Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 35

Meanwhile Annabelle don’t have clue that her husbands have access to security cameras in Etria, so Annabelle isn’t aware of the fact that her husbands are aware of James.

Currently Annabelle is having final fitting before the Royal Ball.

Her husbands bought the Legendary Purple Rose Dress that no one can afford, well except for her husbands. The designer who created the dress willingly voluntered to help her fix the dress before the Royal Ball.

At the Royal ball would be revealed, who will receive this year Lady of the Ravendale title.

“I think the dress is a bit overboard for the Royal ball, I’m only will be nominee for the title Lady of the Ravendale. ” Annabelle lightly sighed as the designer fixing bottom part of the dress.

“Darling, in the Royal ball nobles dressing in the best clothes, it’s would be rude to the Royal family, if you didn’t try to look best for the ball, no matter if you’re just only a nominee for the competition.” Nathaniel explained to me.

Nathaniel is in a wardrobe room with Annabelle to keep her a company and shower her with compliments.

“Duchess Annabelle, its my honor to have you wearing my creation. When you wore Pink Tulip Dress, people started taking more interest in my creations and they could finally see why my price is reasonable for my creations.” said designer then he continued saying.

“In order to say ‘thank you’ for buying the dress without requesting discount, I made a discount for the Rose dress for you and I added Magical Dust on your dress, to fulfill my vision. It’s will help me to boost people’s interest in my boutique.” designer stopped explaining.

The dress indeed looked better with the Magical Dust, creating illusion of the magical flower.

Annabelle knew that this designer have suffered, since he created dress that required a very expensive material. People liked his creations,but thought the price is too much for the dress. He almost went to bankruptcy, until my husband bought the dress from him.

“I’m glad that now you are in better position, but you should thank my husband for that, since he was the one who chose the dress and bought it for me.” Annabelle said with gentle expression on her face.

She knew that she couldn’t have bought the dress for herself, because she can’t afford that dress and she would too afraid to buy it anyway.

Nathaniel was the one who was buying the dress for her for the balls. He didn’t have to do that but he does it anyway and the dress would always look good on Annabelle.

“Your husband has a great taste.” designer complimented.

“Indeed.” Annabelle complimented and looked at Nathaniel.

Nathaniel was happy that Annabelle acknowledged his good sense of style.

“Anything for you, my darling.” Nathaniel was happy to be acknowledged by his wife in front of others.

Annabelle just gave a small smile. Inside she felt that she was being ungrateful to what she is given. Every woman in Ravendale is dreaming to take her place. To have wonderful husbands who will adore you, listen and spoil you.

Perhaps they listen and spoil me, but adore me? It’s hard to say.

They became more affectionate, but I don’t know their true feelings.

Soon the designer finished fixing my dress and its was time for dinner. I was tired of standing all the time, so I was glad to be able to relax and eat dinner.

“Did the dress fitting tired you out? ” Alexander asked me and I nodded.

“Yes, but I know its necessary to look perfect in a ball and famous designer depends on my appearance in a ball.” I looked at the ceiling.

We were in the dining room waiting for Nathaniel and Elizabeth.

“I just wish not to go there.” I said and Alexander looked at me.

“You are a candidate for Lady of the Ravendale, you will embarrass the Royal family, if you end up as a winner, yet you decided not attend the ball.” Alexander explained.

“I know, but how I will become a Lady of the Ravendale, since I’ve been in public’s eye for four months only? Yet other candidates they are known more that a year.” I rambled.

" Since you appeared four months age the public become more interested in you, since you are the new person in Ivyvale’s aristocratic social circle. There is a good chance you will win.” Alexander explained.

Alexander couldn’t understand why Annabelle didn’t want to attend the ball, since every lady dreams to become Lady of the Ravendale.

“Yes, but what good it’s will do, except getting more attention?” Annabelle sighed.

I guess Annabelle is not like other ladies. Alexander smiled to himself.

“My dearest Annabelle, as husbands we will be honored to see you happily enjoying in the ball wearing beautiful dress. We will be also honored to dance with you.” Alexander told Annabelle while holding her hand.

“If you i-insist. ” Annabelle stuttered while she was blushing.

“But I barely know how to dance.” She said, but Alexander only smiled at her.

“Don’t worry, I will teach you how to dance after the dinner, if you want.” Alexander offered.


Then Nathaniel came to dining room with Elizabeth and ate dinner.

The manor had room for practising dances, so we been able to practise a complicated dance moves.

After Alexander thought how to dance Viennese Walts, I became exhausted, but at least I’m familiar with the dance.

“Would you like to repeat the dance once more?” Alexander asked.

“No, I need my energy for tomorrow’s ball. I should probably go to my room and start resting.” I told him.

“Would you perhaps would like to rest with us?” Alexander shyly asked. I was surprised hearing his offer, but I guess its makes sense.

A wife of the household should sleep in a master bedroom with her husbands, not in a guest room. When a wife marries into husband’s household, and sleeps in master bedroom with her husbands, its means servants recognise as their mistress of the household.

I had brought my own three maids with me, so I didn’t feel discrimination. Well, there was a one time, but now there the servants don’t dare to provoke me.

“I don’t know.” I answered.

I didn’t know how to answer. I mean I liked sleeping in the guest room and having my own personal space. I was staying only for six months, I didn’t need servant’s recognition.

“If you can spend only and evening with us, until you get use to us.” Alexander offered it.

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