Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 29

The dress looked exact shape of pink tulip but upside down, the top is green with sleeves reminding me of leaves of the tulip, hem of the dress is pink like the petals of a pink tulip. I noticed the material is softer and light, because to recreate an exact shape of a flower require expensive fabrics, or else its will look either the dress is not the shape of the flower, or the dress will be too heavy to walk in it.

I heard about the Ravendale famous flower dress line, those dresses are not mass-produced, so those dresses are rare and expensive. Designer of the dresses doesn’t lower the price for anyone, it’s hard for him to sell his masterpieces for a low price.

I never checked the price of the dresses and I didn’t want to check it. Not only I received the dress, I also received shoes, gloves and expensive necklace made with light pink diamonds. The overall cost will definitely shock me.

Today is the day of the Easter ball, Elaine helped me to fit in the dress, since to be able to wear this dress I needed to wear a corset.

I hated wearing corsets, my mother had hard time coercing me to always wear corsets, and I would always refuse her. I still do hate wearing corset and prefer to wear more comfortable dresses, but since the dress is not that tight around my waist it’s was bearable for me to wear corset and the dress.

Then Elaine helped me to style my hair and do my make up. I looked at the mirror and looked like a fairy in this outfit. I never seen myself like dressed like and looked like a fairy. I never felt so demure in my life.

“Your husbands are waiting for you in the lobby, my lady” Elaine said. I snapped out from my thoughts.

“Alright, I will come to the lobby in a minute.” I told Elaine, she nodded and left my room.

Then my cheeks reddened, I felt shy showing up wearing the dress that they bought. I didn’t know why I felt that way, because I didn’t worry about that when I first got the dress, I thought since they bought me a dress, I wouldn’t have to worry about what to wear.

I took a deep breath as much as I could with the corset and left my room.

Downstairs my husbands and Elizabeth waiting for me. I didn’t know that Elizabeth will be coming but I guess she will be coming with us.

Elizabeth widened her eyes and circled around my dress.

“You look like a fairy!” Elizabeth exclaimed, I giggled and patted her head.

“Thank you” I answered her.

“What about you? Aren’t you look adorable in your dress?” Elizabeth shyly blushed when I complemented her.

When I started spending time with Elizabeth, we started developing our bond. Elizabeth doesn’t call me her mother yet, but at least she trusts me. That is enough for me.

My husbands silently watches me and Elizabeth. Their face didn’t show any reaction, I think they purposely hid their reaction.

They wore light-colored suit. I guess dress code required to wear light-colored clothes for the ball.

“The store where you bought me a dress, didn’t have any kid’s version of my dress?” I asked my husbands and they instantly snapped from their thoughts, perhaps out of mindlink too.

“Unfortunately, designer never made kid’s dresses, but it’s doesn’t mean we don’t have possibility to ask him to custom make the dress.” Nathaniel explained.

“Oh well, we could have matched wearing matching dresses today. We already look splendid for the ball aren’t we? I think we should go now, before we are late.”

I took Elizabeth’s hand and Alexander took other Elizabeth’s hand. While Nathaniel took my arm and wrapped around his arm. Then we made our way to the carriage.

In the carriage Elizabeth wanted to sit on my lap and I let her, but my husbands worried that Elizabeth will wrinkle the dress. The dress made of material that prevents dress from wrinkling, so I assured my husbands.

I thought the ride will be awkward, since I thought Elizabeth won’t come with us, but Elizabeth broke the tension since she was asking Alexander about the bunnies that would be in the ball.

The ball will be held in outskirts of the Ivyvale and as far as I know Pink Quartz family will be hosting the ball.

I still didn’t get used to people whispering when they see me. I guess since I’m wearing one of the famous designer’s masterpiece and marrying husbands who are known for their scandals, it’s will cause some gossip.

“Am I blind or is she wearing one of Flower collection?” Woman asked another woman.

“She is wearing Tulip dress, I’ve remember that dress from the Fashion show. It’s definitely from the Flower collection, but how she can afford it? I’ve never seen anyone wearing dress from Flower collection, since it’s too expensive”

“She married to Amethyst husbands, they are rich but they are nightmare to be married to.” Woman whispered to another woman.

When Elizabeth saw the bunnies she instantly started asking Alexander and Nathaniel to go where the bunnies are.

“I will go with her to see the bunnies.” I told my husbands looked at each other and agreed. They went to see their business partners and friends. While we went to see bunnies.

Looking at the bunnies is much better activity than socialising with people.

One mysterious man looked at beautiful lady who is oblivous that almost every man stealing glances at her, they try to hid but to him it’s obvious what their intentions are .

He also became interested who is the beautiful lady wearing tulip dress.

“Who is she?” Mysterious man asked the servant that he brought with him to the ball. Servant looked at the beautiful lady and answered.

“She is Duchess Annabelle of Amethyst, she married into Amethyst family two months ago. She is known marrying infamous husbands and having great mind. Public is fascinated by her ideas and there is rumors she might become youngest Lady of the Ravendale nominee.” Servant explained to mysterious prince.

“Nominee? I have a feeling she will become more than nominee.” He said.

“Who is that girl next to her, her daughter?” He asked.

“She is step daughter of Duchess Annabelle, she was adopted by her husbands.”

No wonder why men are fascinated, with her, not every woman can treat someone’s else child as their own.

That means it’s worth to pursue her.

Prince smirked and left the ball.

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