Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 32

Few days have passed, since the Easter ball. I have noticed that I became more famous in Ivyvale’s aristocratic social circle.

My husbands showed me a magazine, which had me on the cover wearing the famous tulip dress. There was also an article written about me. Saying that I was the first person wearing one of this designer’s masterpiece, complimenting my appearance and my fashion taste. Ironically, I didn’t choose the dress, my husband chosen it for me, the credit should go to them.

Next, the article mentions about my interview in Raven Times magazine and my achievement on preventing epidemic, which I only used my basic Etrian knowledge, but Ravendalian media is just exaggerating. I found that a little ridiculous.

Then, article mention that I might be the next Lady of the Ravendale, because I was indeed made media to be interested in me this year.

The most shocking part article mentioned that I could be the next Queen of Ravendale, since I danced with a prince in the ball. There was also a picture of me dancing with a prince.

When I was moving to Ivyvale, I presumed that people will be talking about me, because I’m the wife of the most untamed husbands in Ravendale, which I still don’t have clue, why my husbands received that title. Not because I was future Lady of the Ravendale, nor future Queen.

I’m grateful that articles saying positive things about me, not throwing dirt at me at least.

I still don’t know if the public will keep praising me, if I were to divorce my husbands. I guess I need to keep low profile in front of media, so I wouldn’t get too much backlash.

Today is the day that I agreed meeting Alyssa in the café where there are records about me could be hidden.

Luckily, my husbands went to the business meeting, so they wouldn’t be home until noon. This way I don’t have to make something that will raise my husband’s suspicion and send someone to look after me. I don’t know of they would do that or not, its was better to not risk it.

I understand that afterwards, I have to explain where I have been to or maybe I don’t have to explain if they won’t ask me about it, or if I come home early than them.

I took a carriage and told the coachman to take me to the Shopping district. Then when we arrived I told the coachman to go back, since I didn’t know how long I would be in the café.

I was at the entrance of the Shopping district, the café wasn’t far. I saw Alyssa standing near the entrance of the café.

Alyssa looked at me and waved at me, I waved back to her.

“How long have you waited for me?” I asked Alyssa.

“Not that long, I arrived few minutes earlier than you. We should better go inside” She answered.

We are the only one in the café. Instantly the waitress greeted us and asked if we wanted some coffee. We agreed, so the waitress could leave us alone.

“So the records are usually in the shoe level, since people not always look books on the bottom level” Alyssa showed the book-case and grabbed random book. Then proceeded checking books that contained files.

Alyssa was right, instead of the book pages, it contained information about each noble women. Then Alyssa finally found my file and handed me the book. We then sat on the table.

Alyssa decided that she would be on the lookout, so I could read the book calmly.

I looked information about myself. There was indeed new information about myself, since it’s saying that I’m married.

There is also risk level section, mine was yellow and there is also written a reason why my risk level is yellow. It’s says I don’t have tendency physically nor verbally to harm others, but person who is reading about me should still be carefull.

“So yours is yellow?” Alyssa said and I nodded.

“Mine for some reason is red, I don’t have a habit harming others, but the council thinks that I’m too independent and disobedient for their liking.” Alyssa sighed.

I silently agreed, it’s sounded ridiculous to me that council would prey for women who likes to be independent, while they should be dealing with women who are abusing their own husbands and their children.

Next the file mentioned that I suffered from anxiety as a child, which also mentions that it’s will be harder for me to marry to a Ravendalian man.

I never imagined that I will ever marry a Ravendalian man since during childhood I suffered from anxiety. During teenage years I only spoke with Elliot and Preston, since we were friends since childhood. Furthermore, it’s was better not to provoke boys during the teenage years, since they were being disciplined during their rebellious years.

My mother tried sending me to the youth ball. I only went there only once and it’s was a mess. I never went ever again.

I only married to Ravendalian men, because my parents and their parents arranged marriage between us. If I divorced my husbands I don’t know if I would remarry to another Ravendalian man.

Then I found my identity that I was using when I was living in Etria. I read carefully the page until I turned another page and I found the case regarding my run away from home.

It’s said that the case was closed, since before marriage my husbands paid the court and council to close the case. But I still couldn’t travel without my husband’s permission and the council still required to monitor for my actions for six months.

Not only I’m married for six months, I’m also on probation period.

After divorce I don’t think I could easily travel to Etria again, it’s means I have to break my promise to James.

“Did you find what you wanted to find?” Alyssa asked me and I only nodded, because I was shaken from the information.

Why I was so naïve?

After we drank our coffee we decided to leave.

Since I didn’t order the coachman to wait for me, I had to find a carriage that will take me back to the manor. Then it’s started raining, when I arrived to the manor I was drenched and my husbands were already came back from the business meeting.

Nathaniel greeted me, since Alexander was in his study room.

“Where have you been to?” Nathaniel asked.

“I went shopping in the Shopping district.” I answered. Nathaniel was sceptical about my answer, but since he knows I don’t spoil myself buying expensive clothes, he believed me.

“Alright, you should probably change your dress, I don’t want you to be sick. Then come back downstairs to drink soup.” Nathaniel said.

I only nodded, because I was still shaken from the information I found in the café.

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