Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 2

The bus arrived in Bridleshore city the second most populated city in Ravendale and it's near to the Etria border. People who rode the bus with me went to the clothing shop, where they bought clothes to blend in this unique country, where people still wear clothes from the Victorian era.

I decided not to change my clothes because I didn't want to bother walking in a dress. Although people looked at me a bit weird when I was heading to the train station. Then they turned attention elsewhere.

I like Bridleshore because the city looked like that is mixed with Etria and Ravendale. People here were less composed reminding me of the Etria. I sighed, I already miss Etria.

I finally arrived at the train station there were not many people there. Some people are traveling alone, there are some married couple. But I took notice at two men with a kid, both men wore identical clothing then I noticed they must be from Sapphire house since they are wearing sapphire-colored ties.

I concluded that they might married since they are with the kid. Also, they are fraternal twin brothers since they both taking care of their son.

In this country, matriarchy is dominating, because women can create life. We are seen as goddesses. But there is also a downside to every form of society. Men usually get mistreated than women and male twins usually share a wife. A woman can also have a harem of husbands if she wants, which depends on her position in society.

In conclusion, that boy is one of the twin's son, but the law states that he is a son of those two fathers.

That's why I'm hesitant to date with one of the Ravendale men. They disciplined to be submissive to women, or there can be a chance where they can take advantage of your treatment. I don't think there can be love in the relationship, maybe some care, but it is really rare. No one wants to be betrayed or hurt.

And love is the only thing I want in a relationship. No point to marry into the loveless marriage.

The train had arrived and everyone started boarding the train, I was glad that I've been able to board into a warm train already. It's gets cold in January, but February will be the worse.

My cabin number is 16, I quickly found it and put my luggage next to me.

It seems I share a cabin with two men and their son from Sapphire house. I guess the train is overcrowded, but it's no surprise since on the train you can travel safely to the other side of the country and not travel with the carriage.

I took a book from the bag and started reading it, one of the twins looked at me, purposely waiting for my disdain for sharing a cabin with them. I mentally sighed and ignored their gaze, and continued reading the book.

Not all women in here will be happy to share a cabin with man, but I didn't care about that, my destination is only 3 hours away.

During the ride, I continued reading my book, but I noticed that the boy who was with the twins has a hearing problem, since he sounds like he is purposely speaking words incorrectly. Poor boy, his father(s) are probably taking him to the doctor in the capital city. Since Mountainville the town I'm from is only one hour away from the capital city by train.

"Hwello, huw are you?" the little boy asked me. I was surprised since I was kinda engrossed in the book.

"Oh hello, I'm fine what about you?" I answered politely but the boy looked at me confused, my suspicions are right he has a hearing problem.

"I'm sorry for our son for disturbing you, he has mental issues." One of the twins said in a panic.

Mental issues? After two years of babysitting kids, I can tell that their son looked and acted like normal kids, only he is behind in speech.

"Mental issues? I don't think your son has any mental issues, I can only say he has the problem with hearing." I answered, there is no way he has a mental disability.

"How did you know, are you a doctor?" they asked me not believing my words, in their eyes, I looked like some kinda commoner with weird fashion taste.

"Not a doctor yet, but I'm a physician that recently graduated in one of the best Etrian Medical schools." I answered and my answer did surprise the twins. In Ravendale, most people know that education in Etria is far better than in Ravendale.

"Etrian physician?" they muttered in surprise but before they could ask any more questions, my stop was called so I took my bags and luggage and exited the train. They tried to follow me but I already got out of the train.

When I got out of the train I smelt a fresh mountain air, in the Mountainville we have mountains and we also have hot springs.

I found the carriage that can take me to my house. I thought how people who work there will react to my arrival will they be happy or will they be disappointed that I only arrived after my mother's death?

When I arrived at my house that it's looked like a mansion but it's was modest compared to the richest noble's mansion, but I like the modesty of my home since I had a lot of happy memories in here.

I hesitantly stepped past my house's gate and started slowly walking towards. Soon one of the maids looked at me hurried to one of the housekeepers about my arrival. When I arrived at the door, the door opened and soon Mary one of the housekeepers and my former babysitter hugged me.

"Annabelle, you came back! Thank god you alright, I thought I would never see you!" Marie teared up and I also teared up a little bit. Marie was like my second mother to me.

"Hello Marie, I missed you too!" I smiled at her.

"Oh my, you grew up a fine woman! I bet you will easily find a husband!" Marie complimented.

"Not with those clothes she will find a husband!" Alice said she is another housekeeper who is in charge of household business and finances and she was my etiquette tutor.

"Really? I came back and yet you both still want to get rid of me by finding me a husband." I joked.

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