Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 34

The next few days, I felt better and worse at the same time.

Husbands started being more affectionate to me. They started sneaking kisses on the forehead, cheeks, and lips. They would always try to cuddle or spend time with me more.

I felt better when I started spending time with them, I felt less depressed and less anxious. But I’ve felt more guilty towards James and to my husbands.

I know my husbands want to get to know me better, but I don’t want to be their wife.

I don’t want to be a Duchess who would go to the balls, to ensure that her family will have strong influence in Ravendale’s society, yet she could lose her standing in the society by the divorce.

I want to be a woman who would be admired for her intellect, no matter if she isn’t a duchess nor countess.

Yet they made me feel safer in some way. While with James I didn’t know if I would successfully would keep my promise.

If I do keep my promise will we ever get married or we will breakup?

Well, it’s doesn’t matter anymore, since I will have a hard time going to Etria.

It’s doesn’t mean that I should stay married, I could still divorce and just handle my business in Mountainville, it’s would be more comfortable than run it from afar.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Alexander gentle voice snapped from my thoughts.

Currently, I’m spending time with Alexander, cuddling with him as he was reading newspaper. This is our preferable way to cuddle.

“Oh nothing, I’ve just been reading about...” I’ve looked around for the name of the article.

“About Fayan Queen might get divorce with her wife.” The last part of the sentence sounded very questionable to Alexander, since I was very surprised at the title.

Faya is a private magical country like Ravendale, both Faya and Ravendale don’t mind sharing secrets with each other. While I was in Etria, I never came across with an article about Faya. In Ravendale, I just never had time to study about Faya.

So far I know that Faya are filled with jungles and they prefer to be vegetarian and use solar energy.

The one thing I didn’t know, is that same-sex relationship are very acceptable in there.

“Their daughter is missing for almost 18 years, it’s definitely stressed them out, but I think the Queen wouldn’t divorce her wife.” Alexander commented on the article.

I didn’t ask about how they have a daughter, since they could probably adopt her or just make it with magic.

Alexander doubt that Annabelle was reading newspaper, since she had a blank look and didn’t notice how he was looking at her.

Probably she was thinking about something and didn’t want to share.

It’s better to respect her privacy our wife is already beautiful, intelligent and calm. It’s a fair trade.

Then I heard small footsteps coming in to the secondary living room. Probably Elizabeth wants to play or just wants company.

After few seconds Annabelle also heard Elizabeth’s footsteps, so she sat up.

“Hi Elizabeth, do you want to sit with us?” Annabelle asked Elizabeth with a gentle voice. Without answering Elizabeth came to Annabelle indicated she wanted on Annabelle’s lap.

At first me and Nathaniel thought that Annabelle doesn’t particular likes children, since she didn’t try to bond with Elizabeth before and tried to be neutral with her.

But now we understood that likes children, but didn’t want to spend time with Elizabeth, because she didn’t want Elizabeth feel abandoned, after our six months of marriage.

When Annabelle started spending more time with Elizabeth, I noticed how Elizabeth became more happier, since she has a mother figure.

“Are you done spending time with our wife? It’s now mine turn to spend time with Annabelle.” Nathaniel mindlinked me and I chuckled.

Strange enough, Nathaniel wasn’t a person that would always entertain women, I remember he dreaded to entertain our previous fiances.

I was the one that who would always try to carter to our fiance’s need.

In the end we ended up canceling our engagement, first woman ended up killing herself, since she was afraid to disappoint her family. Another killed herself in asylum.

We never thought that we could move on, since we lost innocent angel.

Yet, we’ve become fascinated with Annabelle. She was mysterious and she is fragile in her own way.

“No, I think you have to wait for your turn, since now Elizabeth took your turn spending time with Annabelle.” I answered in mind link.

Each positive aspects of Annabelle will have their own negative aspects. For example, Annnabelle might want to have second husband, since a lot of men are seeking to become her second rank husband.

Furthermore, she already has a lover.

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