Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 30

We went to see area where bunnies are kept for Elizabeth to look at. All bunnies had ribbon tied around their neck as they were chewing grass. Elizabeth instantly wanted to hold the bunny and pet it. Unfortunately, its will be improper to cross the barrier and bring the bunny without permission.

“I don’t think we are allowed to touch them.” I told Elizabeth and her expression turned from excitement to sad.

“We allow our guests to hold bunnies, do you want me to bring one?” a man wearing a light pink suite asked me. He must be part of Pink Quartz family.

“That would be wonderful!” I told the man and he smiled. He gently took the bunny that is close to the barrier and gave it to me. The bunny had black floppy ears and the rest of the coat was white. I then asked if it’s will be alright if we sit on coach, so Elizabeth can play with it comfortably.

The man agreed and we sat on the nearest coach. I gave Elizabeth a handkerchief to cover her dress, so the bunny wouldn’t poop on her. Then I put the bunny on her lap, Elizabeth’s face instantly brightened. I gently lectured that bunnies are easily scared and she should play with gently. Elizabeth listened me and she decided that petting bunny would be enough.

I didn’t notice that people were looking at how I was interacting with Elizabeth. The stares made me uncomfortable, but I ignored their stares and just looked at the bunny who is sitting calmly while being petted by Elizabeth.

Eventually, a man came to chat with me. I politely started chatting with him. I felt uncomfortable, but the man was polite like all Ravendalian men are, but I felt flirting undertone in conversation.

Then that man left, which I found out why he left, because next thing I know Alexander sat next to Elizabeth. Maybe, the man didn’t want to deal with Alexander and left.

Alexander wanted to pet a bunny, but Elizabeth scolded him.

“Daddy, you can’t just pet the bunny, bunnies easily get scared.” Elizabeth told Alexander. I just giggled and Alexander smiled.

Aren’t kids can be funny and cute at the same time?

“I see you having a great time in here, Elizabeth.” She only hummed in agreement.

“Do you know where the restrooms are? ” I asked Alexander.

“I don’t know but usually restrooms are always near the ballrooms in the hallway.” Alexander answered. I just nodded and went to search for the restroom.

Alexander was right the bathroom was not far from the ballroom, I entered the restroom and I met familiar red haired woman.

“Never thought I would see you here, Duchess Annabelle.” Red haired woman said.

“Neither did I, I never thought I see woman of nobility work as reporter.” I answered. She didn’t seem to be offended by it.

“I recently got married.” The woman answered. “Maybe we should continue chatting in the women’s parlor?” She suggested.

I agreed to her suggestion, because in Ravendale. I don’t really have anyone to socialize with. Well, I have Marie and Alice, but they are in Mountainville. Met my husband’s friend’s wives, but now I haven’t seen them in the ball.

We left the restroom and headed towards women’s parlor. I was happy that there is a place where no one could bother. Next to the doorway stood a butler and few maids, to make sure that no man would enter.

We found a found a place to sit and started talking.

“Um, you have never told your name?” I said to her.

“Oh, forgive me for being rude I’m Alyssa Lionheart now part of Opal household.” Alyssa introduced herself.

I know that Opal household and Blue Topaz suffered together in the time when both household been connected by marriage. Then the main Opal- Blue Topaz household committed a horrible crime, they supported rebellion.

Many of the family members sentenced to death, young boys were striped of the noble title and forced to live as commoners. While girls sent to the mountains to become priestesses.

Many generations have passed and now people don’t talk about the incident, but Blue Topaz family was slowly dying.

“You still work as reporter?” I asked Alyssa, she just shook her head.

“Since I’m married, my husband bought the company, so I could manage it, but I could never work as I reporter. I miss that job.” Alyssa sighed. She had sad expression in her eyes.

“Then why you decided to marry?” I bluntly asked her. I wish I could have never married my husbands, so I could be in Mountainville and watch my resort and clinic.

She looked at me with strange look at her face and asked.

“Do you know about council that consist only of men?” She asked me and I nodded.

“Yes, the council who protects rights of the men and children.” I answered.

“Well, not only that.” Alyssa said. “They also in making sure that Ravendale’s population is growing.”

“In charge of population’s growing?” I asked her. I didn’t understand what it’s has to do with her being married.

“They making sure to keep low count of priestesses, control emigration, lowering the number of independent woman activist.” She explained.

“I’m considered an activist, since my brother became a concubine of noble woman he tried to find me a husband, so our family can have a higher status. Since I strongly refused to marry anyone, I caught attention of the council. Thus, I had to get married. ” Alyssa explained me.

I barely listened to her, because I was thinking about the time that I illegally overstayed in Etria. Well back then I naïvely thought that I won’t get persecuted. Since the Ravendalian agents found me, the council must know that I have gone to Etria and never returned for 5 years, but I wasn’t persecuted for that.

“Does the council keep the records on all women in Ravendale?” I asked Alyssa.

“Yes, they keep in private places and in public place.” Alyssa told me.

I needed to know about my fate, so I questioned Alyssa about the place.

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