Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 33

I didn’t know what to do anymore.

It’s will be hard for me to be able to go Etria, unless I will have my husband’s permission.

That day when I was at Charlotte’s house. If I haven’t told Nathaniel about my trip to Etria, I wouldn’t be able to go to Etria.

The worst thing is I can’t keep my promise to James anymore. I couldn’t be able to live in Etria and James won’t accept Ravendalian lifestyle. Of course he can live in Ravendale and not accept the custom, but without the discipline James will face a lot of troubles in Ravendale.

Furthermore, its will be hard for me to divorce my husbands, since the contract that I signed gives fifty percent of power to decide if I want to stay in marriage or divorce. Usually women will get sixty percent of power and men forty percent, but since I’m only Countess and my husbands are Dukes, which means they have higher status than mine, its means I will receive only fifty percent. Since they also helped me avoiding the punishment, its means that my rights decreased to forty percent, while my husbands receive sixty percent on the marriage decision.
With my forty percent of the rights, if my husbands wouldn’t agree on the divorce. I would be recommended to visit marriage councilor with my husbands.

I heard the knock on the door. I grabbed my book from my bedside and pretended to read.

“Come in!” I didn’t yell but said loud enough for the person from the other side to hear.

Nathaniel opened the door. He had warm expression on his face. I remembered Nathaniel’s and his brother’s expression, when I first came here.

They had welcoming, but forced expression on their faces. Now Nathaniel wears more relaxed expression. He might look genuine, but I don’t think his expression entirely genuine.

On the other hand Alexander doesn’t do warm expression. Since he is the most hardworking he is often tired, but he gives me smile, when he sees me. I think Alexander is more genuine with his expression, since he would be too tired to wear the mask.

“Its sunny and warm, it’s perfect for the walk in the garden. Would you like to go for a walk with me?” Nathaniel asked.

I mentally sighed.

I guess the walk won’t hurt. I should clear my though once in a while.

“Sure, I would love to.” I answered him and smiled.

I know that my husbands can sense my mood. Probably its one of their magical ability as a shifter. I don’t want to be concerned about my mood. When they get concerned with my mood, they will want to know the reason behind it. Furthermore, I’m not good with confrontations and I’m not ready to face them.

Nathaniel took me the back door, when he opened the door he took my hand and started holding it.

I blushed at the romantic act. I chastised myself that its normal to hold hands with a husband, and I shouldn’t over think it.

The garden is beautiful, nothing is blooming yet, but I can see the leaves appearing on the trees. I always love the moment when the first leaves are appearing. Everyday you start to pay attention on how they are growing each day, until you didn’t notice how fast the time have passed and the trees and flowers are already blooming.

“Do you always prefer to stay silent?” Nathaniel asked teasingly.

I know what he meant, since I’m the person who doesn’t initialize conversation, but I still decided to answer him.

“What do you mean? I think it’s better to speak less as possible.”

That is one of my mother’s teachings. Since we were noble, but we still are far to belong to the Ravendale’s highest social circle. It’s was always better to respect person who has status higher than yours, no matter if it’s a man or woman.

In this case, I don’t know what I should talk with my husbands about. I just discuss the topic they want me to talk about. Also, I don’t want to touch sensitive areas.

“You should speak more, we do enjoy hearing your voice.” Nathaniel said and I just smiled at him.

“I will try.” Probably not.

As we walked around the garden Nathaniel explained what kind of flowers are planted in each area and when were they planted. Some of them are more than 100 year. In Etria it’s impossible to find a seed that would last that long.

Soon we approached the cherry trees, the trees already covered with the beautiful cherry blossom, it’s looked very beautiful.

“When were the cherry trees were planted?” I asked Nathaniel.

“I think forty years ago? Not sure.” Nathaniel said.

I went closer to the tree and touched the bark. Then Nathaniel came to me and gently took my hand from the tree, while his other hand he gently put under my chin and lifted it. When I turned I didn’t expect to be with the kiss.

I froze when he kissed me, I didn’t expect to be kissed today. He removed his hand from my hand and wrapped his hand around my waist so I can be closer to him. I don’t know if discipline schools teach boys to kiss, or it’s just Nathaniel’s experience, but I soon relaxed and started to enjoy the kiss.

There is big difference between sharing the kiss with Nathaniel or James. With Nathaniel I was able to relax and feel the tingles over my body. While James kiss is simple and is duller in comparison to Nathaniel. Yet, Nathaniel who I don’t consider anything close to my significant other, made me feel was indeed he is my husband that I’m married him out of love.

It’s wasn’t a situation where Nathaniel had to kiss me to swallow the medicine. The casual the kiss between married couple, who is not exactly an ordinary married couple, yet I feel that I belong here in this marriage.

Soon I was out of breath and we stopped kissing.

“Why did you kiss me?” I asked Nathaniel.

“A good loving husband should kiss their wife once in a while.” He answered as he gave me gentle smile. My face was still red after the kiss, yet I felt its reddened some more.

“You already a good husband to me, you didn’t have to kiss me.” I told him and he just smiled and kissed my forehead.

“Maybe I just wanted to spoil my wife with kisses.” Nathaniel teased me and I blushed some more.

Then he just hugged me and we stayed here under the cherry until the lunch was ready.

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