Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 31

“Listen.” Alyssa whispered to me as she saw two other ladies coming to the parlor, but they sat far away from us.

“You can find café on Queen’s street, but you can’t just come in and search for the document.” Alyssa stopped and looked at the man who requested the maid to ask his wife if she wants to go back home. Then Alyssa continued “It’s better for me to come with you, because I know where the documents are hidden. Would you be up to meet me in front of the café next Tuesday in the morning? Then there is less chance that any males are going to work or visit the café.”

“I-I guess so.” I hesitantly answered. I wanted to know what it’s written in my records, if my records even exist there. At the same time I was scared of what I will find and afraid of getting caught.

At the same time I don’t know if I should trust Alyssa, but then again its makes sense for someone to hold the punishment in order to blackmail me.

“Your husband waiting for you outside, Lady Alyssa.” Maid said to Alyssa. She sighed, it’s clear that she didn’t want to spend with her husband.

“Well, I guess I see you on Tuesday?” Alyssa asked. I just nodded and she quietly left.

I just sat in the parlor for a little while. Thinking about what Alyssa told me. It’s sounds more like secret society of men, rather than a council. Why would they target women who wants to be independent, if they could target women who abuses men?

Maybe because they think that independent women are much easier target?

If that the case, I don’t that after divorce I can have a peaceful life, nor I can travel to Etria that easily as I could before.

Before I get overwhelmed with more depressing thoughts, I decided to leave the parlor and hang around with my husbands.

I left the room only to bump into another man. I almost fell, but the man caught my arm. Then I stabilized myself and took my arm from his arm.

“I’m very sorry.” I said and the I looked and the his suit.

White suit?

White represents Diamond household, which is the Royal household. The most embarrassing part I don’t know if that man comes from the main branch, which he could be a Prince of the country or he could be a Duke. In anyway I shouldn’t get on Royal’s family bad side.

“Oh no, that is entirely my fault , I should have look where I was going. I hope Duchess Annabelle won’t blame this Prince too much” The man smiled. Prince!?

At that point I wished I had listened to my mother, when she told to go to the advanced Etiquette class and try to attend balls as much I could, so I could have experience.

I never listened to my mother, she would be happy, if I would do what she wanted me to do.

I remember how happy my mother was, when I went to the ball by myself.

Now I could never see her happy.

“It’s alright, besides I was the one who wasn’t looking, Your highness.” I said. Normally, women wouldn’t treat man who they bumped into like that, but since that man has higher title I need to show respect.

When woman insults man who has higher title than them, man without mercy can humiliate woman in the ball.

“Hmm, if you are admitting your fault, then would you compensate by dancing with me?” He slyly asked. I knew he was trying to push my buttons, but I didn’t mind. It’s not like I had a choice anyway.

“Alright, but I must warn you I’m not a good dancer.” I warned him. I barely remember the steps of the dances.

“It’s alright, I will lead.” He said he took my hand and led me to the dancing area.

The music started, with his one hand he took my hand and he placed another hand on my waist and I put my free hand on his shoulder. We starting dancing so far I didn’t make any mistake, but attention was on us.

My dress perfectly matched with his white suite. I looked like a fairy princess who is dancing with the her prince charming.

I didn’t like that kind of attention, but I know this is what I got myself into, when I decided to dance with the crown prince of the country.

Queen Cordelia has only one child that belongs to her and her second husbands , thus he was the only candidate to take over the throne.

After we finished dancing I stepped away from the prince and curtsied.

“I’m thankful of the opportunity dancing with you, I guess I will see you later, your Highness.” I said to him. My husbands probably searching for me, or they already found me dancing with the Prince. I should go back.

“Call me Arthur.” Prince said and I nodded.

“I guess I will see you later, Prince Arthur.” I smiled and walked away.

Meanwhile Annabelle didn’t notice how deep of impression she left on the Prince.

I found Nathaniel in the room where its had a lot of round tables, I guess this is a dining area.

“Had fun?” Nathaniel asked. I felt a subtle tone of jealousy in his voice. I’m surprised with his tone, I didn’t know how to face him on that, so I just nodded.

Then we waited for Alexander and Elizabeth to come. As soon servants started serving dinner, actors climbed on stage and started their play.

The play made me forget about problems I have to deal, but not for a while.

I’m still thinking what I will find on my record.

I worry if I get caught in the café, while trying to search information about myself.

Should I trust Alyssa?

My husbands already shows already tinge of jealousy, should I worry about that?

I hope my questions will get answered.

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