Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 28

Few days have passed since the maid incident and I realised that my husbands were behind schemes with maid, since they have authority among servants, but for some reason they didn’t use their authority enough.

They did kept their promise and replaced the maids. They also began acting a little more sweet, which made me a little wary of them.

Nathaniel would always try to speak longer with me trying to get to know my likes and dislikes. Alexander would try to ask me how is my project going giving me useful advises and asking if he could help me with something. Basically they would talk to me more than usual.

I would always politely decline their help, but they were a little persistent, which then I decided to keep my answers short.

I know they feel guilty for scheming, but I do hope they will stop trying to please me. I really hate to blush each time they talking to me and purposely slip in a compliment.

The next day Nathaniel asked me to help him choose which perfume should his shop launch.

“Don’t you need an expert opinion determine, which perfume would sell more?” I asked him with curiosity.

“There are you are wrong my dearest wife, the most important factor the customer’s preference on the perfume. This is why your opinion is important for me.” Nathaniel grinned and explained to me.

There was thirty samples of perfume, which are not opened yet. If they were open I wouldn’t be able to smell anything.

Nathaniel took out a notebook and I started testing the perfume. Nathaniel would ask me if the perfume was too intense or I don’t like a particular scent. I answered all his question until my head started getting dizzy from sniffing the perfumes. Then Nathaniel suggested to stop the test and asked.

“So your favourite is number eleven?”

" I think so, what kind of scent does number eleven has?” I asked Nathaniel.

“Number eleven has scent of cherry blossom and the tea.” Nathaniel answered.

“Yes, I liked that one very much.” I told Nathaniel. Then Nathaniel nodded and started writing the notes.

“Thank you very much, your opinion is very valuable to me.” Nathaniel smiled.

I was glad that I was able to help Nathaniel also I enjoyed smelling the perfume that might be considered a new trend in Ravendale.

The next two days I received a small gift box, I asked Elaine if my husbands gave me and Elaine nodded. It’s was not a first time that I received a gift from my husbands. Even though the bought me a Queen’s diary and bought me a wardrobe of Etrian designer clothes.

I was curious why they decided to buy me a gift and what is inside of it. I opened the box and there was a perfume that has light pink colour.

I sniffed the perfume and recognised a familiar scent. This was my favourite scent of all perfumes that Nathaniel asked to sniff.

I didn’t think that Nathaniel asked me to sniff perfumes because he wanted to know which the scent that I liked, so he could give it to me a bottle of my favourite scent.

Perhaps in the notebook he wrote down all the scents I like and which intensities I prefer from each scent, so he could know which perfume he should give me in the future. I’m doubtful of that idea, because there is no need to know my favourite scents if I was going to be his wife only for six months.

Maybe I’m just imagining things, maybe Nathaniel gave me a perfume as thank you for helping him.

At least that is what I’m hoping for.

The next day Alexander wanted to review my business plan, so he could help me with it. At first unsure I was unsure, because I felt insecure and I only took one business class in college, while Alexander is thought from the young age and he has a lot of experience than me. He reassured me that it would be better for him to check, because that way I know what steps are the best for my business.

“You have not a lot planned for your resort, but you planned it very carefully.” Alexander looked at my plans.

“There is nothing much I could with limited funding, I cannot risk bankruptcy, that is why I planned very carefully.” I explained to Alexander.

“I understand, but the thing is competitors who have more funding than you can easily steal your costumers, if they build a better resort than yours.” Alexander explained.

“I aware but with current funds, I can afford a safe solution.” I answered. Alexander looked at me with curious expression .

“Hmm, If you had more funds, what would you do?” Alexander asked me his expression had a hint of smile.

“If I had more funds, I could complete my plans, but I will take one plan at the time to complete it carefully. Then my resort will become one of the best family friendly resorts in Ravendale .” I truthfully answered him and Alexander nodded.

“Will five hundred million ravendalian dollars would be enough for you? ” Alexander asked me.

“Of course, it’s will be more than enough.” Not knowing why Alexander asked me this question. Then Alexander took his checkbook and wrote five hundred million in there.

“Wait, you don’t have to give it to me.” I said to Alexander, I was shocked that he could easily give me huge amount of money. Besides, I don’t want to owe him anything.

“You can consider it as an investment for your resort. Besides, I believe that you will make your resort very successful.” Alexander handed me the check, but I hesitated taking it.

“No, I can’t take that amount of money.” I told him.

“You are our wife, if you need more funds you can ask us for it. There is no reason for you to decline. Our bank account wouldn’t suffer if we give you that much money.” Alexander took my hand and put a check on my hand.

I thanked him, but still told him that he didn’t have to give me anything, but he still insisted that I should keep the check.

Amethyst brothers do have a lot of money to spend, they bought Queen’s diary for me, then bought wardrobe full of designer clothes, perfume which I was given is actually very expensive and rare in Ravendale, then Alexander invested five hundred million into my business.

When I thought that they already stopped spending money on me, I was again wrong. I found four boxes in my room and a note on top of the boxes.

This dress will look perfect on you in the party that we were invited.

-Alexander and Nathaniel

Next to the note there are details of the party it’s an Easter themed party. They would usually tell me before hand so I could go prepare for it, but this time they didn’t tell me anything and bought me whole set.

What are they up to?

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