Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 36

There is a long line of carriages waiting for noble families to walk on the red carpet to the Royal Palace that surrounded by reporters.

Reminded of Etria’s celebrity award ceremony, too bad in Etria I was almost a nobody and couldn’t attend it. In Ravendale I gained popularity by marrying infamous husbands, and not gaining popularity by my hard work.

“Nervous?” Alexander asked with genuinely concerned expression. I just gave him a small smile and said.

“I guess I am be nervous, I didn’t expect the event to be that big.”

“Indeed, event is definitely big, but you shouldn’t worry about that much, since you are not after the title Lady of the Ravendale.” Alexander smiled he took my left hand to hold it and kissed my forehead.

A little tink of red appeared on my cheeks.

“Besides, there are a lot of mini lounges in ballroom, if you want to rest from socializing.” Nathaniel said as he held my right hand.

I appreciated their thoughtfulness.

If I don’t to end up like a laughing-stock, I should calm myself before I have to leave the carriage.

Soon it’s was our carriage in front of the red carpet.

Alexander was the first one who climbed from carriage, so he could help out climbing off the carriage.

Before climbing off I decided to plaster a modest smile on my face.

My mother was right, when she told me that I will need lessons about having a graceful body language.

She was right about many things. I sighed in my mind.

I miss her so much.

When I got out from the carriage reporters started rapidly taking picture of me. Some of them instead of focusing interviewing and taking pictures of other noble lady, wanted to interview me instead.

I kept my smile, since I want to look good in the photos and not to embarrass my self.

As we started walking the red carpet Nathaniel asked.

“Maybe we should stop for the interview, my dearest?”

“Maybe you are right, I guess I should stop for at least one interview.” I answered.

So we decided to stop in front of one reporter, he looked like he had prepared his questions and desperately wanted to interview me.

The reporter gleamed at the chance and right of the bat starting asking questions.

“Duchess Annabelle, what do you think what kind of chances you have winning this year Lady of the Ravendale?” reporter asked.

“I think about 20 percents of winning, because I haven’t been around in public’s eye for a year, like other candidates.” I answered.

“Ah I see, In my opinion Duchess Annabelle you have more than 20 percent at winning. Even though you only been for four months in public’s eye, but you still managed to arouse people’s attention.”

“That might be also true, but who knows we will only know tomorrow about the conclusion of the ball.” I replied with a smile.

“I see you are wearing dress that made by master Antonio, Duchess Annabelle.” reporter noticed my dress.

“Oh yes, I’m grateful and at the same time honored to be able to wear such masterpiece.” I answered truthfully.

Who knows when I will be able to wear another masterpiece again.

I answered one question after another. We had limited time on the red carpet and reporter saved the best for last.

“Lady Annabelle, there are rumors that you are planing to marrying another husband, specifically marrying the Crown Prince Arthur, is that true?”

If I would be drinking now, I would be choking on water.

Is it even appropriate to ask that kind of question in front of my husbands?

“No that is not true, me and Prince Arthur only danced with each other and nothing more. Besides, I don’t need a another husband.” I calmly answered the question.

Then me and my husbands started heading to the Royal palace.

“We only danced in the ball, why would there be assumptions, that I would be marrying?” I unknowingly vented to my husbands.

I didn’t mean to say my thoughts out loud, but it’s seems my husbands didn’t mind.

“Prince also has infamous reputation like us, perhaps they think that you can tame him like you tamed us?” Nathaniel suggested.

Nathaniel didn’t realize that his words put me into more stress.

“I did not tame you both. How did you both get such reputation that society classified you both untamed, when you are both capable being a gentleman?” I sighed.

Nathaniel and Alexander looked at their wife who is confused. They feel her emotional distress, their husbands instincts signaled them to comfort her.

They learned about various methods that they could effectively comfort her at home, but at the ball it’s would be a little inappropriate to cuddle her at the ball.

“Let’s not think about this, after all we came here to enjoy the ball.” Alexander told Annabelle.

Annabelle deeply sighed and nodded.

As we entered the ballroom Annabelle didn’t look at people’s reaction, she was busy admiring the ballroom for the first time.

Then Alexander decided to invite Annabelle to dance, so her mood could improve.

Annabelle forgot that she is wearing a very expensive dress that caught everyone’s attention. Her dress was sparkling under the light.

The ones who had seen her dancing with the prince had already forgot, because they was mesmerized by the Alexander and Annabelle.

Alexander purple suit perfectly matched Annabelle’s combination of purple and green dress. They also noticed Annabelle’s meaningful look while she was looking at her husband.

For most women it’s reminded how they fell in love with their first husband and decided to join the dance floor with their first husbands.

Annabelle’s dance with her husband are more meaningful, than her dancing with the prince.

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