn’t want to hurt prince’s feelings. When you love someone you are afraid to disappoint your significant other.” I answered to her. She furrowed her brows and she looked very cute.

What a cute child.

Of course I noticed that my husbands wanted to test me more and tried to make me show true colours.

First, I noticed that maids started whispering rude things about me, I brushed off their remarks, but I was confused why they are talking badly about me. I couldn’t do anything to them, because they do not belong to me.

They obey to my husbands since they work under them.

Next day, I was eating lunch. Next thing I knew a maid fell and spilled tea all over my dress.

It’s was my favourite dress. It’s hard for to choose a dress that I would look good and at the same time be comfortable in it.

“Next time, be careful. ” The only thing I said to that maid and left the dining room. My husbands were confused by my strange outburst. I wanted to cry or lash out on the maid, but I don’t like losing control of my emotions in front of others.

My bedroom is the only place I feel comfortable letting my emotions out. It’s was not worth crying over the dress, since I always can buy a new one.

I always felt a little depressed when my mother died and ruining my favourite dress added to that fuel. I just wanted to lie in bed and let the sadness out.

Later, I didn’t know how much time has passed, but it’s was time for dinner. I changed in to another dress and I looked at the mirror. My face looked kinda puffy so I applied cream that had vitamin C and washed the cream off, since I didn’t like my face to be sticky with the cream.

Then I went to the dinning room to eat dinner.

I didn’t feel hungry, so I ate very slow. My husband’s saw me having lack at appetite and they felt guilty.

They didn’t know that I would react like that. I didn’ t even finish eating half of the lunch, when the maid spilled tea on my dress.

For some reason they didn’t like seeing me in this state. They never had a sister, they only saw Elizabeth sad, but never knew that they would ever see Annabelle sad.

Now that they mentioned they remembered that Annabelle was always have distant look in her eyes and she doesn’t talk alot and engage in the conversation with others. She is simply feeling sad all the time, because she is now alone after her mother’s death and perhaps feeling guilty.

“Don’t worry we fired that maid.” Nathaniel said to cheer Annabelle up. She just nodded, but she wasn’t in the mood to talk.

They decided to stop with the test. But they forgot one scheme that they set up for the Annabelle, but forgot to tell the maid.

Few days after the incident, I came back from my shopping spree for new dresses.

When I entered the room I spotted a maid looking through my drawers.

“What are you doing here?” I asked the maid in dangerous voice.

“I- was cleaning here, my Lady.” maid looked frightened when she answered.

So I called Elaine in here. Elaine looked confused when she saw a frightened maid.

“Did you ask her to clean my room?” I asked Elaine.

“No, my Lady!” Elaine answered.

“Then what are you doing here in here? No one suppose to enter except for my maids.” I said. I knew I couldn’t punish her, because she is not my maid and morally couldn’t do that.

“I guess I have to hand you to the police” I quietly murmured, but maid heard what I said and she started begging me.

“Please don’t hand me to the police. I have children to feed.” She screamed and other workers heard her scream and came to my room to see what is happening.

“You should have thought about your children first before decided to come to my room and steal.” I answered.

Then Alexander came to my room and asked.

“What happened in here?”

“I caught her in her room trying to steal.” I answered.

Then maid again started hysterically crying and begged to Alexander.

“Please my lord, don’t let her hand me to the police I didn’t steal anything!”

Then Alexander looked at the maid and remembered that they had a deal, but he didn’t expect that Annabelle would want to hand the maid to the police.

“I will speak to you later.” He told the maid and shooed her. She instantly left the room.

" I’m sorry my dear wife. I will deal with the appropriately.” He told her.

“Appropriately? Ahh forget it!” Annabelle went to her closet and grabbed a suitcase and she started packing.

“What are you doing?” Alexander asked her.

“You already told me that maids wouldn’t speak bad things of me and will be more careful, but yet I see no results one of them dared to enter my room and tried to steal something from me. I guess I should return to Mountainville, where my maids wouldn’t to dare to do such a thing with me. ” I told Alexander.

Alexander panicked and called Nathaniel in mindlink. Nathaniel was always good at interacting with women.

" You don’t have to leave here. We will replace maids who are not willing to respect you. ” Alexander told Annabelle but she didn’t stop packing.

" Our dearest wife, I know that you upset with our maid having lack of training, but like Alexander said we will replace the maids and train new maids properly. You don’t have to leave. ” Nathaniel came to her room.

This time Annabelle lifted her head and looked at Nathaniel.

“How about we will take you to spa, so you can have a full spa day, or take you to the shopping spree and we will buy you everything that your heart wants.” Nathaniel suggested.

Annabelle looked at us and sighed, she knew she doesn’t have a chance to argue with them.

“No need for that, but I’m giving you one more chance.” She said.

They nodded and apologized to her. Then they send a maid to give her favorite dessert and tea to drink with. The twins realized that Annabelle has interesting temper, she can be calm and resentful, yet she is delicate.

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